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  1. Injector help

    151,000 miles on the truck
  2. Injector help

    Well there is no white smoke at the tail end however there is little bit of black smoke coming out at startup. After I Drive the truck for a little bit once it gets warmed up, I put it in park let it idle that's when the vibration starts.
  3. Injector help

    Hey fellas so looks like I am in need of some serious help here. I'm having a roughdr then usual vibration inside the cab when im ideling. And it's usually after the truck is all warmed up. I was told that it's a possibility that might be an injector problem. What do you guys think can I get some help on this one?
  4. Exhaust

    So guys i installed the 5inch turbo back exhaust no muffler and its way to loud what do you reccomend to town it down a bit?
  5. 2006 Mega Cab Cummins

    So Folks Got some new goodies on my truck. 1. Smarty Tunner 2. Volant Intake 3. CFM+ Manifold 4. 5 inch turbo back diamond eye exhaust. 5. Rough Country Stabilizers 6. Steering Box Stabilizer. 7. Leveling kit 8. XRF Ball Joint Kit.
  6. new smarty download

    I just received my Smarty JR I put in today.
  7. new smarty download

    I live in boise, but work in north Dakota so its a little hard for me to do things. I would love to try that smarty is there a demo maybe I can get from a shop? And im really concerned about how that will affect my tranny since I do only have a stock transmission with very minor upgrades to the engine. Any info on that aspect?
  8. Exhaust

    Hey Guys. I'm planning on getting a nice exhaust for my 06 5.9l cummins and i need some good advice here because im a little confused. I was thinking of a 5 inch down pipe with 4 inch straight pipe with a muffler and a 6 inch tip. Would that do the trick?
  9. new smarty download

    Hey guys im looking in to some tunners. I have a stock tranny so i doent plan on recking up horespower im more planining on gaining some mpg,s. Does any one have any good experiance with these tunners and which ones for some mpg gaines. Appriciate your feedback thanks.
  10. Tranny question

    I live in boise. So do you know about how much ultimate trans. Will charge for the trans go shift kit?
  11. Tranny question

    Thanks Dan. A question I found the deep pan. What I cant find is the filter spacer and the trans go shift kit. If you can provide me with some link that would be asome.
  12. Blown head gasket pics

    Sorry Kris, Not to sure what a valve lash is. Like I said im new to the cummins world:cool:
  13. Tranny question

    Hey Guys. wondering about a few things on the 2006 dodge ram 2500 5.9l tranny, at 136,000 miles just using it as a daily. What should I get for the tranny to prevent it from dyeing on me? I was told to upgrade the tranny cooler and oil pan, What's your guy's opinion? and expertise
  14. Blown head gasket pics

    Well guys I love the cfm+ paired with a Volant air intake and turbo silencer of man this thing sounds like a train I LOVE IT. I'm also new to the diesel trucks always wanted one though. So I decided to go with a mega cab. So if you use these commins as a daily when should I be expecting to change my head gaskets and bolts? I keep hearing with a 5.9l its about 200,000 miles don't know how true that statement is though. Any body have any ideas on that question?
  15. Blown head gasket pics

    Hey guys I need some help here, I have a 2006 5.9l cummins with 136,000 miles, around my engine I see some yellow not to sure what that meens I got some pictures, do I need my head gasket replaced? I doent see any oil leaking or any thing like that the engine is dry as thy come.