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    Hello everyone, looking for some help on injection pump for a 1985 4D55 turbo diesel, does anyone know what pumps will work on this rig, It has a VE410F2100R diesel Kiki on it now and at higher RPM,s it makes a rattling noise and loses power, I have read that a pump off a 1983 ranger 2.2 diesel will work, but would like to know for sure. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I just wanted to introduce myself as I,m new to this board, I have a 1985 Montero 4x4 that is a converted v6 to a 4D55 turbo. At this time I have a injection pump issue, at raised RPM,s it has a rattling noise and then the engine loses power, now for my main question, does anyone have any info as to what is the best pump to run on a 4d55, the one on it is a VE410F 2100R and I have a workable VE49F2125L pump off a 1983 ford ranger and was wondering if it would work on my 4d55 while I have the original rebuilt. also does anyone know if their is such a thing as a cross reference chart for these little diesel pumps, it seems as tho any info from Bosch or Zexel is a well kept secret, any help or info will greatly appreciated.