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    Noob olde phart with a 6.0

    Thanks guys... I'm having to revisit mods that were done in the past. I really like my PS and I am pretty sure that my lack of knowledge about diesels have led me to make a few mods that I wish I could take back! I plan on making the November meeting so I can start to pick a few brains.
  2. I stumbled across this site when searching for injector info... I've got a '04 F250 PS CCSB that I've owned since '07. For the past couple of years the truck was pretty much parked because the cheap bastard in me didn't want to pay the ridiculous diesel prices... Of course my other vehicles are such fuel efficient drives... My '01 M5 gets all of 13 MPG if I keep my foot out of it! I had to get the 6.0 emission tested and realized that it's still a hoot to drive, but I barely passed the stupid opacity test. So I've been going through the truck and have been replacing fluids, tires and a major cleaning. I will be picking brains here about injectors. I have 190cc injectors with a tune and it runs too hot with the camper... But that's for another thread.