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  1. NYCEGUY01

    Wanted--Clean 2nd gen Dodge

  2. NYCEGUY01

    Wanted--Clean 2nd gen Dodge

    Gonna be looking for a clean Standard cab truck. Manual trans only. 4x4 only. 2500 or Dually is fine. 12 or 24 valve is fine. Must be a nice truck. Gonna get painted anyway so paint not a big deal but a clean straight body and interior is. Im wanting to build me a Standard cab short bed so the bed is not really important either.. Will pay a fair price in cash for the right truck... Heading to the dunes on Wed through Sun night so if I don't respond back right away you know why...
  3. NYCEGUY01

    285/75/16 BFG KM2's Set of 4 + a spare

  4. NYCEGUY01

    285/75/16 BFG KM2's Set of 4 + a spare

    They would look alot nicer mounted on someone elses truck than they do stacked up in my garage...lol I would meet half way for a good trade for you guys a little ways away.
  5. NYCEGUY01

    285/75/16 BFG KM2's Set of 4 + a spare

    link fixed. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=21699756&cat=599
  6. NYCEGUY01

    If Money Was No Object...

    Teryx. The clutch setup is awesome for slow stuff and the motor is all about low end grunt.
  7. NYCEGUY01

    If Money Was No Object...

    Theres a reason for that...lol If you want something just for fun you cant beat any of the RZR's. For sport/utility the Cowmander or a Ranger would be my pic. Ive owned both of those and now I have a RZR. I dont like the trailing arms on the XP's so I bought an 800. If you dont like the $20k price tag on the unlimited Im not sure what to say. Getting past $20k is easy with ANY of them. That Limited Can-AM comes with a TON of cool and useful stuff. I like the gearing on the X alot better though. The AWD system on the Polaris's is hands down better though. Ive heard the 2013 Can-Ams AWD has been fixed so the rears only need 1 revolution to engage the front now. Much better but still a little meh... Im in mine over $30k... Money well spent. Been Rockcrawling with the Jeeps one day and blasting through the dunes the next. Most money I have spent for just a toy but it was worth every penny IMO.... For reference only,,, This is what $30k looks like...lol
  8. NYCEGUY01

    water/meth installed

    My old 6.5 loved Propane. Awesome mileage. More power. Low EGT's. Just dont get greedy like I did...lol As shipped the orifice was around 1/8". When I broke 5 pistons the orifice was 3/8"... I had been running it that way for months. The 15k pound trailer and Malad pass finally killed it. On that trip I got 19 MPG towing from Ogden to Rexburg and it used 4.5-5 gallons of Propane. When it broke I was almost to the top running 65-67 mph with the trailer... I also had an Hx35 turbo, marine injectors, and a Heath computer.
  9. Basically new. 1000 miles on them. I towed with them once for 100 miles total. Load range E. I went back to the stock size for towing my 5th wheel. 4 KM2 285/75/16's + a 50% KM ( old style mud ) 255/85/16 which is same height but narrower. Looking to sell for $850 which is $400 less than Discount tire quoted me for the set of 4 out the door. Trades will also work. Nice 2nd gen 8' SRW bed with a 5th wheel hitch or GN. Would also need tailate, bumper, and lights. Would take a bed w/o a hitch as partial trade and Ill round up a hitch. If youve got one thats already Green Id even throw in my 8' flatbed as I will be removing it anyway. Upgraded turbo for a 12v ( HTT or II etc.. 62 or 64 ) Dana 80 rear with disc brakes and 3.54 gears. Prefer Dually axle but SRW would work. Aftermarket performance intercooler. Grey leather seats ( no tears etc ) Prefer a set of front and rear for my quadcab. Anyone have a parts truck and need tires ? Maybe other performance stuff ???? Let me know if interested. Theres a couple pics on my KSL ad. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=21668198&cat=599
  10. NYCEGUY01

    Wanted 4.10 Dually axles for my 98

    Found a set
  11. NYCEGUY01

    My new toy

    RZR's are way too much fun... Get ready to start bleeding $$ Once you start its hard to stop....
  12. Looking for a set of 4.10 geared dually axles for my 98 12v. Will also need wheels. Willing to trade my 3.54 geared SRW axles or my Miller TIG welder for them. My axles are in great shape with 126k miles on them. Dana 80 Rear and 60 front. Welder is a Diversion 165. Will come with a large argon tank, optional foot pedal, cart, and a bunch of steel and aluminum rod. Ready to plug in and start welding. Over $2k to but it all new, 2hrs use.
  13. NYCEGUY01

    Lock up switch question.

    Got the lockup switch ( mounted on the floor ) all wired up and it works perfectly. I wanted to install a small led on the dash so I knew whenever the switch was on. The light worked but something happened I didnt expect. The light comes on when I hit the switch perfect. Unfortunatly the light also comes on whenever the converter locks up when the switch is off..lol Any body have a diagram showing me what I need to do to make the light only light up with the switch ???
  14. NYCEGUY01

    What do you ride

    Havent posted much here lately... 2011 RZR K&T Turbo. HCR +6 Longtravel w/ Kings. UTVINC Cage. And a bunch of other crap I wasted a bunch of mobey on...lol And 1 more with its Dune shoes on...
  15. NYCEGUY01

    Need green 2nd gen bed

    It will fit any 8' truck but will bolt right on a 2nd gen Dodge.