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  1. cagdodge

    best all around single turbo??

    I am running the 62/71/13 stainless turbo. I have loved that thing for all around towing and just general driving. Running real similar to what your pmt stacked mp-8 and stock sticks.
  2. cagdodge

    WTB: Mag HYTEC Diff. Cover

    pm coming
  3. cagdodge

    Edge racing

    Edge is getting ready to release an evolution for the 6.4l with dpf tunes installed to run aftermarket exhaust. Specs on horsepower are up to 140hp and is the attitude style tuner. Retail will be around 849.00 so we should be able to sell them at around 675.00. Any questions just pm me
  4. cagdodge

    Exhaust swap

    justin, pull out your rear seat and put a little dynamate or any sound deadener on the back wall with a little carpet over it, did it on a couple customers trucks and it helps tone down the resonation in the cab
  5. cagdodge

    08 Duramx Tuner

    Quadzilla has one out that has the dpf tune in it also-- we have used quite a few of them and they work well. They are about $400.00
  6. cagdodge

    Newbie with a Mitsubishi

    One word "impressive":train:
  7. Sorry I didn't make it guys I reaaaally wanted to but the wife is preagnant and I have a 15 year old daughter who pretty much run my life:wall: But hopefully everyone is in a good mood next month and I can my frustrations away!
  8. cagdodge

    Deer Stainer (question)

    If you need prices I have quick access to fabfours and warn bumpers. pm me and let me know
  9. cagdodge

    08 6.4 tuners?

    I believe sct offers that tune with the purchase of their delete pipe
  10. cagdodge

    08 6.4 tuners?

    I should have some products on the 6.4l delete by the end of the month--with this setup you can use any product you want---you will not have to have special tuning for the dpf delete--if you like sct though you should check out their new unit coming sometime this spring---wireless and looks a hell of lot better than the livewire. The tuning worked well just the unit and its functions seem a little outdated to what else is out
  11. cagdodge

    Dpf Kits

    For itd memebers we have the complete electronics kits for 6.7 to bypass dpf for $460.00. Not cheap but even without a chip it rareley throws codes
  12. cagdodge

    '06 Throttle Sticking!!

    Don't know for sure but there might be something in the tuning with the smarty--on the 03 and 04 models with a bullydog tuner if the low boost fueling was turned on the trucks would do just what you described. with the low boost turned off it went away--those trucks would do it consitently though and it is a totally different system than the 06-07 trucks, but just a thought.
  13. cagdodge

    K&N Air Filter

    As far as i know k&n still uses a 4 layer design for their filters and it is made of cotton guaze--just like the rest, only most of the other filter manufacturers have gone to a 7 or 8 layer design to increase the filtration on diesels. With that said it still will break down with each washing and oiling, so when it is clean look it over very good to see if holes are starting to appear--no matter what brand! Ive seen it on afe too.
  14. cagdodge

    Aurora 5000

    A.T.S (All our Things Suck)
  15. cagdodge

    Powder coating around idaho falls.

    Ace Is The Place!!!!!! Ask For Garth,just Tell Him He Is Retarted From Justin At Cag.