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  1. 47RE issues

    sure wished lumpdog would take a peek here
  2. Wow !

    My '96 did that. Rack stuck full-forward when I passed a car.. Turned the key off, no dice; kept on trucking dues to suction feeding! I ended up ruining the auto trans and a set of brakes getting it woed down. nosed it to a guard rail, popped the hood, yanked the BHAF, and stuffed my shirt into the turbo inlet. Still took a good 20 seconds to kill it LOL Mine required a ppump replacement ($1200), a trans ($2100), and brakes ($300). You got lucky, it sounds Muddy is right; a GSK and a plate (along with a boost elbow will REALLY wake the truck up. HEED THESE WORDS, though. Stock auto will suffer with these few mods if you aren't gentle.
  3. 47RE issues

    So, in 5 days, I've had the valve body out twice, making checks and changes per Ernie @ Suncoast. Still nothing. We also made mods to allow 1st and 2nd gear lockup. Sitting still, in gear, holding the rpm to 1000, I flip the TCC switch and the converter only drops the rpm about 100 or so; it does not stall it as it should. So, this weekend, I'll be pulling the TC and VB, boxing them up, and shipping them to Suncoast. We also verified that the VB is NOT a Suncoast unit..
  4. 47RE issues

    So I took a couple videos of the trans issues, and forwarded them to Ernie @ Suncoast. He reviewed them, but his pc has no sound, so he couldn't hear it. He called me last evening and wants me to drop the VB out of the trans and verify it is a Suncoast unit. If it is, he's going to send me some springs and some instructions on what he wants me to mod/change on the VB, rather than have the downtime of shipping it back/forth to FL. Which is cool.. As for the TC, that'll be a bird of a different color... This first video is 2 starts.. 1st is non-narrated. This one is a manually shifted take off with demonstration of the TC "flash" at speed..
  5. 47RE issues

    Actually, I finally got to talk to someone at Suncoast with a little knowledge, yesterday. He said that 0/0psi is fine for that test, and explained that there's a check ball in that circuit that moves back/forth to adjust fluid flow and in reverse, the servo will see no pressure. He also mentioned that the 1psi per mph on governor port is for gas applications..
  6. 47RE issues

    Ok, Lump.. I got a couple gauges (0-100, 0-300) and a couple 1/8" NPT fitting, and tested the pressures per the chart above. I never heard back from Suncoast yet (go figure) on their specs. So here they are: Rear Servo: Reverse - Idle/WOT = 130psi/300+psi Front Servo: Reverse - Idle/WOT = 0psi/0psi (PROBLEM!) Accumulator: L - Idle/WOT = 80-90psi/145psi 2 - Idle/WOT = 95psi/142psi 1st - Idle/WOT = 100psi/140psi 2nd - Idle/WOT = 100psi/145psi 3rd - Idle/WOT = 90psi/142psi 4th - Idle/WOT = 92psi/170psi OD Clutch: 4th - Idle/WOT = 90-100psi/150-155psi Governor: This one was weird, and not anywhere like I was expecting. I understood it to be 1psi per mph (ex. 20mph = 20psi, 30mph = 30psi, etc.) It was NOTHING like that, nor was it linear.. Best I can tell is this: 10mph = 12psi 20mph = 40psi 25mph = 55-60psi 30mph = 70psi When it went into 4th + Lockup, it jumped +30psi, and pegged my 100psi gauge..
  7. 47RE issues

    found this, although it's not Suncoast specs..
  8. 47RE issues

    Yeah, I've yet to hear back from Suncoast on their spec'd pressures with their valve body.
  9. 47RE issues

    Just got off the phone with lumpdog.. WOW! Information overload So bottom line here is I need to get specs on the SunCoast VB pressures expected, and compare those to actual pressures on my trans, then we'll go from there. A BIG Thank You to lump for your patience and time!
  10. 47RE issues

  11. 47RE issues

    So here's a little of what I'm dealing with. Take note I run 245/75-16 and 4.10 gears. I'm apparently about 5-600rpm more than others with very similar setup.? The above pic is in OD + LU. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  12. will a 03 turbo work on a 97

    There are (expensive) aftermarket controllers out there. Also, some guys have built their own controller. I've also read somewhere where a couple made some sort of manual controller. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  13. will a 03 turbo work on a 97

    I'd like a ve just for the ebrake function Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  14. 47RE issues

    I've put a Modis on it and watched the pcm signal all gear changes. With the same issues on two separate PCMs and harnesses, I don't think its a wiring issue. It turns od off as well. I really think the problem lies internally. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  15. 47RE issues

    I've tried 2 different od switches as well as wiring a toggle for the od and tcc right to the pcm. 2 separate pcms and 2 separate harnesses. All with same results. I'm starting to thing that the slippage is most likely in the od clutch section since the slippage can occur in any gear and all gears use the od section. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2