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  1. Dr. Evil

    need a cummins dipstick

    These are bout $50 at Cummins
  2. Dr. Evil

    Crankcase breather mod

    Somebody is doing some thinking here. Good stuff Nate.
  3. Dr. Evil

    New Bumper!!

    Deerkiller...nice ! Heres mine:
  4. Fluke temperature probe. Very accurate and in brand new condition. These sell for $270 US. A great tool for an instrument tech or mechanic. $150 Thanks. http://www.fluke.com/products/view/home.asp?SID=1&AGID=1&PID=8573 http://www.professionalequipment.com/fluke-universal-temperature-probe-80t-150u/fluke-accessories/
  5. Dr. Evil

    I am in need of some pointers!!!!

    Yeah but then hed have to walk to work..... :D
  6. Dr. Evil

    What if the worst happens?? (NV5600)

    Thats a tall order - never seen anything like that. I switched to redline MTL a few years ago. Am not impressed - after switching I got a minor grind when shifting into 3 rd gear (only does it when its below 30 degrees or so). Im hoping that its just a bit too thick - I think im going to get some of the Amsoil stuff and give it a go.
  7. Dr. Evil

    boy named sue

    Thats great !
  8. Dr. Evil

    Cutting Torch Question

    If its got cracks you should tell the manufacturer that. They should replace it for you.
  9. Dr. Evil


    Wicked shop...
  10. Dr. Evil

    For anyone that welds

    Thought this was worthwhile making this a sticky (for awhile at least) - everyone should read this.
  11. Dr. Evil

    For anyone that welds

    Please forward this to anyone you know that welds and works with metal: http://www.brewracingframes.com/id75.htm
  12. Dr. Evil

    Heart/Journey Concert

    I seen Heart back when I was in High Shool (was a few years ago)...I lost paartial hearing for a couple of days.
  13. Dr. Evil

    old red 92 dodge with rockwells

    Damn, I need to check my lottery tickets.
  14. Dr. Evil

    This is what superceded Hidalgo

    Hell, that looks like a LOT of work. Congrats. Were shooping for houses - you cant buy a dog house around here for that money.
  15. Dr. Evil

    Battery basics.

    Good info for sure.