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  1. Code P0720 with weird problem

    If you do that it wont let the truck run right. I would rather be able to start the truck anytime in any gear and not have the problem.
  2. Code P0720 with weird problem

    Ok since I grounded out the neutral saftey wire my problem has went away. Only drawbacks if you want to call them that is you can start the truck without pushing in the clutch and I currently have no cruise. In the two years I've owned the truck only used cruise 4 times so that dont bother me. The computer thinks the truck is in park so it is not hunting for the speed sensor. Andy
  3. Code P0720 with weird problem

    I tried mine at 65MPH and it didnt work so I'm thinking that with the Nuetral safety grounded it is locking out cruise. What I want to do is try a switch in that wire and see if I can break the circuit to get cruise working again. I'm afraid it will default back to not fueling over 2000RPMS though but we will see later this week. Andy
  4. Code P0720 with weird problem

    OK I got mine fixed it looks like. I grounded out the neutral saftey wire instead of hooking it up to the switch on the clutch and fooled the computer into thinking that the truck is in neutal or Park keeping it from defueling at 2000RPMs on take off. I did however loose my cruise control that I only use once a year. I'm going to put a toggle switch in to see if I can make it work once I get up to speed and get going. If it works great if not well I'm only out a few bucks for a switch. Andy
  5. Code P0720 with weird problem

    Well I did some more digging and talked to Marco and he told me even with the ECM reprogramed I will still need a PCM for it. If that works for you let me know and let me know were you got your PCM from and a cost. Marco told me he can reprogram the ECM with a Smarty so since I want one it gives me a reason to buy one. Let me know how it turns out for you. You and me are the only two apparently that have had this problem. Andy
  6. 400-450 HP goal

    235's on a dually. My truck only put down 194 stock at the wheels, so even if it adds 120hp to the wheels that only puts me at about 314hp. My truck also is a dually and ran 235's at the time. I just cant see a comp putting you that close to 400hp alone. I would say you are at about 390hp. All of my numbers are coming off David Dunbars dyno by the way. I'm just trying to understand were these big numbers with just comps are coming from.
  7. 400-450 HP goal

    Ok I have a Southbend Con Fe in mine and a comp. My truck is at about 315hp right now. I can keep up with my buddies D-Max with his Edge on level 3, if he goes to level 5 he smokes me. His truck dynoed 385hp so I know I'm not that high and can't see a juice getting you that high. With a Drag Comp, 150Hp Edge injectors and a HTT 64/14 he only dynoed 465hp with a full blown ATS. Andy
  8. Could of done better on the Dyno...

    Ok not trying to start anything here but I have never seen just a comp on a truck dyno over 320 out here. I have a friend that had a drag comp on his 00 and only pulled 318 with a built auto. What kind of dyno was it and was there a corection factor? Just wondering if it is the altitude or the dyno. Andy
  9. Code P0720 with weird problem

    Red Ram contact Bob Wagner and he can reprogram your ecm much cheaper. Mine will be heading out in a week or two when I get the money and dont need the truck. Here is a link if you need it to his site http://www.smartypower.com/HOME.html Andy
  10. Code P0720 with weird problem

    Thanks for the help, let me know if that is a fix when you get them. I emailed Bob Wagner to see if maybe they can reprogram one for me and I'm waiting to see what he says. Andy
  11. Transformers The Movie!!!

    Oh right, that will be awesome. Andy
  12. Code P0720 with weird problem

    Ok did you get your truck fixed RedRam? I just finished converting my 01.5 Yesterday and I'm having the same problem. I had never heard of this happening until I did mine. Oh and if anyone has a pcm pm me please. My truck is a 01.5 2wd. Thanks 99 Cummins for pointing me to this thread. Andy
  13. IBF Music Video

    Yeah I put coil spring spacers and 285's on it. Does look alot better. Thanks for the compliments. Andy
  14. IBF Music Video

    Its only 2wd right now. Hopefully will be 4x4 this year though.
  15. IBF Music Video

    Best pic I have at the time.