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    338-06 ackley improved

    I might be able to sweet talk someone into running the data for you. Quickload us pretty exhaustive and has tons of data. I'm thinking the AI version is in there, but not 100% sure. If you want to risk going through a bit of a hassle, there is info needed though... not necessary but does offer better data back to you... barrel length, bullet to be used (grain wt and type... it does get maker specific but we could just say partition or interbond just to make the program happy), powder chosen (I think RL15 would be an excellent choice here), and if possible, water capacity of a fired case (not sure of your experience level so forgive me if I'm telling what you already know... take a case fired in the gun and before you size it, weigh it. Then fill it with water and weigh it again. Subtract the difference and calculate volume based on water weight). Quick load will do the rest. I have gotten data w/o the case capacity, but that figure does help. Let me know. I can usually get someone to run it for me and have info back in a day or two. But again if the AI isn't in there you'll have gone through the hassle for nothing.
  2. meatmachineman

    Powerchoke owning gun nut here

    Thanks for the welcome, guys... got it squared away yesterday though. A buddy gave me a hand with the pig. I've got to say, I'm in a love-hate relationship with my truck (a 6.0L 04 F250 Harley Davidson Ed). I got my first diesel p/u in 97. It was an old 81 or 82 Chevy crew cab with no HP 6.2L with a 3 speed & granny low. It didn't have tons of power but seemed to get about 20-21mpg no matter what it was doing. It died at about 325k with a cracked piston. My second was a 96 12v Cummins with an automatic I picked up in 03. That truck flat out impressed me... mainly because I was comparing it to that old 6.2L. The Cummins, even with an automatic, gave me about 20mpg. The only reason I sold that truck (in 07) was because the kids were getting to big to fit in the extended cab. We did a couple SUVs for a while but I had that itch so I started looking for another truck in 2011. That's when I found my current truck. It is by far my favorite to drive. It is also the one I hate the most. My FIL had a similar year (still had the 6.0) King Ranch dually that he says got him 16mpg... and he has a lead foot. I was figuring I might get at least 17-18.... If nothing else, just based on driving habits. WRONG!!! In similar driving conditions, I was getting about 14.5. I had forgotten how well I got along with that old 12valve Cummins. I think I need one of those Fords with a Cummins attached to an Allison... then all would be right with the world.
  3. meatmachineman

    .22 lr. why cant i find?

    Gunbot.net is what I think you meant... and it is good BUT.... I noticed most of the ammo I was finding on gunbot at prices I was willing to pay was from Cabelas. So anymore, I just keep Cabelas site up on my phone and check it when I remember. I'm usually disappointed, but every so often... There's plenty of ammo to be had, it just takes some effort and patience to find it. It will be nice when the stuff is collecting dust on the shelves and I can be picky once again about what I feed my 22s!
  4. meatmachineman

    338-06 ackley improved

    I don't know if you've found the data you need yet, but if you know someone with Quickload, they might be able to get you set up. I should get the stinkin program but I need it so infrequently, I haven't ponied up the dough.
  5. meatmachineman

    Powerchoke owning gun nut here

    I came across the forum while searching out a local shop to work on my 04 6.0L. When this forum came up on my search I saw several gun and hunting topics. Figured this forum can't be all bad! That said I'll do some poking around the forum, but I need to get my truck towed somewhere in the treasure valley today or tomorrow.