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    I really like the outdoors and think getting there is half the fun!
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    Outdoors are best and of course making some smoke to get there is even better!!

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  1. What did you ever decide to do with that exhaust brake I sent your way? If your not going to us en it I'll take it back for a project.

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    2. millco


      Mine is 734-5097

      text or call when you want......  I'll go make sure I know where that brake is (pretty sure it's in her truck!).  We should be there Wednesday night if that will work for you.  If not, I'll leave it there in Boise at my boys place (or do you know Daniel (BioHumvie)?  I am meeting him also.

    3. D/UNIT


      I met Daniel years ago but wouldn't say that I know him. If you get it to this side on the valley I'm sure I can make arrangements to pick it up. I just saw this message. I need to change my notifications so I get alerted when you message me. 

    4. millco


      I need to call you!!  As you can tell I didn't make it!  Maybe I'll just see if you want to still sell........

      I'll call you tomorrow; what time is good?