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  1. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1... well the tractor is down for a day.....well i might as well work on little diesel truck!!!(john deere tractors are like Spanish onions painted green...the more layers you peel off of it & find out how much its costs to repair it ...... the more it will make you cry!!! ) 2.. the 4d56t oil filter assembly has a real weird thread, so i was wondering if anyone knows what type fitting this takes or even know what one would call this fitting!!!(i didn`t get these hoses or fittings when i bought this 4d56t engine) 3..the oil cooler line from 4d55t male end hose that supposed to go into the fitting!!!(looks like a standard power steering hose end to me) 4..this is a fitting off the d-50 ... the fitting i want to know what is it called so i can order 2 of them...(with the correct thread) boy... i never knew about this,that the thread is different from the d-50 4d55t oil filter assembly to a 4d56t oil filter assembly!!! 5...another pic of the d-50 4d55t fitting.... ! 6...can`t find a fitting no place that will fit the 4d56t oil filter assembly on 1/4 ton row...so i installed all of the d-50 4d55t oil filter assembly to the 4d56t block!!all because of a darn unknown male thread fitting!!! i robbed this d-50 4d55t oil filter assembly off this 2x4 truck( http://idahoturbodiesels.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=6771&d=1423627596) & I want to rebuild its engine so i will need this fitting someday!!
  2. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    I will have to take a time out on this build until i get my crop in!!! My spring work is here!! (weeds are starting to grow) I will finish this thing after seeding & haying!!!
  3. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..and bingo... it looks like this thing might work!!! 2...drill just wee tiny bit more with the reaming bit to make darn sure the exhaust down tube will be centred... 3..and it fits nice & it is a start of my exhaust down tube!!!
  4. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..need an exhaust down tube pipe clamp !! it has metric bolts & nobody in the country has one in stock!!! 2.. so i guess i will have to make the clamp fit from the old d50!!! the bolt spacing in pic 1 is wider then the d50`s clamp.. i have it marked in black marker some what ... & somewhat close to where the new bigger holes should go!!! I have always been taught that in order to move new holes in steel... that one should fill up the hole (weld it) & redrill it...!! but geez... one will have to be bang on for size & spacing of the new holes!!! if one is just out a little bit in redrilling these new bigger holes ...this joint at the turbo exhaust elbow will leak black soot in the engine bay!! so here is my attempt to make a an exhaust down tube clamp!!! 3.. take a small little drill bit & drill around the edge of the black marker line around the hole!! 4..take a small sharp chisel & try to knock out chunks of metal!! 5..get all the metal you can get out of it using needle nose pliers ..!! 6...walk over to the drill press & put in a reaming bit!!
  5. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..the swap of the motor mounts from the G54B gas engine to the 4d56t or 4d55t diesel is really no big deal.... except one small snag!!!... ok lets start ....one will have to thread out the motor mount nut in order to get at the bolt that holds the mount to the block on the 4d56t or 4d55t diesel !!! 2.. a quick comparison of motor mounts....on the left is the 4d56t ....on the right is the G54B gas engine motor mounts already bolted on the diesel block!! 3..the snag!!! on both 4d56t and 4d55t this darn bolt is in the way for mounting the G54B gas engine`s motor mounts to the diesel and it is on the passenger side !! 4.. take a grinder & make a notch for this to clear!!!(also it makes it a lot easier to work on this with the turbo off) 5.. swap done ...... pic of passenger side!!! 6...pic of drivers side!!! pretty easy to do!!! just a little more info on these engines (head removal & timing belt) http://www.delica.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16587&start=15#p125856
  6. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..the gauge has gone around once and has stopped at 10...so this injection pump is set at 1.10 mm lift a 5 degrees past top dead centre!! 2..i wrote out this info on the inside of the timing belt cover with masking tape...and on the outside of the timing belt cover i wrote the approx. mileage of when i want the the timing belt to be changed!! 3..all back together...i have seen enough evidence that this engine was looked after pretty good... i`am not going to pull the tappet covers off to check the clearence of the valves..this would have been done recently with the new timing belt and water pump!! ( I was told this when i bought this engine...but sometimes you better check ...this 4d56t engine was in a 1993 delica & was a write off after it suffered a rear end collision,this could explain the grime around the rear engine seal {the automatic transmission took a really good hit from behind})
  7. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1.. i have some 12v glow plugs on hand to change out the one that is fair...! putting the new one in number 1 cylinder!! 2.. old glow plug compared to the new one!! 3..going to check injection pump timing! its 12mm bolt & be very careful that one does not drop the little brass washer that is behind the darn bolt!! 4.. with the glow plugs still out... turn engine counter clockwise with the gauge screwed in to the back of the pump..turn to about a 1/4 to 1/3 from tdc until you hit a spot where the gauge no longer moves at all (dead spot)!! 5..now one can zero out the gauge at the back of the injection pump! 6..Now turn engine clockwise ever so so so slowly & watching your gauge come up, keep turning engine clockwise to 5 degrees past top dead centre..(if look real close i did not really hit exactly 5 degrees past top dead centre.... but its close enough for what i want to know)
  8. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..one can still read the timing belt`s part number (the belt manufacturer is mitsubishi) 2..going to tighten this belt just a little.. loosen these 2 bolts just a hair!! 3.pry belt over to tighten and then lock in place by tightening the bolt..!! www.mitsubishi-motors.kiev.ua/Manuals/Engine/pwee9067/11B.pdf 4..belt at normal tension!! 5.. the belt deflection should be 1/4 to 3/8..! the link above has all that info!! 6..i took out all 4 glow plugs for inspection.. 3 are pretty good and the one by my thumb is fair (i will replace this one while the engine is out)
  9. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..taking fan off engine a real knuckle buster 10 mm bolts!!! 2.. a recently replaced water pump (still nice & shiny & no grime on it at all ).. service shops will replace a water pump with timing belts as a all one package!!! 3..timing belt in really good shape!! 4.. put the whole engine in time & see how much stretch is in timing belt starting with the crank! 5..injection pump is right on the money!! 6..and so is the cam... nope not going to change this timing belt for at least another 20 thousand miles..!!
  10. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..vacuum hole trimmed,wash & clean then clean & wash oil pan....... repeat... repeat... repeat!!! (this oil pan came off the gasoline engine with the hole in the block....bits & pieces of metal every where .. even had to use battery post cleaner to get grime & rust & pieces of metal out of dipstick tube!!! 2..where the oil pan was heated up & pounded out rust coming... i will have to paint this!! 3..the vacuum nipple coming out out of oil pan...it works really good with the alternator!! (grey is the only paint i had on hand to paint oil pan) 4..all done!!
  11. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..it fits really tight!!! but it is great for brazing this in!!! had to use a wooden block for a cushion & then use a hammer to hit wooden block to pound this in!!! 2.. it fits perfect!!! after i`am done brazing, i will trim the excess off from inside the oil pan!!! 3..yep... you guessed it!!!........ the vacuum fitting or the vacuum nipple or what ever you want to call it .......is the end of the mits gas b2600 automatic transmission pipe where the dipstick goes in!!! 4.. just cut off about 4 inches of the end of the automatic transmission pipe & this sucker (again pardon the pun) works!! 5.. My 4D55t ranger that needs some work done it!!! 6..the 4D55t ford rangers have independent belt driven vacuum pump so one does not have to fight with this hole in the oil pan thing!!! but if some one out there has a electric 12v vacuum pump can you please leave me some info on how good they are!!! when these mechanical vacuum pumps wear out i would like to know what is a good make of 12v electric one!! (using silicone and the automatic transmission pipe`s dipstick end would make a great plug when one wants to move over to a electric vacuum on the mazda b2600 diesel converted truck)
  12. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1.. went to town and bought a nice new 3/4 inch threaded nipple....But never took along the original 4d56t oil pan along!(duh!!!) So what could possibly go wrong with a brand new nipple??? ..... ...........................................well its to long!!! 2.. there is only so much room that the alternator will hinge...either it will hit the alternator hose nipple or it will kink the hose!!!! 3... well then i will cut it off just before the big nut & braze it in this 1/2 hole... geez i never checked the fitting that i bought at NAPA that close ..... the darn thing is aluminium (it will melt like a beer can under the torch and also over time aluminium mounted in steel is not good..!!!) !!!! phoned back up there and no one in town or with in 100 miles has a short steel threaded barbed nipple in stock!!! 4..so now the oil pan is drilled to a 5/8 hole .. i guess i got darn lucky doing the wife`s truck... i found an old fitting for her truck in the shop at home (it was steel) and was the right length & was not this big of a headache!!! 5..time for a treasure hunt at 1/4 ton row!!! (oh joy!!!) but i did find a treasure & this will work!!! you might be surprised as to what this nipple came off of!!!
  13. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..oil pan off & looking at the original oil pick up tube for a 4d56t!! http://idahoturbodiesels.com/vb/showthread.php?p=123467#post123467 2..oil pick up tube made this winter ..... it works!!! 3... need to drill a hole & put a 3/4 inch nipple coming out of oil pan for the vacuum pump to work coming off the alternator! 4..got it marked .... have to run for parts tomorrow...i don`t have the darn 3/4 nipple any where in the shop for this!! Will have a fight with the wife tonight to see if i can get a hold of the grey truck to go to town!! 5..comparison of 2 pickup tubes!!! yep!!! slowly getting this engine ready for a install in the truck !!!
  14. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1.. well spring is in the air & its warm enough for glue and or rtv to set up & glue on gaskets ... so its time to put the little 4d56t up on the engine stand!! 2..remove the automatic transmission flywheel ..(pay no mind to the snow out side of the shop door!!!) 3..inspect rear engine seal (it looks alright... all grime seems to be in circular pattern ....hmmmm... the grime i`am seeing is either from blow by from the tappet cover or from oil spillage (or kinda looks like auto trans fluid leaking from tranny & kinda smells like auto transmission fluid)... maybe its time to check the tappets & change timing belt when this job is done!! 4..taking out 10mm oil pan bolts!! 5... i thought i would throw this in... cause if you have a 4d55t... mitsubishi all way`s marks there diesel blocks on drivers side above the starter!!
  15. 1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

    1..my daddy was a 6 shooter & i`ll be a son of gun .... I finally got all the bolts rounded up for the turbo exhaust elbow... turbo exhaust elbow gasket installed... ready to try this thing out!!! 2.. the idea of this type of turbo is that a water cooled turbo should have a longer life span (the bearing runs cooler)... but to make a 3 inch downpipe come off here is going to be really tight!! 3..the basics of how this turbo is going to work!!! 4... going to take off the 1987 mazda 2x4 motor mounts & see if they will fit the 4d56t!! 5..instrument panel installed 6..fun & games with no comment cruise control....(i Still have no proof this damn thing will work) but now i will work towards installing electric rad fan...exhaust down tube..water cooled intercooler & finally engine install!!