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  1. new north idaho member

    Are there ever events planned for up here in northern Idaho?
  2. I've got an 89' Fummins that I want to twin turbo. Has anyone done this yet? I'd love to see pics of you have them.
  3. new north idaho member

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome! I'll get some pics of the conversion posted sometime this week when I bring in it the shop to do some work on it.
  4. new north idaho member

    They're 49"s. Now I've got to lift my horse trailer to make it fit on my truck. Lol
  5. new north idaho member

    I was told about this group from someone over at diesel bombers. I've got an ongoing Frankenstein project that has taken the form of an 88' F350 crewcab with a 5.9 Cummins. Looking forward to getting more input from other people that own these trucks.