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  1. Secretary? I think I'm insulted! Lol. Last time I threatened to clean his office he tasked o our. Keeps claiming he will clean it......hmmmmmm.
  2. Thank you kindly dear! I had a great time and really enjoyed it all!
  3. Muddys_Viagra

    Fire season sucks

  4. How It Works Exhaust gases are reintroduced into the intake stream via a provision in the exhaust manifold that allows exhaust to flow into a fluid-to-air heat exchanger known as an EGR cooler. This cooler is responsible for lowering the temperature of the exhaust gases that pass through it (which can be anywhere from 400 to 1,400 degrees F). To dissipate this extreme heat, coolant flows through the EGR cooler. Once through the cooler, exhaust gases are routed to the EGR valve, which is commanded to open and close by the engine’s computer in order to effectively meter the amount of exhaust that is allowed to reenter the intake tract. The Problem Exhaust gas recirculation’s ill-effects begin with soot-laced exhaust flow mixing with oil vapor from the close crankcase ventilation system. This leads to carbon buildup forming at the point of origin, and carrying on all the way to the intake ports of the cylinder head(s). On top of that, the contaminants that make it in-cylinder and past the piston rings end up in the engine oil. So not only does EGR hamper performance by coating and then shrinking the size of the intake path, but it is also hard on engine oil, and even degrades the coolant that is used to cool off the exhaust gases passing through the EGR cooler. Read the link for more: http://www.drivingline.com/articles/egr-diesels-necessary-evil/
  5. Muddys_Viagra

    2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    Oops wrong one! Lo. @Mopar1973Man
  6. Muddys_Viagra

    2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    Hey @Mopar1973Man2. How Do I add pictures from the gallery in my tablet?
  7. Muddys_Viagra

    2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    The rally was great. Very moving and very inspirational. The castle doctrine needs to pass because the way it's written right now is just ridiculous. Going to put up some pictures from yesterday for everyone to enjoy.
  8. Muddys_Viagra

    Where the heck is every one?

    Doing chores. That's where!
  9. Muddys_Viagra

    Where the heck is every one?

    Fantastic thanks Mike!
  10. Muddys_Viagra

    2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    Only a little more than a week away. Details Date: February 25 Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Cost: Free Event Category: Rally Event Tags: Boise Idaho, constitutional carry, isaa Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1816996225201920/ Organizer Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Website: http://www.idahosaa.org/
  11. Muddys_Viagra

    2017 Idaho 2nd amendment rally

    Could happen. I'll remind you to remind you to remind me.......
  12. Just logged on on my tablet and this is SO MUCH EASIER TO NAVIGATE! Love the new look! You did an amazing job! About time Muddy let you do this!
  13. Muddys_Viagra

    September dinner meeting

    Tomorrow's the night, ! See you at the garage cafe in Notus!
  14. Muddys_Viagra

    September dinner meeting

    We will be having the September dinner meeting on the Wednesday the 16th at 6ish at the garage cafe in Notus. See all of you there!