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  1. Stupid people?!

    That's amazing. I've never seen anything like that before. One of my favorite quotes is "born stupid lasts a long fukin time" by the guy I work with.
  2. happy thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great day.
  3. what do you do for a living?

    It should be a stainless steel tag welded to the casing above ground. Here is a pic of the tag. Here is a link to the dept of water resources well log search. It had a spot to input the tag number and should give you your well info if its in their system. https://www.idwr.idaho.gov/Apps/appsWell/WCInfoSearchExternal/
  4. what do you do for a living?

    You can pull the pump with a pump truck is ideal but alot of people do it themselves with a crane or other things. It kinda depends how deep the pump is set for how heavy its gonna be. Them older pumps seem to really last a long time if the well is clean. Do You have the info for your well? If not get me the tag number off the well. It should start with a D00*****. I can get the log for you if its in the system.
  5. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    You have got a really nice place MoparMan
  6. what do you do for a living?

    I am happy to help when I can. I like to think if the well is done right you should never have issues with it. I don't do pump work and unfortunately the pump will eventually fail.
  7. what do you do for a living?

    I drill water wells. I have been in the drilling business since before i graduated high school. Almost 15 years. I have drilled more wells than any other driller the last 2 years in a row, soon to be 3. The last 2 years I drilled over 100 wells each. I dont think ill hit 100 this year. The weather slowed us down quite a bit earlier this year with all the snow. I like drilling because it involves a bit of everything I enjoy. I work outside, I drive a truck, i have a class A cdl, I weld, I mechanic, I'm the boss on my rig, I run a crane, i talk with customers and vendors, and best of all I rarely have to answer to my boss. He lets me do my thing and as long as I have permits I can just go to work and do my job.
  8. Bluetooth OBDII Dongles

    I have one of these obd2 links and the torque app. Its kinda handy. I think the Bluetooth adaptor was around $30 and the torque app was $5. I have only used it on my 97 psd. The pcm on the old psd don't read much info. The map sensor is not correct with my boost gauge. It does read exhaust back pressure and the hpo system. It won't read or clear dtc codes. I have been told that cargauge pro will read and clear dtcs. I have also heard it will run diagnostic tests like cylinder contribution tests and buzz tests. I have not used that app myself. The nice thing about the torque app is that you can build a screen to show whatever gauges you like as long as your pcm reads those parameters. If you have an extra android or iPhone you can use it solely as a gauge pod. Here are a couple pages I have on the torque app.
  9. Ford - All because a rear parking sensor didn't work?!

    Agreed!! People are too dumb to park their cars, back up trailers, change lanes, or even not ass end someone. We need our cars to do it all for us. More tech, more wiring, more computers, more problems. I can't even stand the climate control in my wife's car. I just want 3 dials.
  10. 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

    I have been hearing good things about the autolite iridium xp plugs. I recently changed the plugs in the pathy and that's what I used. Aside from that I would say the obvious general maintenance like fuel and air filters and good oil. I never run ethanol gas in anything I own. I hate it. I know most people do but I refuse. I pay alot for gas because of it.
  11. the new look

    Looking good.
  12. Tow Pig Project

    I bought my donor truck today. Its a 96 f250 super cab short box psd 5 speed 4 wheel drive. It runs and drives. It needs alot of love. I might keep it for a project truck. I'm not sure yet. I paid 1500 for it which is a steal. I'm very happy with it. It took a little while to charge the batteries but after we got it running we were able to drive it onto the trailer. Old blue did awsome towing it back from Soda Springs. It was a good day.
  13. Tow Pig Project

    Well i got my truck back yesterday. It looks awsome. I think they did a great job. You would never know there was any rust. They even cleaned it inside and out. I took some pics. Unfortunately i don't have any before pics. It had noticeable rust bubbling under the paint above the windshield on the drivers side, it also leaked sometimes. New seam sealer along the drip rails. Also had noticeable rust around the third brake light. They made it all shiny and shit. I'm still looking for a zf5 donor truck.
  14. I'm sorry I missed it. I look forward to the pics.
  15. Tow Pig Project

    I agree 100%. Old Blue goes into the body shop tomorrow. The more I think about it $1500 seems pretty fair for what they have to do. As long as its done right I shouldn't have any more problems with the roof for a long time.