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    Official High Mileage Award

    My 300D has over 323,000 miles...I guess I need to order both the 250,000 and 500,000K awards!
  2. sevenbravo

    WVO and an 82 Mercedes Diesel

    You can call me as well. 208-559-1389 (Im out of the country until the 20th though) You are welcome to visit my house and see my filtration setup. I have been getting 3000-6000 miles per filter. But I get good, clean oil to start with. My system has been trouble free. We have just about passed the 10,000 miles mark on the Benz. Call me, then come check out both the Dodge and the Benz. Doug
  3. sevenbravo

    New guy living in Boise

    John, You tell me what to order and I will get it ordered!
  4. sevenbravo

    New guy living in Boise

    Hi everyone. My name is Doug Turner and I currently own and drive three diesels. Two of them 1985 Mercedes Benz turbo diesels and one 1997 Dodge Ram 12V. The Dodge and one Benz are converted to run on straight vegetable oil, which I get for free from the Baja Fresh restaurants in town. I am looking to do some mods to my Dodge. John Stokes (the other veggie burning guy from Burley) recommended I look up this site...so here I am. I hope to meet up with some of you this summer. So far this year I have had some nice road trips in my Dodge. I drove over 3000 miles before finally having to put fuel in the diesel tank.