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  1. I bought a pathfinder : (

    So this last weekend I got bored. The wheels on the pathfinder look pretty crappy so I decided to try out that dupli color wheel paint. The colors are pretty limited. I settled on the graphite color and matte clear coat. I only painted one side because I wasn't sure I was gonna like the color. I'm happy I did. I wasnt wanting a real shiny color but I absolutely hate black wheels. They turned out pretty good but they are too dark for my taste. Dupli color has a silver that I will try hopefully next weekend.
  2. I bought a pathfinder : (

    Well my family is growing. I should have a new baby boy any day now. I decided to sell my 01 F150 that I had for 12 years. It was tough to let it go but it was only a super cab and I couldnt fit 2 car seats in it. It had 150,000 miles on it and I got $6k. I think it was a fair price. The truck was nice for an 01. I told a friend of mine about my dilemma and he offered to sell me his pathfinder. Its not a bad little car. It runs, drives, rides, looks, and stops like new. It has 160,000 miles and brand new bfg tires. I played $3,000. The only problem is its kinda small and I'm 6'2", also I don't really care for small cars. I'm hoping I can just drive it and not spend any money on it. I did tint the windows. Here are a couple pics. The fleet The pearl, sold
  3. Morimoto HIDs

    That's awsome. I didn't realize they worked like that. Good job Mopar Man.
  4. Tow Pig Project

    Thank you guys. I have spent alot of time researching what parts work well together and how to best spend my money. I am happy with it so far. Its night and day compared to how it ran when I first brought it home. I will get a good pic of the engine. It definitely runs strong. The s366 turbo is a bit large for my injectors but with the .91 exhaust housing it lights up pretty fast and keeps the smoke to a minimum. I would really like to get an sxe364.5 turbo. It would match my injectors better and I have heard very good things about them. Aside from that I think I am done with the engine.
  5. Morimoto HIDs

    To each his own I guess. I think the star wars lights turned out pretty good. Not something I would want on my truck but I bet the customer was happy. Probably until he seen the bill. Mopar Man, I really like how yours turned out. You can't beat a nice clear lens and almost factory look. Plus they are probably 10 times better and safer going down the road. Everyone these days seem to love the big led light bars. I even seen a little honda civic hatchback with one bolted to the roof. No way I would put one on my truck. I would rather drive down the road holding a flashlight out the window. To each his own.
  6. Tow Pig Project

    Thank you. The shop is at work but they let me use it anytime I need it. Yes I would like to swap in a 5 speed. I have never liked how my truck shifts. Its not my daily driver. I use it to haul the camper and sometimes for work when my 6.0 dies (seems to happen every 6 months) so I'm not too worried about getting tired of shifting. I will keep the 5 speed swap on the list and keep looking for a good donor. First thing I want to do is get the rsk and body mount bushings done. I just need to find some free time. I may end up waiting until things slow down over the winter.
  7. Tow Pig Project

    Hey guys. I just thought I would update some pics since all the others got deleted. Not much news to update. I been hauling the trailer around and loving the way the truck runs pulling the trailer. I really think it runs happier under a load. It almost seems quieter. I don't really care to daily drive the truck anymore. It rides very rough and shifts too hard for my taste. I still haven't bought the rsk. I plan to get it installed this winter. I also still need to do the body mount bushings. I put the 5 speed swap on hold until I can get some money together. I had a couple awsome donor trucks slip through my fingers and it kinds ruined my ambition. So much to do and so little time. My second son is due to be born in about 4 weeks so free time is about to be reduced to 0.
  8. re-joined from Twin Falls

    I will definitely bring it by. I might even have you look it over. I have an odd idle issue that has been bothering me for a long time. I suspect a lazy injector but I'm not sure. Ill talk to you about it when I stop in.
  9. re-joined from Twin Falls

    Welcome Wayne. Happy you joined up. I would like to check out your shop someday.
  10. I made a donation. I also talked to a few people about the forum and asked them if they would like to join. It would be awsome to see some more traffic here at ITD.
  11. New guy

    Happy you joined up man. My name is Cody here btw. I wish I could change my name on the other forums. There are some smart people on this forum. It would be cool to all meet up at a dinner or camping trip someday.
  12. Posting pictures

    I appreciate the insight. I dont feel like I'm smart enough to start my own photo hosting site. I'm not good with computers at all and alot of the stuff you just said went over my head. I dont mind paying a little money for the service but 400 dollars a year just so I can share a pic every now and then is crazy. Ill ride out the imagur for a while and when they finally decide to start charging for the service then I just hope its affordable.
  13. Posting pictures

    Sunset from magic reservoir.