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    02, air dog 100 1/2 line to pump, bhaf, 4", 100 dfi sac injectors, gauges on and tons of miles
  1. Track Bar

    I want to get rid of scissor steering and factory track bar http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=PANKIT&Category_Code=panhardtrackbar
  2. Im in dire need of rear rotors. They are done. I think ive turned them 3 times. Drilled and slotted http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/premium-cross-drilled-&-slotted-brake-kit.php Standerd http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/premium-replacement-brake-kit.php I kinda like just drilled http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/cross-drilled-brake-kits.php I am now towing more than i have been but not every day but am pulling about 11k. . I cant decide. They do have just drilled ones to. I have got my brakes hot comming off the mtn with horses
  3. This will fix my tranny

    Ill be hazing my way up to mccall to pickup a welding trailer. If see a white dodge with rickidy trailer its probly me. Truck is still xoing awesome. Mpg numbers up since getting rid of the duals
  4. Im realy not sure it matters. With tres. I have to tie drag link into tie rod. With heims i can run drag link all the way to the knuckle. Either way you cut both ways are better than the stock scossor steering. I think ill try it on my jeep first. A better steering system will have less bump steet and transmit less to steering components and will not be fight the factory track bar. Either way i think doesnt matter i can build with 1ton tres or heims and dnd with steering set up 200% better than what dodge let out of theyre factory. Yes right now sge is sloppy. You gotta heard her down the rd
  5. Ive done tons of research seems what i find is 50 for street use. But likeveverything mileage may vary.. With these i can get better angles on the drag link and panhard bar wich creats a better steering and handing pickup. Auto manufacturers use rubberbushing joints every where they can to increase driver and passengers comfort. Heims do not have a forgiving absorbent characteristic like rubber
  6. Click the links https://flic.kr/p/X9uVyH
  7. 16x7 Dodge Ram Steel Chrome Wheels

    I might give you my center caps. I just tossed 17 alumin wheels on mine. Id like to go to 17x8 black soft 8s.
  8. Anyone done it. Im thinking i will. Get rid scissor steering that and its very sloppy May also upgrade panhard bar to match steering angles http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=78STEER&Category_Code=STEERINGKIT http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=PANKIT&Category_Code=panhardtrackbar I know some dont recomend heims for street, but some say they stay tight for forever, some say heims transmit more to steering wheel. Just thinking out loud
  9. I used tow enough weight to justify 6 tires but dont haul much any more
  10. Thanks muddy. The pickup drives so much nicer than when it had wide hips night and day. Also had two randomn people asky if i put the 3500 emblem on it i said no its a 1 ton i converted to single wheel . Lol. Bed does sit abought a half inch high for some reason. Will need to figure that out or live with it Guy at work said i need to swap axles now. I had him site down body line hes like hmmm i didnt think you could do that . I then told him i wanted to kedp dana 80 and might put spacers on front if if rear beaing wider gets to bugging me.
  11. Its like a hole new rig https://flic.kr/p/Y7recH It is dana 80 dualy rear its very hard to tell that its wider https://flic.kr/p/WSVtXt
  12. This will fix my tranny

    Did the first service. Adjusted bands . They didn't need it. Did filter and fluid running the 727 filter that I think the parts book says is for 97 and older 47re Bumped the pressure a little but haven't yet checked it. It was 150 hoping it's in 160-165 area now. She's getting very good smoky fuel mileage even around town driving. I updated my programmer and updated the time in truck. Bought all I noticed I think is more smoke I have trans temp gauge I've been dragging my feet on. I want it on before I do much towing
  13. Let's see your exhaust

    On my truck with 100h injectors going from in from of the tire to rear bumper gained quite a few egt numbers. 3" minus cat is a great exhaust I to ran like that for probly 100000 miles. It wasn't unroll I bought a welder that I decided to go 4". Wish I had a temp gauge the n to see the difrince but then I had plugged up stock injectors
  14. Let's see your exhaust

    Sorry girlfriend distracted me. The aero turbine with resonator is a lot whiter then most 4" exhausts with straight mufflers and for sure no muffler. Mine sounds like no others I've heard and has no drone while towing. I've ran some cheap straight mufflers with packing and they tend to drone under a load at 1800 rpm so much so my ears bleed. I've ran no muffler to and it wakes the neighbors up when I leave to hunting at 4am lol
  15. Mines fabbed from a 4" pipe from 2004. I bought a mbrp down pipe a built the rest from there. Muffler is areturbine with resonator way