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    85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    Hope your project goes well. I'm just starting mine too. At some point I'd like to pick up an nv4500 also. This 84 3/4 burb with a 6.2 came from the factory with a 700r4?
  2. hoodshy

    New Here

    Thanks for the welcome. I actually have 3 suburbans. A '94 4x4 454, an '88 4x4 small block, and now the '84 6.2. I'm going to mix and match the 88 and the 84 to hopefully end up with a two person self contained camping rig. Going to stay naturally aspirated for now. Maybe a gm-3 turbo at a later date, that is if when I drop that pan and see if there are no cracks. Currently chasing down an air leak in the fuel system and I think I have a bad injector on the drivers side bank but haven't been able to isolate it yet. It's missing erratically on that side mostly at idle with a puff of white smoke unburnt fuel out of the straight exhaust pipe. But who knows could be something else, I'm learning... Found that alternative fuels in Nampa will clean and pop test injectors for $30. I'm going to do that then possibly buy bosch nozzles and try my own rebuild and have them tested again if needed.
  3. hoodshy

    New Here

    Howdy, Spend quite a bit of time over on the dieselplace and thedieselpage. Heard about this Idaho site. Am I the only fool left that buys an '84 6.2 Suburban? It's my first diesel vehicle other than the perkins in my '65 Massey. Looking to see who else in the area may be wrenching on these gutless wonders? I'm in Emmett. Michael