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    engine overheating

    This is for my 2001 24V but it may have the same part numbers. I pulled my Rad out of the truck, replaced the thermostat to a 180 deg (part number 3967195) and flushed the block and heater core. I have to say that my temps were getting above 204 deg while pulling my 20' enclosed car hauler. I had a 190 deg t-stat in there. When I pulled it out, the rubber diaphragm had cratered and disintegrated; it was in my Rad when I back flushed it. The Rad was caked with crud on the front side. I even have my breather relocated to the trackbar. I will post pics of it just after I started to wash it down. I washed it with degreaser 4 times and also used an entire can of brake cleaner on it. I re-filled the cooling system with Fleetguard ES Compleat 50/50 premix (part number CC2825X). 4.5 Gallons is what it took. Pulling the rad was pretty easy. Un-clip the shroud, take the overflow tank off and the window fluid tank off, undo the 4 bolts (2 on each side), take the pos battery cable off the top of the rad, 2 bolts that hold the rad to the front clip, and take out. I recommend 2 people lifting it out.
  2. Marine

    Urgent Idaho Hunters

    In Alaska you can hunt 15 with one tag. Some areas are 25. You can buy it over the counter. It is the same for Non-residents too.
  3. Marine

    Teenage Drivers

    I may be wrong. I have a diploma. I thought it was a GED but maybe you do need proof you attended some high school? I don't know.
  4. Marine

    Teenage Drivers

    For the Marines, she will need a minimum of a G.E.D.
  5. Marine

    Teenage Drivers

    I'm glad she is ok. Bring her to the Marine Recruiting Office....
  6. Can't wait to see it.
  7. That is pretty sweet looking! Have any pics of it on a truck?
  8. Marine

    If Your Havin Steering Issues

    I brought mine in to Big O for an alignment and they told me they couldn't do it because my lower ball joints need to be replaced. I'll get that done this summer I guess... It would be nice to get the wander out, so hopefully the alignment will fix the issue, but I don't remember it fixing it the last time I had an alignment. I also put on a DT track bar, and I didn't notice a difference then either.
  9. Marine

    Protect the 2nd Amendment!

    Good to see!
  10. Marine

    Protect the 2nd Amendment!

    You definitely have that right!
  11. Marine

    Protect the 2nd Amendment!

    The decision made by the lower courts protecting the 2nd amendment rights of individuals in Washington DC will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Solicitor General ( The Gov Attorney) has urged the Supreme Court not to uphold the lower court's decision. In other words, not to uphold the 2nd Amendment. US Congressman Eric Cantor has a web site up so that a petition can be sent to the Solicitor General urging that the US Supreme Court uphold the lower court's decision. Please go to this site: http://www.savethesecond.com/thanks.asp and sign that petition.
  12. Marine

    My Wife's New Baby!!!

    Fine looking avatar! I mean car! Very nice!
  13. Marine

    What do you do?

    I have the Amsoil Bypass with AME 15w40 Amsoil and I am at 18,000 now. Will change oil and both filters this week. analysis was great at 11,000.