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    Got HE351 turbo and hood stack on!!!

    Yep Russ, we had a ISP come in and tell us that since we are not a manufacture (Dodge, Ford, GM) that any alterations we do to the exhaust are illegal. Even if it is only to repair a rusted pipe with a new one. It has to be done with OEM equipment. Luckily they dont stand by that law very often

    got pulled over in the pullin truck

    I did read your question again and I think I still answered it. Idiots smoking out people draws attention to us and makes us look like ass holes. So we are pulled over for stupid little things as well like being to loud, illegal exhaust....... I'm not fighting with anyone though, just trying to let people continue the sport. I know I keep saying the same thing over and over but if nobody listens I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe I need to start modding a hydro car for when the idiots get any diesel modding banned

    got pulled over in the pullin truck

    Im not fightin with Zak. I don't care who it is. If anyone posted up this thread thinking it was cool I would be here saying the same thing. I'm just saying we need to stop acting like idiots! Your question about why diesels are tagged is simple and goes back to what I was saying earlier. Black smoke (although it is not as harmful as some POS gasser) is targeted because it can be seen. A car throwing out fumes is invisible, most of the time, where with a diesel you have people going around smoking out lights and people can see the smoke and think that its going to make them croke over. It's also a safety factor for the streets. You smoke out a light then that causes possible crashes.

    got pulled over in the pullin truck

    It's every diesel enthusiasts job to worry about it! I for one would like to be able to continue pulling / drag racing and it's people that run around "smoking out" everyone that are putting an end to it. There are alot more people watching then you think Zak. Idaho is an area that the people trying to shut us down watch pretty heavily. Think about it, Bullydog - Idaho, Edge - Utah, ATS - Colorado, Hushpower - Idaho, Industrial Injection - Utah, HTT - Utah, HTS - Utah. Thats alot of the big name manufactures right here in this area that big brother is watching. As far as Nic's truck smoking whether he is on it or not. It has no reason to. There are ALOT of 12 valves out there with more than double the power he has that can drive around just fine without acting like an ass and making diesels look bad.

    got pulled over in the pullin truck

    I'm gonna agree with Jacob on this one. Although "smoking" out stop lights and cars might be fun it is going to be the end of diesel motorsports. Keep it on the track.
  6. Is your truck gonna be ready Al?

    project MAX-FREEK

    Do you have a part number for the upgraded pump? I could see what our cost is on it for you.

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    That's great that you were in the Marines. I have tons of respect for your service and am very thankful. But just because you are an ex-marine doesn't give you the right to come on the internet and be an ass. You are the one that started the parents argument and you know nothing about me or my family.

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    Your right Tommy Or YMMOT as they would say in the 3rd grade.... Being in business 6 years and 6000 plus customers later, no other business would have a few unhappy customers..... I'm sure nobody has ever felt screwed by MPI, Moonlight, IdahoRob, Powerlabs, Custom Auto or any other diesel shop in Idaho. Plus every unhappy customer that I have been informed of and that has had a legit claim (because all customers speak the truth, nobody ever just tries to get something for free.) has been taken care of. Get a clue! I should clarify that I am not talking bad about any of the above companies, I think they are all just fine but we have had plenty of unhappy customers from them all come into our hop to get things fixed.

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    Hey Al, maybe if you knew what really happened you wouldn't think he took it in the a$$ but whatever. It makes for an awesome bash thread doesn't it!

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    Tommy, For not knowing me at all you sure think you do. Russ did grow up with us but he didn't shame or embarrass me through my parents. To say this is just f+!king stupid. I bet your parents are proud of the internet forum tough talker they raised huh..... Ya right! I'm glad I didn't pay to be a sponsor of your site to, it was the worst advertising investment we ever made and was basically just a money pit. From the looks of things there isn't many people left here anymore though so i guess other people saw the light as well.....

    got screwed by a company... how to handle?

    Yes I was more than a little pissed. Like I told Russ, I don't expect much more than bashing about us from the ITD forum but I don't really care. The bottom line is this, anyone that knows Russ knows that he drives hard (which he has every right to, I would if I had his truck!). Driving hard with that much done to your truck for almost 3 years is bound to cause some damage...... It's lucky to go this long. As for the injectors, they are Jammer Stage 3 nozzles that you have in now correct Russ? I think that is what you said. So if that is what took out your engine the truck must have been running very poor for a little while due to the nozzles being clogged and dripping on the piston because a Jammer 3 is a VERY mild injector. I did say I would send Russ a set of 110 Springs but 3 years ago there wasn't a TON of aftermarket springs out. The ones that are in the head might be the aftermarket of the day... I know they are not the heavy B-dog ones but I don't know from there. I would also like to clarify on the first post where it was somewhat insinuated that Seans truck had some of Russ's parts. Seans head was done before Russ owned his pickup so that is not the case. Seans springs are the big over kill, probably not good for your truck Bullydog springs and he no longer has the turbo on his truck but we still do have it around and it is not anything special nor is it Russ's. I would like to apologize to Russ though for not getting back sooner. Working in Rock Springs is hard to get phone service period but especially when you have Alltel. I broke my phone one of the first days I got here and found out that there is not an Alltel within 150 miles from here so they had to mail me a replacement! Best way to reach me is email at dpdiesel@gmail.com if any of you have questions, problems blah blah.........

    Powder coating around idaho falls.

    Ace Powder Coating only way to go great guys 528-7357

    sled pull rules??

    Thanks Nic. I think I will see what I can get rolling and get with United and see what we can work out there. Once we get rules and a possible schedule I will put up a website and start contacting possible sponsors. I will put together some tentative rules and classes and post them up here so that we can get everyones input so we have some rules that can make most happy. That sound good to everyone?

    sled pull rules??

    I edited the original list of classes to make it a little more clear.