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    New to the site.

    Hi I live in Genesee I have a 2001 Dodge Its the 6 speed nothing special. I'm learning alot from it and developing my love of the vp44 Maybe if there was anyone around here we could meet up and talk about diesels haha. Eddy
  2. ChevyBanshee

    New to the site.

    Ok its good to know its my falt haha Thank you! Eddy
  3. ChevyBanshee

    New to the site.

    Thanks everyone!! So what do i need to do to prevent that?? I would like to be able to make hard pulls with it without worrying. Thanks Eddy
  4. ChevyBanshee

    New to the site.

    Ok Quick stupid question. my pickup has a Fass 150 lift pump, Quadzilla Adrenalin 75 horse injectors and its the 245hp motor. heres the question, when im on a higher power level and hold WOT for a few seconds, fuel pressure doesn't drop below 15-16psi but when i let off and say push in the clutch my idle drops way lower than normal like 650 rpm (900 is normal) and sounds funny until i give it some throttle. Is this normal? Thanks Eddy