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  1. joes95stroker

    Idaho Turbo Diesels camp in the woods, summer 2015.

    How about the warm lake area for the 20th. still plenty of water in the lake
  2. joes95stroker

    Can I Borrow Your Trailer, Please?

  3. joes95stroker

    left hand rear door ford

    In need of left hand rear door 87 to 97 cc ford
  4. joes95stroker

    Can I Borrow Your Trailer, Please?

    Are you set up for a fifth wheel if so I have a trailer and big come along you can use
  5. joes95stroker

    6.0 powered

    It turned out to be the hpop and oil cooler was clogged
  6. joes95stroker

    Parting 1991 F-250

    Sounds good to me pm me you address thanks
  7. joes95stroker

    6.0 powered

    Thank will check it out
  8. joes95stroker

    6.0 powered

    It cranks no start not sure where pop came from and no cel
  9. joes95stroker

    10k mod question

    Has any one tried the idm mod 10k mod and two tunes together
  10. joes95stroker

    97 ccsb parts needed

    I am looking for a donor cab. I bought a wrecked 97 ccsb that was hit in the rear driver door. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. joes95stroker

    complete late 99 7.3 powerstroke engine

    Will it work in a obs
  12. joes95stroker

    Parting 1991 F-250

    How much for the driver side fender for the obs
  13. joes95stroker

    6.0 powered

    My buddies 6.0 powered out on the free way after hearing a small pop he down shifted and got back to speed but when we hit the exit and he pushed the clutch in it died and won't refire. any advice would help thanks
  14. joes95stroker

    new guy

    Hey all I am new to the site been on PS nation forever.I am from Caldwell and this is my second 7.3.
  15. joes95stroker

    new gun bill

    Has any got any info on what was passed on the new carry bill?