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  1. JoshH


    If it is a turbo back exhaust, the cat should be gone already.
  2. JoshH

    New Pics of dmax

    Looks sharp! I agree, black out the bumper, but pull the chrome side molding off!
  3. JoshH

    diesel in a 56 chevy

    I wouldn't do it, but that's just my opinion.
  4. I thought I felt the earth's rotation slow down a little bit today...
  5. How many trucks dynoed? What were the high numbers and by who?
  6. JoshH

    tow/haul button broken.

    It is pretty common for the wires to break where they come out of the shifter (where they flex all the time). I'll look around and see what I can find. Ok, here's what I'm finding. Take the covers off the steering column and follow the wires out of the shifter. They tend to break under the clip where the wires are clipped to the column. You can solder and heat shrink the wires to fix it. Otherwise you have to buy a whole new shifter handle. Good luck with it.
  7. JoshH

    68 chev crewcab

    That black truck looks way sweet. I honestly didn't even know that body style was ever made in a crew cab. That's pretty cool.
  8. JoshH

    looked at a newer truck

    Good looking truck. Is it blue? Looks like my truck, except for the lift and painted flares.
  9. JoshH


    Off the top of my head, 735 and 101 are 5th gear slip and MAF codes respectively. I'll have to check on the 708 and 234.
  10. JoshH


    What was the other trans code?
  11. JoshH

    ABS/Brake light on

    Cool, thanks for the help, Dan. I think I understand what you're saying about how to pull the codes. Next time I see him I'll ask about the ABS recall and see if I can pull the codes.
  12. JoshH

    ABS/Brake light on

    A friend of my dad's has an 06 Mega Cab. A while back the ABS and Brake light came on and has yet to go off. Is there any way to find out what's wrong without paying the dealer a diag. fee?
  13. JoshH

    John Deere Head cover pic...

    Oh, you did a good job on it; looks good. Don't think I said that yet.
  14. JoshH

    John Deere Head cover pic...

    Hell, I had to run a Case tractor a couple days ago. I've never been more happy to get off a tractor in my life! The only thing worse was the POS New Holland I had to run a couple of hours later. I'll take a JD, thank you.