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  1. millco

    Fuel pressure gauge

    That's a good demonstration of what pulsation / hammering is. All positive displacement pumps produce this hammering. It is very hard on gauges! If you see your needle pounding away then you need to do something to prevent it or your gauge will be damaged and it's life short.....
  2. millco

    Tow Pig Project

    My flat bed ('92 1st gen Cummins) had a seam seal problem on its roof also. Took me a little looking to figure out why the floor was getting wet! Your truck is looking great!
  3. millco

    Been a while!

    Well, I missed several of these albums...... Glad I finally saw them! Good times and a couple of good trucks.
  4. millco

    6.4L piston

    What we were always told, is Ford told IH what to do with the 6.0L. I have always accepted that as possible. You don't tell an experienced engine builder how to do what they know already!! Simply tell them what you require or want it to do and leave the rest to them......... I'm surprised this one hasn't already destroyed the cylinder! That piston is destroyed pretty well!
  5. millco

    Led third brake light

    Don't you love that...... I hate it when the color of the wires or fuse is different. I was just working on my daughters '03 Sentra and the Nissan factory shop manual had the relays reversed for the electric trunk release and the electric windows. I don't think swapping the location of the relays can be called dyslexia! I wish I knew what was going on here. I thought most of my problems with LED's staying on in my '06 was the bulb check circuitry. I can't say that is what's causing it in my '92. But then, I have never gotten a bulb out indication in the '06 for any of the bulbs that have burned out over the years. So, what good is it really to have a bulb out monitor..........
  6. If you don't know how very great the Disabled American Veterans association is; how can I express how very greatful to them that I am!!!! They helped me so very much in dealing with the VA (while I was not a DAV memeber!), that I became a DAV life member!!!! They are taking their mobile service van to Nevada to offer their services totally free to veterans. If you have any questions, go visit them! Take any records you have with you and they will show you what they can do.
  7. millco

    Led third brake light

    I believe you! Maybe I was remembering the check circuitry from my '06......? I have had this same problem happen with my '92 though. My dash lights glow dimly for the check engine and another indicator. To solve this problem with my LED turn signals, I paralleled in incandescent bulbs in with the front LED's and these problems went away (At least on the turn signals. Dash still lights up........ But that's a different circuit!)
  8. millco

    Radiator and Coolants

    Make sure you use Delo ELC coolant! It is an H.O.A.T. coolant (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology), just like the Dodge OEM used. DexCool is an O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology) and is inferior. Don't go by color!! Means literally nothing!! If you want to do some research, just 'google' this: "Dexcool class action lawsuit" Mikes right! The green stuff has a life of 12 months from date of manufacture. (Notice I didn't say from date of installation or purchase......)
  9. millco

    Cummins Made It's 2 Millionth Ram Engine

    Back in college (2009) We got in a new piece of equipment and it had a brand new 12V with a VE injection pump......... Somehow, somewhere these iconic engines are still being produced!! (South America?)
  10. millco

    Led third brake light

    I'm betting it is the bulb check circuit that is putting power (or ground) through the circuit to test the incandescent filament. I've had this same problem on multiple Dodge pickups. If it were a short to ground, it would be lighting an incandescent bulb as well as killing the batteries if it sat for a while.......
  11. Found out today that the NAPA fall filter sale (At least for Twin Falls) will be: Oct 16 through Oct 21, 2017 Stock up!!
  12. So what's the $$ gonna turn out to be?
  13. millco

    Led third brake light

    I wonder if Dodge uses solid state relays to switch these on and off......... All that is happening here is there is enough current available to light an LED (But an incandescent won't light). Do this: Plug it back in and leave it. Come back in 30 minutes and again in an hour and see if the cargo light remains on.......?
  14. millco

    Led third brake light

    I hear you. Sure seems odd when you encounter this. From the way you described the problem; your new cargo light is LED also? I hooked into the cargo light power (Disconnected the OEM light, and ran wires out of the cab and into my shell) on Meg ('06 Ram) and I remember that every time I checked there was 12V power to the cargo light. I just assumed it was part of a bulb check circuit because it's never enough to light an incandescent bulb and it doesn't seem to drain the battery. In Meg, instead of using a diode, I put two bulbs in the cargo light housing and another switch. I can now turn on the cargo light inside the shell either from the dash or from inside the shell.