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    02, air dog 100 1/2 line to pump, bhaf, 4", 100 dfi sac injectors, gauges on and tons of miles
  1. This will fix my tranny

    Did the first service. Adjusted bands . They didn't need it. Did filter and fluid running the 727 filter that I think the parts book says is for 97 and older 47re Bumped the pressure a little but haven't yet checked it. It was 150 hoping it's in 160-165 area now. She's getting very good smoky fuel mileage even around town driving. I updated my programmer and updated the time in truck. Bought all I noticed I think is more smoke I have trans temp gauge I've been dragging my feet on. I want it on before I do much towing
  2. Let's see your exhaust

    On my truck with 100h injectors going from in from of the tire to rear bumper gained quite a few egt numbers. 3" minus cat is a great exhaust I to ran like that for probly 100000 miles. It wasn't unroll I bought a welder that I decided to go 4". Wish I had a temp gauge the n to see the difrince but then I had plugged up stock injectors
  3. Let's see your exhaust

    Sorry girlfriend distracted me. The aero turbine with resonator is a lot whiter then most 4" exhausts with straight mufflers and for sure no muffler. Mine sounds like no others I've heard and has no drone while towing. I've ran some cheap straight mufflers with packing and they tend to drone under a load at 1800 rpm so much so my ears bleed. I've ran no muffler to and it wakes the neighbors up when I leave to hunting at 4am lol
  4. Mines fabbed from a 4" pipe from 2004. I bought a mbrp down pipe a built the rest from there. Muffler is areturbine with resonator way
  5. This will fix my tranny

    Blew the hose off the acumlator port pulled over I watched gauge go from 120 to zero. I'm like ohhh shit. In less than a minute she blew 2quartz out. Looked like 10 under the truck. Took it off till service time when I'll bump pressure slightly more to 165.. I'll adjust bands filter and fluid and pressure. Have about 500 miles to go. I want 1000 on it before I service. Ohhh been towing horses a little and it makes we from ear to ear.
  6. Rebuilt Holset HX35/40 Hybrid Turbo

    Mines not loud. Egts defiantly run lower on mine. Most 4" exhausted cummins have no muffler and kinda sound like shit. I want 5" lol. Maybe when I do a flatbed
  7. Rebuilt Holset HX35/40 Hybrid Turbo

    I want to do an exhaust on your truck.
  8. Wheel bearing failure...

    Thread the bolt part way in and use socket and extension. Turn the steeri g against it. Walla. Free with tools you used to take it apart
  9. Wheel bearing failure...

    Sure. Not as easy with 6" dually spacers. Using the steering to press out unit bearing. That's the cool trick any money can remove a nut truck sitting on the ground our jacked up. I was the monkey that got the axle nut off then struggled with unit bearing ounce it was all unbolted
  10. Wheel bearing failure...

    Did mine in driveway. Learned a trick or two after fighting unit bearing
  11. Wheel bearing failure...

    My wheel bearing melted the and sensor. Truck was then very soon undrivable. I replaced bearing still waiting for driver side to go out. Glad muddy could help and all turned out well
  12. This will fix my tranny

    Seeing good pressure on lock up at work. May tweak pressure up to 165ish at fluid change time in a thousand miles or. Wasn't expecting fuel pressure that low. I rarely go fuel throttle. Pump idles at 18.
  13. Belt squeak

    Only heard mine squeak when pulling a cummins with a trailer stuck in mud. 2wd 2 horses behind stuck truck. Slid over in ditch. Turbo whistling throwing roost. This went on for 5 miles rd was frozen then thawed 2wd couldn't get out. Heard it when I gave up one time coming done to an idle she squeaked. Took horses out then made the climb.
  14. Bosch VP44 injection pump removal

    Sweet thanks for sharing. I can't afford this till end of the year so please no more talk on it. Lol I'm kidding