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    02, air dog 100 1/2 line to pump, bhaf, 4", 100 dfi sac injectors, gauges on and tons of miles
  1. On the 4th heater core. Local shop in mtn home is doing the work. Everything checks out. Im guessing cracked head or head gasket but only under certain conditions does it build pressure. Truck has a egr delete and 346k on it. Were at a loss cores are lasting 3-6 months. I think im going to bypass the core put a valve in it crack it ooen in winter maybe crack it in summer to keep something else from blowing. Im just thinking out load as coolant drips on my feet
  2. Road 12.5 up hammett hil feathering off at wind sock at the bottom topped out at 60mph
  3. Woah i wasnt long. This is for fencing on my property. Will be a on going project. Truck was running 900 deg at 75mph. Will most likely be throttleing out of hammet hill. A turbo upgrade is planned for the future some time.
  4. Scotts still messing with the truck. He decided to do a upgraded govenor. Found the broken accumulator spring when doing.
  5. I was going to leave it off. Then a few days agon coming from boise to mtn home i was bring thrown all over in wind. Ive got a 500lb welder in bed to. Its mit bad but i also have a 1500lb welder. The new rubber seems to be following grooves similar to how m55s do. With bar on truck is driving much better on the freeway. I have to go to jerome for a load of pioe next friday and wad starting to dread the trip with goose kneck. Glad i found time to get it back on.
  6. Sway bar back on. Okay okay after some freeway miles i would not recommend running without. Raised mounts in anticipation of steering also coming up
  7. At the tire store. Got tired of rough riding 35x12.5s Going with 285x75x17s 34x11 tire. Ill get a pick ounce mounted. I like the stance much better than the 12.5wide tire. For some reason body line doesnt quite line up Carefull moparman unexspected storms flat getting after it. Less than half inch was forcasted. Boise is up to 4-5" now. Mtn homes sitting between 1-2" we just got called to start pushing. Everyone tried to wait it out but mother natures having other ideas
  8. Cleaned up the knuckle and unit bearing with (death wheel) wire wheel. Now they fit together nicely. I threw the damn mud sheild as far as i could throw it same as i did the other side now they match. Ive found mud/dust sheilds do nothing but hold mud sticks and dirt agaisnt the rotor. Now its to damn cold to do anymore. Greased the uppers any holy hell they took alot of grease. Next up after this is steering or control arms. Control arms and track bar will be all adjustable. Still debating hiems or rubber or combinatiin of both Im getting used to driving the jeep and have a welder on back of the dodge wich is handy to not be tied to a 220 10ft extension cord. Also debating a hypotherm 30 air plazma to maintain portability but having 45xp in the shop has spoiled me. Also have 150ft of welding leads enroute. Its always been a dream of mine to bite into the portable welding word. Thinking about renewing a few certs though i never did find much need for certs. Holy cow im getting side tracked. My beaitiful Crystal watching me build a metal gate
  9. Fuel pressure gauge

    Im staying on the 44 with fuel run into the cab at my gauge
  10. Whered mopar man when you want to turn ball joints into a 30 minute job. Steered this hub off, cussed yelled and bled I wouldnt recomend ball joints as quick easy money saving job I rented a press and ended up fabbing sleeves myself nothing in balljoint kit would work. Im going to clean this hub up and antisieze the shit out of it The drivers side let go a few years ago. Its still good and i dont have money to replace it right now The hard parts done. Ended quitting here.
  11. When your foots on floor

    As youve gotten greedy and grabbed one to many gears for the 365 cummins to pull. Shes rolling black tacks holding 1500,cars are piling shes holding her own but gaining little your hoping for a few r'sss just a few more and shel pull out collecting building boost just as your hand goes to the stick she comes to life shes pulling shes gaining 1600 1700 1800 shes at 2000 just a slight haze now turbo screaming you hold her at 2200 and pull the rest of grade telling yourself one gear lower or hit it faster next time.
  12. Flushed all 16qts plus some. Tranny is working veey good. Was stumped for awhile. It took lots if throttle to movefrom a stop. Specially uo a incline. I went to check tv cable adjustment and found the cable was broken I zipp tied it and drives very good now. I still need to adjust rear band and drop some red fluid back in for color then i do believe shes rd worthy
  13. Mopar. Not so. Dex 3/4 ford f hydraulic fluid are all good to go The 727 is not picky. Nothing wrong with running slippery at 4 but theres nothing wrong with not running it. That debate is hashed out over years and years ever since at4 came out. I probly got 60k on my 47re running hydraulic/transmission fluid. I swit hed because it was slipping very bad on atf4 You dont have to believe.
  14. Mopar man im curious now. Ive never seen a green cruise light thati know of this trucks an 01 mines an 02. Im not sure ive ever drove a 2500 maube they have green and 3500s are yellow
  15. Ive never noticed different cruise lights. I think it's same color as my 02 though i am partially color blind He went and bought plus4 i told him i think it a waste to put in this tranny heck my tranny has never had plus 4 in it. I was thinking if alittle tlc doesnt revive that i just might tear i to a build myself. These trucks are often found for cheap with neglected 47res in them I think id go one step lower stall then i did on my tranny if i did it again. Chris did some machining on mine to fit more clutches. If i could just put a rebuild kit together and have it work id be happy