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  1. Canafid

    What is this switch for?

    Tired of it?!? My kids are already giving me a bad time about driving around with it on (and the stereo off) because of the way it sounds. I half tempted to tow my trailer around for no reason! Are there cons to using engine braking? I've done some research and see that it opens a valve to relieve compression, and a vacuum pump runs, and a solenoid engages; am I using more fuel or wearing anything out?
  2. Canafid

    What is this switch for?

    It works!
  3. Canafid

    What is this switch for?

    You're right - I found a video from some salesmen demonstrating it @ 11:31. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5CcIusNEFA]video[/ame] Thanks!
  4. Canafid

    What is this switch for?

    How can I tell? (Diesel newbie)
  5. Canafid

    What is this switch for?

    I assumed it was something the first owner had installed, but then I saw a picture somewhere with the same switch, which got me thinking maybe it's stock. I've searched the owner's and factory service manuals, and don't see a reference to it. Build sheet indicates a "Trailer Tow Group" & "Camper Special Group" My best guess is it's for RV power, but haven't had time to check. It's located on the dash under the power outlet. Any ideas? I haven't done a sig yet - 2001 Ram 2500 5.9L Cummins HO NV5600
  6. Canafid

    New guy

    I'm glad to see this forum - Idaho get little representation in many things. I purchased a 2001 Ram 2500 last Thursday to better pull my heavy old trailer and give me another hobby to occupy my time (I also have a 69 CJ5 that needs some tlc). I'm the 2nd owner of the truck, which is the HO - NV5600 version. Has 112,753 miles on the clock. Appears to have been a trailer puller for snowbirds. Exterior has nothing more than small door ding size dents, and the interior looks new, except for the cracked dash and bezel, of course. Bed is rhino-lined and has the 5th wheel mounting holes left behind. I also have a 97 Ram 1500 with the 5.2 gasser with 220k. I thought I liked that truck, but it feels like a wannabe now! My 14 yo daughter wants it for her first when she starts driving in a couple of years, so I guess it'll be around for a while. Look forward to learning about my new truck and meeting new people here. Thanks