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  1. Evan

    Let's see your exhaust

    Thanks millco I just lucked into this pipe. I've priced bends through truck shops like the bar in boise and anything with kenworth stamp is spendy, like 130bucks for single not chrome 90 bend. And after doing the project I would do it again and I'll probly change up how it exits. But holy man for about 350 those turbo back kits are cheap. Even if you bought a kit and cut it up and changed it to suit your needs. I ran from boise to mtn home yesterday right at 20k egts were at 1300 even before really starting into eisman canyon I knocked it out of over drive and took a spot with the big trucks going 55-60mph all the way to rest area egts were manageable but still toasty. I also noticed I am still defueiling boost bouncing just barely over 20psi. I wonder if I plug in a boost fooler if it sees lower egts or fuel that much more to and be the same.
  2. Evan

    Let's see your exhaust

    Thanks muddy. I think turbo might spoil alittle faster it cleans out the black smoke faster or it might just not seem to smoke as much as 4" pipe. It is after some drive time still on the loud side. I may toss a fte resonator in it. Its also blackening my fender I didnt think it would
  3. Evan

    Let's see your exhaust

    Got it done. Drove around the block came right back and cut the aero turbine in. I made it a 4"in 5" out muffler. Has a much better quieter sound than the straight pipe Didnt quite exit how I wanted.. kinda cool seeing all old exhaust of Peter bolt put to use. I'll get that hanger off the receiver frame. I just threw it there to get it hanging on its own
  4. Evan

    Let's see your exhaust

    Pertebilt exhaust cleaned up ok the 45s are cut out of the y pipe 90s I'll probly end up cutting 45s out of the other 90s most everything can be done with 45s Gona hold this high and tight as possible I've been towing around meridian I've been having a hard time getting baseline egt numbers in city traffic The stick of 5" will be here tomorrow, not sure I'll find time to tear into it till the weekend I'll have to clearance the receiver hitch alittle to make this happen this is how my 4" is but its dumped down With a slash cut 90. With it dumped on ground the black smoke washes out quicker. This will be washing out on cars as I leave a stop light loaded, takes her alittle bit to clear out and spool Well see what happens
  5. Evan

    Let's see your exhaust

    Moparman Is that donaldson muffler? Im going to find a use for this exhaust off a 379pete. Im bored with my rusty 4" im thinking Donaldson off road muffler. Or the cheap 30" muffler on ebay for 67. I picked up the 4-5 adapter at kenworth yesterday itp go in downpipe somewhere not sure yet. I hate to say it but the chrome parts might even end up at the tail end.. Ive been wanting to change up my exhaust for awhile now just couldnt see spending money on something that wont make gains. This is very close to free so its now time That os just surface rust. Itl clean up nice woth scrotch brite. I do have 5ft of straight en route from Ebay it was 50 bucks cheaper than a muffler. Ill get the exhaust on and go from there. Plan to get some baseline egt numbers before pulling 4" off
  6. Evan

    Is this to much play in the turbo?

    Can the hy35 be used along with a hx40. Im assuming a hx is whats needed. Whats wrong with running a hx40, reading some forumns they say its lag pig. Also reading some say hx3540 is good upgrade while otheres report only minimal drop in egts. Hard to tell whats what reading forumns. My main thing is to reduce egts im not concerned with making more power
  7. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I do like those boots. If i do end up fabbing a steering. Im not gona worry much about a steering stabalizer. Ill put my time into make sure angles are correct. If a stabalizer is needed i guess ill have to get ruffstuff cover and run the stabalizer of it. Lots of time doing this
  8. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I orderd hex tube adapters from ruff stuff with the heims. They got here yesterday. Instead of waiting 3 weeks i orderd non hex from somewhere else. Ive got a few thousand miles on the bar. Hasnt come loose yet. I did use a pipe wrench i dont paint stuff lol. Im thinking about doing heims on the sway bar ends now. Truck drives tons better with heim track bar. I also replaced link at the pitman arm. I did because i was fearfull it was about to fall apart. Im probly going to just toss the 08.5+ steering on it maybe moog(242) For right now its improved alot. I was suprised i can grab the bar and adjust axle center by hand. I cut a block to hold heim centerd on ball when i tightened nuts. Just about dont need to hold the bar then because the heim on the other end holds it.
  9. Evan

    Is this to much play in the turbo?

    280k Yeah ill run. I neef to upgrade the turbo at some point. Whats on 04 cummins. The ones that have the different band clamp downpipe.
  10. I did some research on acumulator spring and it seems that its a common failure. Seeing no reason to pull tranny at this point. Seems to perform like a solid tranny and is working daily now. Though if it was mine id do a few upgrades and up pressure to 120-150 As cheap as he got into the truck i told him it would be a good one to let me loose on a tranny build. If i didnt need my own truck everyday id be toying with dropping mine and doing a triple disc and billett imput aswell as the second gear lock up mod. Maybe t thatlbe winter time project
  11. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Axle is now tits centerd, I built the bar with lh rh thread rod ends. I can easily turn the bar by hand to center truck overaxle. Ive got it within a 1/32 ok maybe a 1/16, Ive got a few hundred miles on it now and it feels like a different truck tracking straight and true down the rd. I was worried i bit off more than i can chew so happy i did this they get like 438 for the adjustable track bar kits. I know have a beefy adjustable bar for both length and angle and what i feel is a better bracket than the bolt on brackets. I will say this was alot of project to pull of in my garage and stilk be driving the truck by noon the next day
  12. Evan

    Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    As usual it was much easier talking about doing the track bar. After 3 hours of mutalating the factory track bracket allmost setting the truck on fire. I was staeting ti regret my decision to go ahead and do. At 4am this morning things were looking up and my doubts were aickly fading. Today bracket is burned on boxed and im confident itl be plenty beefy, its 1/4" plate. The truckdrives so much tighter. Im 1/4" from having axle centerd. Steering improved like 200% ride did some but its a 1 ton with 2k on its back. Ill do some more measuring and get it centerd better but for now im off to a wedding. I ran these up hill to make sure to get good penetration I almost didnt box it due to have to build the through coil support. Glad i did i think this adds a ton of beef to the mount. Ing Up next is steering
  13. Evan

    Head wind kinda day

    Screw it im running 75 normaly i run 70
  14. Evan

    What to do with exhaust

    That exhaust was fine driving around town towing grades with the horse trailer or long grades cruusing at 65 it droned like no other. I found myself constantly attemping to go slower or faster to get out of tge drone. The same muffler going all the way back produces no drown. Ive been looking into the donaldson offroad mufflers 4 and 5" its been awhile now since ive changed my exhaust. Im kinda debating looking at a turbo upgrade and fabbing a 5" off the turbo I dont know that the turbo off a manual is realy much uograde. I will admit a good clean single stack exiting flush to cab heigth does look pretty slick. A donaldson then 90 directly off it might kill the drone