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    I iz a mammy nun
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    I gotz a head like a potato and lipz like a duck.

    New approach Idaho event, April 23rd in Boise

    Meanwhile.. Da gover'ment be workin on a plot to shut down the festival and arrest the innocent motha****as that be partaking of the marijuwanna.

    people of walmart strike again

    Innapropriate relations? What da f**k be wrong wit dat nasty ass honky? Even in San Quentin I ain't never see nobody have sex with a raw chitlin.

    wed feb 18, dinner meet in nampa sizzler

    Don't let your meat loaf!

    wed feb 18, dinner meet in nampa sizzler

    Dat was a pretty good meetin, I'z must say. Da watermelon dey be servin at da salad bar was so good, it be makin yo tongue slap yo brainz out. As tempted as I was to try some of da mash potatoes dat dey waz also servin at da salad bar, I decided to pass on da mashed potatoes, since I wazn't sure what kind of $#!^ dey'z be puttin in dere.
  5. Woah dere pig meat, eazy on dem mash potatoez.

  6. Be careful of da mash potaters dey be servin at da salad bar. You dont know what kind of shit deyz be puttin in dere!