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  1. 686Cody

    What to do with exhaust

    I can't believe someone would do that. That car dealer would be smart to have that fixed or he will probably never sell it.
  2. 686Cody

    What to do with exhaust

    You could copy this idiot. I took these pics this morning.
  3. 686Cody

    What to do with exhaust

    I agree with Evan. Its hard to make duals look good and even. I would exit behind the rear tire. The exhaust will most likely turn your wheel black if you exit in front of the rear tire. My personal opinion is that exhaust usually looks best if its not looked at. It should not draw your attention. I'm not a fan of stacks or huge tips. I say exit behind the rear tire. Tuck it up close to the bed so its not hanging down so it looks nice and clean.
  4. 686Cody

    Converted my 02 3500 to single wheel

    Looking good. Keep it up.
  5. 686Cody

    Tow Pig Project

    Sup guys? I finally got the windows done. It looks awsome. Im very happy with it. Those stupid mirrored windows had been making me crazy for a long time. Its a huge relief to finally have that behind me. I had all the windows retinted and had them do a sunstrip on the windshield. Before After
  6. 686Cody

    Hitler reacts to his Ford 6.0L issues...

    Lol, I love that video.
  7. 686Cody

    It's a oil change not a head gasket job...

    You aint kidding. Thats ridiculous. Is that the eco boost engine? Are the trucks like that too?
  8. 686Cody

    2500 bucks 01 cab n chassi 2wd 114k

    Looks like a great donor for a cummins swap. Nice find.
  9. 686Cody

    It's a oil change not a head gasket job...

    FOOK DAT!! What kind of car is that so I know to never buy one?
  10. 686Cody

    16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    I actually have some experience with those dynapro tires. The guy I was working with put a set of 315/70r17 on his 2nd gen cummins. We were both very impressed with them. He still has them on a spare set of rims with over 50k miles.
  11. 686Cody

    16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    I had some toyo mts and liked them. I now have toyo at2 and they are ok. My next tires will be bfg. I like the look of wide tires. I think most trucks look best with a fender full of tire. I dont care for trucks lifted way up in the air. I liked them when I was younger though. I'm happy I grew out of the mt tire phase. I doubt ill ever grow out of having oversized tires though. I was told a tall skinny m55 is the best tire for off road but not ideal for highway travel. Just gotta find a happy medium for whatever conditions you plan to drive in I guess.
  12. 686Cody

    16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    But big tires are cool. Surprised you didn't know that I like the idea of painting the inside of the wheels. I think I'm gonna try that. Probably use flat black and some matte clear coat for wheels. The wheels I painted on the pathfinder have held up great so far.
  13. 686Cody

    Been a while!

    The best part aboit having a camp trailer is getting to see how well your truck tows it after your recent upgrades.
  14. 686Cody

    Tow Pig Project

    Thank you guys. I am very happy with it. The thing I'm really excited about now is that i finally found some non factory tint rear windows. I can't stand the mirrored look and how they don't match. Ive been trying to find windows for years now. I havent got them installed yet but atleast I've got them. I don't drive the truck in the winter much. Especially when there is salt and sandy gravel on the roads. Its been sitting over a month now. The seam sealer seems to be a common issue. The auto body guy said they see it alot on the older vehicles.
  15. 686Cody

    For anyone that welds

    I use starting fluid to clean before I weld sometimes. I assume it's safe because its made to be burned. Kinda scary because the box of starting fluid sits right next to the box of brake cleaner. If the starting fluid was gone I wouldn't have thought twice to use brake cleaner. I'm happy you guys posted this.