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  1. IdahoRob

    dmax vs dmax

    EFI comes with 2 licenses at first. You can then buy up to 225 more licenses.
  2. IdahoRob

    TS Who's Cummin??

    Ummmmm!!! No division 1 events scheduled in May. Man that is a long haul. Wonder what the payouts are? Might have to tow the race truck in the trailer and drive/tow a couple of 12.0 trucks over if the money is good!
  3. IdahoRob

    Got some goodies coming soon....

    That thing will be a whole new animal Tommy! First test day is usually first weekend in April
  4. IdahoRob

    dhra is done

    Sorry Jared, brain fart. I know that NHRDA is coming to RMR for at least one race, if that who you are referring to.
  5. IdahoRob

    dhra is done

    I liked the purse. $2000.00 for a win is good money. Jacob, can we expect payouts in this future event? They were able to fill the stands also. I can't say I didn't see it coming, still hate to lose another chance at $ though.
  6. IdahoRob

    Trophy Montana Elk ?

    Wish they'd shoot more of the things.
  7. IdahoRob

    08 6.4 tuners?

    Any thing that deletes the DPF as far as tuners and what exhaust do the Fords go with for no DPF? Thanks,
  8. IdahoRob

    LBZ Runs 12.27 @111

    All the built Dmax's with stacks sound like that. I think it's the stack/exhaust and not the engine causing the sound. Josh is right, Henry has terrible 60' problems and that will really effect ET. Most likely moving to a different track will help.
  9. IdahoRob

    LBZ Runs 12.27 @111

    The built motor Dmax trucks sound like that. I'm sure this truck will go into the 11's this spring. I think that was one of his first passes after the build.
  10. IdahoRob

    LBZ Runs 12.27 @111

    Built engine, dual fuelers, and turbo, ummm. Henry is a great guy and has a nice truck, but I think it needs a bit of tuning help.
  11. Nice choice! Congrats Jeff. How's it hanging?, lol
  12. IdahoRob

    winter drag racing

    I've got two customers now with twin LBZ's running 12.0's. Come spring, there will be at least a half a dozen twin LBZ/LMM's in the 11's.
  13. IdahoRob

    Trans go Jr.

    Great upgrade. I tore down a LMM that dyno'd and drove with a 505RWHP tune of mine for almost a year. The tranny looked really good except a few of the C3 clutches. The converter wasn't happy either, but shows how much it will help. Best 125.00 you will spend on the truck.
  14. IdahoRob

    winter drag racing

    Nice truck, terrible converter. Never locked the whole way down the track. I packed it up after 3 passes. Best was a 12.65, but good MPH at 109+ It'll go into the 11's with a good converter. 87,700 miles, new sc stage 5, mpi twins, nice wheels and tires, ecsb. Think he's looking for 29,500 with a new converter installed or less with the current one.
  15. IdahoRob

    winter drag racing

    Well, I'm down in Sacramento CA sitting in a hotel. I picked up a 2006 extra cab Dmax that has twins on it and a SC stage 5 tonight. Tune is loaded up and heading to the drag strip tomorrow to see what it;s got in it. Preety cool racing in the winter. I flew down here with spring clamps, fuel filter, and a few other goodies to try and rip off a decent time, then driving it back to Boise. Nice truck if anyone is looking for a built Dmax. It's for sale.