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  1. Tow Pig Project

    Well i got my truck back yesterday. It looks awsome. I think they did a great job. You would never know there was any rust. They even cleaned it inside and out. I took some pics. Unfortunately i don't have any before pics. It had noticeable rust bubbling under the paint above the windshield on the drivers side, it also leaked sometimes. New seam sealer along the drip rails. Also had noticeable rust around the third brake light. They made it all shiny and shit. I'm still looking for a zf5 donor truck.
  2. I'm sorry I missed it. I look forward to the pics.
  3. Tow Pig Project

    I agree 100%. Old Blue goes into the body shop tomorrow. The more I think about it $1500 seems pretty fair for what they have to do. As long as its done right I shouldn't have any more problems with the roof for a long time.
  4. Tow Pig Project

    On another note I have noticed some rust bubbling under the paint on the roof by the drip rail and also around the third brake light. The windshield leaks sometimes too and I believe maybe it has a rust issue under the windshield trim. Its the only rust on the entire truck and it will only get worse so I need to get it fixed. I brought it to a local body shop today and they quoted me $1500 for the repair. $2500 if they remove the handles and fix the little holes. I think ill keep the handles until I can paint the entire truck. $1500 is alot of money but I think I'm gonna do it. If I had a big enough shop I could just do it myself but its almost winter and I cant leave it in the shop at work for an extended amount of time. Someday ill add up all the money i have spent on this truck, then ill think of all the hours i had to work to make that money, then ill cry a little bit, then ill go for a drive and feel much better, then ill drink some JD and figure out my next mod.
  5. Tow Pig Project

    The poly bushings are nice because they aren't so expensive. The oem rubber bushings are extremely expensive and from what I've read they don't even sell the core support bushings anymore. I spent some time after work yesterday on it and I think I have the downpipe clearance issue taken care of. I believe that's where I was getting all the vibration. Its now much quieter and hasn't rubbed since. I also don't feel the vibration anymore. If it stays like I have it now ill be happy with the poly bushings. I don't hear any more road noise or vibration. I also removed the sway bar. My new links showed up today so when I have time ill put the oem track bar bracket and pitman arm back on with the sway bar and new end links. Then ill be completely done with the rsk install. Now that the track bar bracket isn't hitting the sway bar the ride is much better. Its amazing how smooth it is. I still feel the bumps but its very light and manageable. It no longer jars the entire truck. Even the small bumps were very noticeable and now I don't even feel most of them. I wouldnt even know they were there if I hadnt been avoiding them the last few years. I'm very happy with the rsk. Im kicking myself for not doing it sooner.
  6. Tow Pig Project

    I think it just depends on the overall lift after its finished as to whether or not a drop track bar bracket and pitman arm are needed. Mine actually sits a little lower now. It drives great. No issues there. Just sucks that the bracket hits the sway bar. I don't see any way around installing the old track bar bracket and pitman arm. I definitely want to keep the sway bar. Aside from that it really rides nice. I feel bumps in the rear that I didnt feel with the front. I might add some rear super duty leafs and see if I can make it ride as smooth as the front. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the poly body mount bushings. Some have complained of more road noise and vibration. I don't hear any road noise but I do kinda feel some engine vibration when at a stop. I also think my downpipe is still touching the firewall sometimes. I really need to get that fixed. It drives me nuts. The downpipe sends alot of noise and vibration into the cab. Ill keep grinding forward until I get it just the way I want it. I'm making progress.
  7. Tow Pig Project

    Well its back together and all buttoned up. It took me most of the day to get everything back together. I'm still waiting on the sway bar links but at least I can drive it. I ended up pulling the body mount bushings loose and taking out a shim on the passenger side. It looks alot better now. The cab isnt perfectly lined up with the box but its even on both sides and looks pretty good. I'm happy with it. I've put about 20 miles on it so far I'm pretty impressed with how smooth it rides. Its still a truck but it don't jar like it used to and it soaks up little bump like nothing. The big bumps you still feel but its way better than it was. I'm gonna say it was well worth the time and money. I expect it will be even better with new shocks. One thing I'm not real happy about is the drop track bar bracket. I still have the sway bar on without the links hooked up and when i go over large bumps the track bar bracket hits the sway bar. I don't think longer links will cure this. Right now the sway bar is bent down alot lower than it will be with the new links and its still hitting. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up installing the old track bar bracket and pit man arm. 150 bucks down the shitter. Hopefully I can sell them and make some of my money back. I took a couple before and after pics trying to show the springs giving a little. I didn't do a very good job with them though. Before After
  8. Tow Pig Project

    Its still not finished but its getting close and it looks great. The pmf rsk is excellent. I ordered some new rear sway bar links to use on the front. They are about 2 inches longer. I got some new u bolts made earlier today. I still need to order shocks but I think my current ones will get me by for now. I measured from hub to fender and was sitting at 26 1/2 inches before I pulled it apart. That's with 2 inches of lift under the front springs. Now that it's sitting on the new springs I measured it at 25 3/4. I'm very happy with where its sitting. I still have a few things to button up. I just need to find some time to finish it up.
  9. Tow Pig Project

    I finished up the body bushings about 1230 and started working on the rsk install. I painted everything first thing this morning. It still isn't dry. Its too wet and rainy today. The pmf rsk is a beautiful piece of fabrication. I installed the new drop pitman arm. I had a puller for the old one and I'm happy I did. It was really on there. I had to use heat to get it to finally pop loose. I also installed the drop track bar bracket and bolted the track bar back up. All the old stuff is removed and I'm ready to start fitting the front spring mount. Heres how she is sitting at the moment. All the old junk. Now its beer thirty and football time.
  10. Tow Pig Project

    Well the rsk showed up this week. I worked on the bushings and rsk install today. I was hoping to get it all done but I felt bad leaving my wife home alone with the kids so I quit early. I started about 9am and quit about 230pm. I'm happy with what I accomplished in 5 1/2 hours. The body bushings are done. They suck just as bad as I've read. I'm happy there are only 6 of them. I made a puller just like I've seen others do and it worked great. I would hate to do this job without one. The truck now sits a bit higher. The downpipe would sometimes hit the fire wall. I'm hoping that's no longer the case. You can see here the intercooler pipe was rubbing on the a.c. hose and now has plenty of clearance. I did remove 1 shim from both the front and rear bushings on the drivers side. It is lined up perfect. The passenger side looks a bit high but ill drive it and see what happens. I may end up removing a shim from that side aswell.
  11. Winter time is coming to Idaho

  12. Eco Boost V6

    Cool Muddy, thank you. Im gonna call them and see what they have to say. I'm gonna try and trade in the pathy and get my 3k out of it.
  13. That's a good video. I first seen that little cummins on powernation. Its on Sunday mornings. The guy on Xtreme 4×4 bought one for one of his projects. I think this is an excellent idea by cummins. Everyone wants to do a cummins swap. Now its even easier.
  14. Free WiFi calling without cell service...

    That's pretty cool. For the price of a plan it wouldnt be bad to try this. Especially because alot of people have Wi-Fi at work and home. Can you also send texts and pics with Wi-Fi?
  15. Eco Boost V6

    I tinted the windows pretty dark in the pathfinder. I would need to spray paint the windows on a mini van. I looked at tahoes and yukons. They are pretty nice. I also like the looks of the yukons and tahoes. I don't mind the suburbans but they are a bit large. In the pics i cant tell how big the back seat is in the Tahoe. I assume its bigger than the pathy but I might need to go look at them. People still want some money for the older tahoes and yukons. I will most likely need to finance one if I find something I like. I was kinda thinking of this one. https://boise.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2005-gmc-yukon-sle-sport/6310254921.html