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  1. Back story: I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Getting this truck was kinda like an act of fate, I had tried to purchase the truck a few years earlier from a local car lot, when I showed up after work to talk to the so called salesman about it he had skipped out on our appointment and went home early. I tried for several days to get a hold of him with no avail so I got irritated and gave up on the whole idea. Six months ago "give or take a few" my roommate bought the truck from a local towing company and had it dropped off here at the house, I was shocked that it was the same truck. After a couple weeks he lost interest in the truck due to mechanical problems with the old worn out 6.2 and without hesitation I offered him what he paid for it on the spot and he took it. He knew he was in over his head and how bad I wanted it. I finally owned the old girl after almost three years. I tore into the old 6.2 and cleaned up the hacked up mess that was the wiring harness, replaced the batteries and did a little tune up to the 6.2. Shortly after getting it running descent again she started smoking a heavy gray out the passenger side, I was told this was because of a bad head gasket. I thought no biggie I caught it early, I'll just change it out. Then a couple weeks go by and I decide to take it around the block to see a friend, I come back to the house to find a trail of oil in the direction I left. I decided a full rebuild was in store. I figured if I was going to rebuild this turd motor it was going to be the most powerful turd that it could be. I started working on getting a turbo for it, I called a friend at a pick and pull yard and was asking about turbo's when he said "there's some dodge here with a turbo on it" I told him sight unseen I'll buy it! when I showed up to pull it I found it to be and 99 24v 53 block Cummins without any physical problems, and almost everything was still in the truck except for the radiator and the intercooler. The only thing that I've found wrong so far is a chewed up spot in the wiring harness up behind the injection pump. The project got put on hold due to the start of snowmobiling season and a trailer I was building for my Dad. Well the trailers done and I have a new to me sled that actually runs when I need it to so its time to dive back into this project and build myself a new beast. The parts list: What I have, what's in the works and hopes and dreams. Have: 99 24v Dodge NV4500 Round pattern NP205- in truck now Dana 60, 4:11- in truck now In The Works: injectors head studs 22.5 Alcoa's with 40'' rubber. 10 lug adapters for the front Rear 10 lug axle out of medium duty truck with spliter and hydraulic brakes Hopes and Dreams: P-Pump bigger injectors HX-40 turbo or maybe small twin setup using stock turbo? This is going to be a long drawn out build due to the budget and the fact I'll be doing all the work myself in my driveway
  2. Scrap Yard Dog

    Chevummins in Boise.

    I apologize for the long absence from the thread I started. The build got put on hold because of life and the start of snowmobiling season but I'm back and the project is back on. Thanks for all the welcomes to the site and here's a couple teaser pics for Mopar1973man, the day we brought the truck home and the day a friend and I pulled the 24v out.
  3. Scrap Yard Dog

    Chevummins in Boise.

    Hello to everyone, my names Dustin. I come seeking all the knowledge I can get. I'm not new to the truck building scene but I know very little about diesels and I need all the help I can get with my new project. I had a stroke of luck and bought a truck that I've always wanted and then stumbled onto the deal of the century on a awesome motor to swap into it. I'll start a build thread here shortly. I'm an axle and suspension guy, so I'll do my best to return the favor in my area of expertise to fellow members.