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  1. time for another, eh mike?

  2. mikefrombirdsofprey

    BOP website

    I will check into that. What are you looking for?
  3. I will be leaving here around 3 I have some appts
  4. I need a head count please?
  5. Just needing to know what everyone is wanting meat wise for food? Another thing is what machines am I needing to bring?
  6. mikefrombirdsofprey

    utv and quad demo day

    That's this coming weekend in sand hollow
  7. mikefrombirdsofprey

    utv and quad demo day

    They are gonna be out there where we were last weekend I myself wont be there but contact me for times on Friday.
  8. mikefrombirdsofprey

    utv and quad demo day

    First weekend in june! any suggestions? Birds of Prey will provide the food that night meat wise. Lets do an overnighter! I need requests on what you want me to bring? Muddy yes I will bring a Maverick!
  9. Kris ....not a problem! Im thinking the next one be a camp out style?

  10. Thanks for the demo rides Mike!


  11. hi mike! glad that you are involved with Idaho turbo diesels.

    thank you for demonstrating all the machine at the demo days.

    we all look fwd to upcoming events.