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  1. big d

    Can of worms

    Ok so I think I bought a can of worms. My 1994 f-350 that I have had only a couple of months is falling apart at 282,xxx miles. I am having a BIG problem with severe rear axle wrap (BAD !) a broken tranny mount that nobody can get , Leaky tranny cooler lines , suspension problems and noises , blue smoke , And a rough idle . My main concern right now is the rear axle wrap and how to cure it ? Any help for this newbie would be a big help ! Or should I just sell it and try to recoupe my losses ?
  2. big d

    just rolled 300,000 miles

    Congratz bro ! Im only .at 282,xxx some odd miles
  3. big d

    Early 7.3 mods ?

    Ok so I have and early 94" 7.3L and it alread has all the mods that can be done to the exhaust , Even tho its too quite for me. And I am trying to install a boost gauge but dont know where to connect the tube to ? Any help for this newbie would be great ! Thanks.
  4. big d


    Thanks to all .
  5. big d

    my brother got his first diesel.

    lol ! Yea its just to quiet for me. I'm thinking stacks or dumpping the exhaust out the passenger side front of bed ?
  6. big d


    Hi, I'm "97cummins" brother and I just bought my first Diesel. It's a early 1994 f350 turbo diesel with 14" of lift on 38x13.5x18 toyo m/t tires. It's got a few little problems but this is the place my brother said to go for help.