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  1. rebar

    Do I have to admit Im not from Idaho?

    Thanks. I like the van format the most. But hate standing on my head in order to work on it. Im not sure why I bought the FSM.. Quickserve's manual looks better at first glance
  2. Seems like many of my google search's bring me to this forum, so I figured I'd better register even though I'm from Iowa.. People mix the two up all the time anyway.. right? Anyway.. I flew to Florida to buy a cummins ford van to tow my toyhauler to Colorado and back. I feel pretty stupid right now because I believed the owner, and the mechanic I hired to check it out before flying down. The cummins ran fine on the way home. But I later blew it up towing my 8K# toyhauler.. Allot of blowby and white startup smoke. So time for a rebuild! Cant be that hard, right.. Heck Iv rebuilt one [ame=http://www.amazon.com/How-Rebuild-Small-Block-Mopar-Engines/dp/0895861283]mopar 318[/ame].. But I'm starting to doubt myself after trying to read the factory service manual.. The FSM really doesn't go step by step how to rebuild my 1990 12v.. Its more piece meal.. Is there a section in the FSM I haven't seen? Or does Quickserve have step by step rebuild instructions? So, glad to be a registered member even though I'm in Iowa.. And hoping to learn more about diesels as I have no experience yet.