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  1. Duluth Diesel

    Bypass Oil Filters

    Yep, Marine has the BMK-11 AMSOIL system and got it from me.
  2. Duluth Diesel

    Bypass Oil Filters

    You got it, cetanefreek. -Chuck
  3. Duluth Diesel

    Bypass Oil Filters

    That's actually not true, the full flow AMSOIL bypass oil filter on the bypass mount flows just as well as the full flow mounted on the engine. There is no difference in oil supply available to the engine between the single and dual mount bypass systems. The only oil pressue that does arise with the newer (2004+ Dodges) is that they have a more sensitive oil pressure sensor unit. The sensors have always been in the same spot, but the software on the newer truck's ECMs throws a code when it perceives a delay in oil pressure at startup. The oil pressure and supple to the engine are identical in an engine with and an engine without the bypass system, but due to the larger holding capacity of the dual mount bypass system, and due to the oil pressure sending unit being affected by the returning oil, there is just enough of a delay in flow through the bypass system to upset the oil pressure sensor. During this 1/2 second at startup, the only part of the oil system not at pressure is the full flow filter, but the bypass filter, and not the engine. During startup, oil supply and pressure in the engine is actually the same as stock. It is just how the sensor, with updated more sensitive software, and the location along the return supply are lined up, that this 1/2 second perceived delay throws a code. That's why AMSOIL recommends the single bypass mount for the newer trucks. It is harder to hook up, but doesn't upset the sensor. So, in actuality, there is NO issue with oil pressure or starvation with a dual bypass system. It is a sensor being more reactive than in older models. The AMSOIL system is very tried and true. They have been doing bypass filtration in cars and light trucks longer than anyone. -Chuck
  4. Duluth Diesel

    Bypass Oil Filters

    What have you heard bad about the dual bypass system, KRP? -Chuck
  5. Duluth Diesel

    Bypass Oil Filters

    AMSOIL makes a great one, since you inquired. -Chuck
  6. Duluth Diesel

    Mopar1973Man did it

    Thanks, guys! Nice site! -Chuck
  7. Duluth Diesel

    Mopar1973Man did it

    I'm in da house. Hey fellas! -Chuck