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  1. 1nasty7point3

    DiabloSport Trinity t-1000 for sale

    Received in trade and need injectors for my 7.3 asap. If interested PM me or call/text Ryan at 208-989-2996. Weould trade for AutoEnginuity Computer with ford module for power stroke and $100 cash or sell for $450. Not one cheaper not even ebay. Check out their website for compatibility. Works with many different vehicles and runs codes on any obdII/1996 or newer vehicle.
  2. 1nasty7point3

    99 7.3 runs like sh!t please help

    yea those harnesses are toast and so are the wires under the cover. I'm picking a set up today both gaskets both sets of wires and a set of motorcraft glow plugs for $100 from someone. I will be at sizzlers tonight for the meeting hope to meet you guys there!! Looking forward to dinner and getting my rig back on the road. I really do appreciate all the help you guys have been I've gotten more here than the shop I went to. Thanks ITD.com
  3. 1nasty7point3

    99 7.3 runs like sh!t please help

    I have replaced the CPS with a good one from kendall ford. Checked the harnesses had to replace IPR harness as it was burned up. Got that from International here in Boise btw. $20 wasn't too bad. My number is 208-989-2996 feel free to shoot me a text any time or call after 5 m-f. I wouldn't mind buying a 12 rack of some good beer to come help or just give an honest opinion.
  4. 1nasty7point3

    99 7.3 runs like sh!t please help

    so I got the truck running, and driving. both my harnesses going to my uvch are missing the locking tabs. I taped them in for now and went on a drive. it ran good until i pulled in the neighborhood. now it will idle and about every 7-10 seconds the idle will surge up to like 800-850ish then back down and harnesses are both in all the way still. I am ordering new harnesses to go in. Also when i first takeoff its not reallly sluggish just slow excelleration for about 3-5 seconds then the throttle kicks in. Could this part be a bad TPS? what are the typical symptoms? sometimes no matter what I do with the pedal rpm's dont move ive unplugged the TPS and plugged it back in and throttle works great for a few. just asking.
  5. 1nasty7point3

    99 7.3 runs like sh!t please help

    Ive had 2 diagnostics done at the same shop. Both mis diagnosed. Im to the sum of about $2000 in parts. I bought the truck in April from Victory Auto Sales. They told me it had a new High pressure oil pump, fuel injectors and glow plugs. when first starting up it started fine but smoked a little for a minute or two and knowing nothing about diesels at the time, I was told that it was normal for the 7.3 to do that when it first starts up. So we test drove it got back and the smoke was gone. Signed the papers gave them money, started right back up and drove home. Smoked like that for about a week and a half when it would start hesitating at a little over 2000 rpm's. and a little hiccup every 50 miles or so. It eventually got to the point where it would crank forever then run like crap. I then had it towed to the shop for a diagnostic. I paid $90 to find out my ICP sensor and IPR valve needed replaced. I got the parts from them and went to replace them when I found out that they were both brand new. I replaced them anyways, and my truck still ran the exact same, when i noticed I wasn't getting the oil pressure when starting and my hpop was low. I went and bought a melling m208 lpop and installed that. my truck started right up i went on a 30 minute drive, drove fine. parked it started right up the next morning so i drove to work. smoked a little and hesitated, pulled over turned it of, started it right back up drove the rest of the way no problems. Got off work started right up, pulled out onto the road and it quit running. once again had it towed back to the shop for yet ANOTHER diagnostic, and was told injectors buzzed and they were good, but my IDM was bad. I bought one from a buddy out of his running truck, and threw it in there. started up but ran like crap. I checked the UVCH and injector harnesses. at first when that was done it would not start. The next day it started and it sounds like its running on 4 or less injectors. It will not rev past 1500 and then it kicks from there to zero instantly. every now and then it revs to about 2200 then does the same. CEL comes on sometimes for a second then goes right away. Runs worse that it did before i checked the UVCH. Im running into brick walls face first with this truck. Does anyone here know a good 7.3 mechanic thats accurate with the diagnostic, or is there anyone here that may want to come look and help? I have no problem paying someone for an accurate diagnostic I really need help. PM me for my phone number. Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. 1nasty7point3

    Anyone Going to Jalopy Pick-A-Part in Nampa?

    What mustang parts are you after? I have a bit of parts laying around. I also have a 99 7.3 i desperately need help with guys. I'm about $2000 in just parts due to more than one mis diagnostic from the same shop. Im scared to even take it to ford and be in the same situation. any advice? know anyone with a good computer that could scan it for me? Im in boise and would supply a sandwich or some cold beer if you guys could shot some help my direction. Im broke till tuesday but am a man of my word and will make thing right if I can get some REAL help unlike what the repair shop did to me. Im running face first into a brick wall over and over:wall: and don't know what to do other that burn my truck to the ground. Ive replaced the ipr, icp, idm, lpop, hpop, cps, fpr, found a couple frayed wires, fixed them, and replaced the ipr harness cause it was burnt. Im stuck and don't know what to do. My number is 208-989-2996. I get text as well. If you could get a hold of me I would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get. Thanks Ryan Morris