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    Holset HY35 on ATS uppipe and pedestal

    I know the NA engines like more rpm, and justins 110cc pumps keep pushing past 4k, but idk how a maxed out stocker does. I have a hunch it pulls hardest around 3k, but doesnt fall off past there, shifting at 4k id say i picked up a little.
  2. hairyboxnoogle

    Holset HY35 on ATS uppipe and pedestal

    I just noticed in your sig, 4500 rpm spring. Was that in when you dynod? Im curious what the powerband looks like 3k+. I just shimmed my gov. up, will do about 4300 now, seems to pull about the same, doesnt gain/lose anything past 3k
  3. Have fun guys, wednesdays are pretty tough for me to get off for anything, so unfortunately i will not be there.
  4. hairyboxnoogle

    Little dead in here...

    I was just reading through a few of the threads when i noticed the dates... So i was just checking to see if there is anyone around in here anymore.
  5. hairyboxnoogle

    Holset HY35 on ATS uppipe and pedestal

    Have you checked your drive pressure? What about EGTs under load? I had an HX35 on my 79 and after some tuning and not getting what i wanted out of it i broke down and did research. From what i found basically the hx35 is too small for the 7.3. The hotside is a slight upgrade over the ATS / garrett turbo, but the compressor doesnt flow enough. I imagine the 9cm housing on the hy is a bit restrictive.
  6. hairyboxnoogle

    New guy

    Just droppin in to say hi, found this in a link on the facebook IDI page. So here goes: Name is Mike, from Nampa, live outside of Jordan Valley. I have two IDIs, a 79 and a 92. Going to be cool to hang with the local guys.