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  1. please remember....

    Please remember what happend on this fatefull day 6 years ago. remeber all the lives lost for absolutly no reason... please give a moments thought today about what happend. and give thanks to all teh men and women out there serving our country weather it be ems/fire/police or military.. thank you! aslo if you are in one of those profesions let us know what it is you do. and thank you.. -mobs241 avec(alton voulenteer emergency corps) # 36 --voulenteer EMS/Search and rescue..
  2. its official

    i sold the thing in th enick of time.. im really glad i marked on the bill of sale that it was sold as is, no warrenty, exchanges or refunds.. kid called me saying truck was in shop with a injection pump failure.... not my problem guess i wont complain about having to put a radiator in the saturn then..lol.
  3. its official

    in 8 days ill be diesel less but its for the better. trying to keep up with student loans and rent plus daily stuff it was time for the ol girl to go bye bye. her new owner takes her next saturday.. and ill be the proud new owner of a coughsaturncough but the price was right.. 93 sc1 130,000 4cyl 5 speed power everything.. 900 bucks.. as long as the owner now doenst back out..... get another ctd in a few years..dont hate me:) i like th new payment.. 0.00 a month is a lot better than 418.. and insurance is 60 bucks less a month.. oh and we wont start on fuel
  4. i tried to trade in my truck the other day and the dang dealer offered me 5,500 for it.. wtf.. i know dealers dont give you what its really worth but 5,500 for a truck thats worth at least 12? maby even more? does it really look that bad of shape?
  5. yah so my truck hates me.

    they suck.. they never worked great for me. the stockers were better. very very stiff. your truck will turn from a pick up truck into a dump truck with no air bags. my truck might be sold. after it not starting today and finally getting it to start my eye caught something at the dealership..
  6. new to this

    doc.. work same sentence... isnt that a oxymoron? lol welcome to the site kev
  7. my new ride :)

    well good luck on finding a retired ambulance thats still running. this one is a 96 and has 823,000 miles on it..
  8. my new ride :)

    you guys gonna pay for it? im not. lol
  9. my new ride :)

    whats sad about it. is when i towed.. i did tow this thing..lol.. (and my tow truck did have a cummins in it..lol)
  10. my new ride :)

    i cant it needs more power. it tops out at like 70. no o/d.. doing 911 calls in my pov dodge i go faster than that... im going to get pissed off real quick with it.. lol
  11. my new ride :)

    as most of you know ive been in school for a while for a bunch of things. i have an associates degree in criminal justice which is doing me absolutly no good as ic ant run fast enough to past the physical. so i went back to school in september and obtained my emt-b liscence.. well i just got a weekend gig! ill still be selling auto parts full time but this experince is needed to become a paramedic and its very helpful to avec but here you go btw its even a diesel i have 3 semesters left and 900 hours of clincals (aka ridealongs and hospital workalongs before i can get my paramedic liscence) but i have to pass advanced biology and anatomy first
  12. yah so my truck hates me.

    no exhaust brake.. stock sized tires.. this thing was a lemon from day one.
  13. yah so my truck hates me.

    i have been. same things keep wearing out.. ive replaced the calipers now 3 times. the ball joints seem to be replaced once a year ujoints twice.. i know i use the truck as a work truck but good night.
  14. yah so my truck hates me.

    yah i give up.. this thing is rattling and boucing so much.. im gonna trade it in on a cherokee. my one year old kyb monomaxes are trashed. all my control arm bushings are gone.. ive got 1 blown ball joint and 2 more that are worn out.. worn out steering gear box, psp,vp leak. why should i keep pumping money into this? sure its fun but i need something reliable to get me to and from work and to and from hq. going to hq today i almost lost it because steering is so bad. /end rant
  15. yah so my truck hates me.

    yah same to you mike. i also only use my truck to get to hq. but hq is 12 miles from my house. only on certain instances (i.e. i would pass the scene to get to hq) would the truck be used on scene.. even though my truck is always packed with gear. (ie. always have life jacket, sar bag , 2 days of clothes, 4 days of food and water, trauma bag, tools, shelter. communication means. etc) my truck has been used as a command center before and im sure it will again. as none of our trucks( they are all ambulances) are really capable of towing the fema/mema trailer or the generator trailer) my truck and the commanders duramax are the only 2 vehicles capable of towing 8k lbs. dr. it might be hard on the truck but the truck is just a truck. its a means of transport. thats all. its replacable. ill tear the shit out of my truck to keep doing what i do.