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  1. Snowman7

    New here.

    Wanted to be subs going through the pipeline, but got sent to the Enterprise. Kinda glad I did, it's turned out to be a pretty good deal. First couple years was rough, but the next few should be better.
  2. Snowman7

    New here.

    mm2. Nuke M-div'er
  3. Snowman7

    New here.

    Yeah, when I bought this, I was looking for a shortbox, but the selection on this side of the country is pretty sparse. After having it though, I'm glad I got the longbox. I've filled it up plenty of times. And it isn't very common looking. On the rocker panels... I've photo chopped some pics with them like that, and I think I like it, but I'm holding off on too many drastic modifications like that till it's all paid off. I need to get the bed line-x'ed first. Saving my pennies for that right now. This was before I did the wheels: I'm thinking of taking the fender flares off and doing them, but am not real confident on getting them back on just yet...
  4. Snowman7

    New here.

    Well, I didn't notice a pics thread! So I'll put a couple here. Plasti-dipped my wheels, Don't know that I like it...
  5. Snowman7

    What do you ride?

    Here's some shots of mine. They are a few years old, haven't had much time to ride lately.
  6. Snowman7

    New here.

    Hey all, I was referred here by someone from a different site. I'm from American Falls, but I'm in the Navy, stationed in Virginia for a while. My truck is in my sig, I'll get pics up in a pics thread somewhere.