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  1. Anyone done it. Im thinking i will. Get rid scissor steering that and its very sloppy May also upgrade panhard bar to match steering angles http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=78STEER&Category_Code=STEERINGKIT http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=PANKIT&Category_Code=panhardtrackbar I know some dont recomend heims for street, but some say they stay tight for forever, some say heims transmit more to steering wheel. Just thinking out loud
  2. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    As usual it was much easier talking about doing the track bar. After 3 hours of mutalating the factory track bracket allmost setting the truck on fire. I was staeting ti regret my decision to go ahead and do. At 4am this morning things were looking up and my doubts were aickly fading. Today bracket is burned on boxed and im confident itl be plenty beefy, its 1/4" plate. The truckdrives so much tighter. Im 1/4" from having axle centerd. Steering improved like 200% ride did some but its a 1 ton with 2k on its back. Ill do some more measuring and get it centerd better but for now im off to a wedding. I ran these up hill to make sure to get good penetration I almost didnt box it due to have to build the through coil support. Glad i did i think this adds a ton of beef to the mount. Ing Up next is steering
  3. Evan

    Head wind kinda day

    Screw it im running 75 normaly i run 70
  4. Evan

    What to do with exhaust

    That exhaust was fine driving around town towing grades with the horse trailer or long grades cruusing at 65 it droned like no other. I found myself constantly attemping to go slower or faster to get out of tge drone. The same muffler going all the way back produces no drown. Ive been looking into the donaldson offroad mufflers 4 and 5" its been awhile now since ive changed my exhaust. Im kinda debating looking at a turbo upgrade and fabbing a 5" off the turbo I dont know that the turbo off a manual is realy much uograde. I will admit a good clean single stack exiting flush to cab heigth does look pretty slick. A donaldson then 90 directly off it might kill the drone
  5. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Parts are rolling in. Scabbed a rolling link welding deal so i can turn the bar and make a full pass welding the heim inserts. Heims are from ruff stuff. Tube is 1.5x.25 dom. Offcourse the heim weld in inserts are on back order. Thought i might pull a few long hours fabbing tonight. The lack of inserts put a dampner on that. Ive got some time mocking up cardboard. This bracket will tie into the existing crossmember. The other bracket will be similar but not tie to crosmember. Well i gues it kinda will its be a fully boxed bracket. Bracket may change alittle ounce o hack off the factory track bar mount. Card board is awesome just stable on to shape then cut to shape you want. Lots more to come. Track bar is part of steering will be set up for factory angle axle centerd. Then later a few weeks or month from now drill new holes to match my steering. Hoping to raise steering 2" so ive built that much drop into the track frame mount. Realy liking the heims. They feel good look beefy and if they do happen to wear are super easy and inexspensive to swap on new ones or possibly change to bushings
  6. Evan

    What to do with exhaust

    Single 4 or 5" may need to tweak the aftermarket system to make it its best. Replace clamps with band clamps. If pipe joints arent slip fit then make them slip fit. Duals are twice headache ive never seen duals on any rig look good ones always hanging lower or at different angle or drawing attention because its shaking. I ran in front of axle for awhile. It was an easy exhaust to fabb but soon grew tired of the noise. I later went over the axle noticed a climb in egts but sound was reduced. My exhaust is getting tired so ive been thinking about fabbing 5". Ive fabbed mine from scratch aswell as install a few 4" kits on 2nd and 3rd gens. Ive not seen a single kit bolt on that i didnt make a tweak here or there. Actually have a guy with a 98 wanting me to do some kind of hanger on his new kit he just installed himself. I havent got around to doing it yet or even seeing what his problem is. Ill see if i can find pics of my in front of the tire exhaust I kinda miss that sound
  7. Evan

    Engine knock

    So the engine is rod knocking? I thought an aftermarket exhaust came apart and started beating a tune then truck was taken to shop in fear of engine damage. I must have been wrong
  8. Evan

    Engine knock

    Replacing bearings doing tranny work all due to exhaust pipes vibrating agaisnt frame shocks bed or whatever
  9. Its like a hole new rig https://flic.kr/p/Y7recH It is dana 80 dualy rear its very hard to tell that its wider https://flic.kr/p/WSVtXt
  10. Heres bracket mocked up https://flic.kr/p/26UFHaX https://flic.kr/p/26UFHaX Trying to figure why sometimes my photo links show in thread and sometimes they have to be clicked on. Forumn in my minds useless without photos
  11. Well shits about to hit the fan. Heims orderd 1.5x.250 dom on hand. Track bar will be set at factory angle. Steering will match. Scary part will be the torch cutting the factory track bar mount of the frame. Been getting some torch time More to come
  12. Evan

    What are you towing???

  13. Evan

    Engine knock

    Ivw heard of people doing same crazy shit due to exhaust knock.
  14. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Im running 17s. I have to get up the nerve to do track bar. Will rework lower mount to exept a 7/8" heim and build frame mount to match factory steering with room to have a second location to match steering when it raises over the knuckle. Gota get the balls to do it. I cant stand tierod ends locating the axle
  15. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I noticed theres heim steering photos in this thread thank you for them. I to agree heims are beef. Drag link can run to knuckle but track bar will need to be lengthened and built to mach drag link angle. Doable but probly not with bolt on parts currently on the market. Heim drag link to tie rod does mach pretty close to track bar angle but adjusting toe changes steering wheel center. I dont like that. Synergy heim steering seems to beat dodge off road. There is rubber slip on boots that fit iver the heims on the market to keep mud and junk out. I have done ball joints and control arms man what a difference in the trucks handling. No to tackle steering and track bar. Ive recently become aware of steering up grad kit mopar sells marketed for the 03-13 trucks suposebly a bolt on for 2000-2002 and im unsure about the 98-99. Theres a taper change either in 2000 or 98 making it so possibly the tie rods wont fit. It may be 98.5 and older. This kit makes the lukes link look like bandaid thats been through 3 showers. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152043484603 One lukes link is pretty spendy at first thought you think this kit is expensive then on closer look its actually very nice. Moog also sells this kit for 200 something but im not sure of the quality heck im not sure of anything labeled mopar either Not sure what steering im doing. Fab ruff stuff T steering, mopar kit. I do no im not doing looks links or 98-99 snow plow parts
  16. Evan

    In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Im driving by salvage yrd in a gew minutes ill eye The 1st gens used to be all over You might look at a painless harness to. Or even a chevy harness one way or another itl work
  17. Handling is so much better. Way less wonder alot more precise steering no apparent roll in corners. 2 of factory arms the inside of bushings were detached just floating. Theyre a cheesy press together deal. The bushings still intake were wore to one side. These are stiker arms off ebay for 289. I inspected welds and they are solid though they could be alot better. There are arms on ebay for 239. If i had it to do over again id go that route. These fixed bushing arms are super inexspensive to make quality is so so stryker is making a huge profit. Anyways good beefier arms alittle over priced but ohhwell i didnt have the time to make them. These are are advertised as 1/2 longer(i verified they are) for 2-3" lift. Also if i had it to do over id get arms for a 3+ lift they are advertised as 1" longer I may or may not do an alignment ive got my toe with just hint of toe in. Ounce i have tight steering i may tine that to zero toe. Looking into the 2008.5 and newer steering would save time over fabbing it myself. Is a much better set up then what our trucks have. Nut fabbing may be the route. Ill already done the work to bring steering over the knuckle Steering track bar then done
  18. Bringing it home for a friend i szw ut show up on hi44 in star yesterday Needs alittle tls has the 47re converter us holding even tho fluids brown Im guessing 410 rear. 2200 is about as high as i like to run these Its an old state truck these beds run about 7000 new Gona flush trans with tractor trans fluid then drop pan put old style filter on and top off with dex 3/4 maybe ford f fluid and run it
  19. On the 4th heater core. Local shop in mtn home is doing the work. Everything checks out. Im guessing cracked head or head gasket but only under certain conditions does it build pressure. Truck has a egr delete and 346k on it. Were at a loss cores are lasting 3-6 months. I think im going to bypass the core put a valve in it crack it ooen in winter maybe crack it in summer to keep something else from blowing. Im just thinking out load as coolant drips on my feet
  20. Road 12.5 up hammett hil feathering off at wind sock at the bottom topped out at 60mph
  21. Woah i wasnt long. This is for fencing on my property. Will be a on going project. Truck was running 900 deg at 75mph. Will most likely be throttleing out of hammet hill. A turbo upgrade is planned for the future some time.
  22. Scotts still messing with the truck. He decided to do a upgraded govenor. Found the broken accumulator spring when doing.
  23. I was going to leave it off. Then a few days agon coming from boise to mtn home i was bring thrown all over in wind. Ive got a 500lb welder in bed to. Its mit bad but i also have a 1500lb welder. The new rubber seems to be following grooves similar to how m55s do. With bar on truck is driving much better on the freeway. I have to go to jerome for a load of pioe next friday and wad starting to dread the trip with goose kneck. Glad i found time to get it back on.
  24. Sway bar back on. Okay okay after some freeway miles i would not recommend running without. Raised mounts in anticipation of steering also coming up