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  1. I need number 4 injector line Mine is cracked maybe buy a whole set if price is right. Need this asap this is my work truck but cant afford a new one Pm me for contact info i live in gooding thanks
  2. sabbath2012

    New To ID from MT

    all the vents the same size but they are the two on the driver side and what is supposed to be on the dash to hold the little map light up is there a bracket cause the whole to big for the light to sit in there so i just throw it behind the cluster. and i just got all new trim to me atleast its tan going to redo my headliner soon its in need. i have two spare headlamp bezels also a little beat up but could be epoxied.
  3. sabbath2012

    90 dodge cummins want to trade?

    i am looking to trade for another pickup i can pull a 26' trailer with prefer diesel but will take a gaser. no 2 wheel drives please possible trades for older camaros 70s-80s, or jeeps just depends i blew my tranny this weekend and need a truck asap my title is in the mail coming from montana. truck is on craigslist and i have a pic on here details in my signature. details: got 18.9 mpg with trailer from montana to here!!!! motor is strong, turbo checked at gomerz diesel before i left checked out good. milage on truck 319000 est milage on motor 150000 est motor was transplanted from a wrecked donor truck in montana (ranch truck) 4x4 flatbed (wood) 5" stack no seats bench seat in montana. pump turned up timing advanced fuel pin took gauges out (sold) THE BAD FRONT SHOCKS ARE OK BUT PROBABLY NEED NEW ONES TRANNY IS SHOT REBUILD IN BOISE FOR 450.00 HAVE THE GUYS NUMBER 2 YEAR WARRANTY FRONT DRIVELINE NEEDS NEW SLIP YOKE AND U JOINTS DRIVELINE SHOP HERE IN TWIN HAS IT AND TOTAL WITH U JOINTS IS LIKE 108.00 FLATBED IS WOOD I HAVE HAD GOOD SIZED LOADS OF GRAVEL ON IT AND PLENTY STURDY STEERING A LITTLE LOOSE JUST DID CAMO AND SILVER PAINT ON IT ABOUT 4 MONTHS AGO BEST OFFER OR TRADE GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN TEXT OR CALL ME LEAVE ME A VOICEMAIL WITH YOUR NUMBER AND I WILL CALL BACK WHEN I CAN ALSO LET ME KNOW HOW LATE TO CALL I GET OFF WORK SOMETIMES 8 OR 9 AT NIGHT 4ZERO6-20SEVEN-6THREE196
  4. sabbath2012

    New To ID from MT

    OK so i have posted on here about 2 times with my phone and it wont post so oh well. thank you did not expect to get so many responses. i am looking for a used set or pair of 265/75/16 as i have to go back up to mt for drill in April and mine are weather checked. also looking for a front driveline and power steering pump. i am looking for 2 vents for the dash and the plastic trim for the headliner on the sides and rear. thanks again.
  5. sabbath2012

    New To ID from MT

    Thanks guys was not expecting so many people to respond. I am looking for a used set or pair of 265 75 16 i got to make another trip to mt in April for drill and mine are weather checked. The plastic sides and back for headliner and 2 vents for the dash. also a front drive line and steering box. Thank you all again hope to see you at some events.
  6. Welcome to the Club.

  7. sabbath2012

    New To ID from MT

    Hey just moved down here in Twin Falls from Montana. Any body in twin area on here? looking for some 1st gen parts, and to meet some people to talk trucks with. got a few questions and looking to do some more upgrades. not right now but when the money comes in