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  1. ColtonB

    New kid on the block

    Well sold the 24v, still have the 12v. Recently bought a 2006 mega cab long bed dually. All black. 90k Built tranny Trueflow intake Exhaust Edge programmer 3" lift 35's Custom bumper More
  2. ColtonB

    FS: 8" by 48" mitre cut stack

    Black. Comes with bed mount. 8" by 48" with 5" inlet. $100 908-3488
  3. ColtonB

    FS: 2nd gen heated/power tow mirrors.

    Doing some research and I've been reading that they aren't that good. They supposedly vibrate really bad to where you can't see out of them. Price drop to 275$ really need these gone
  4. ColtonB

    FS: 2nd gen heated/power tow mirrors.

    Just power?? Damn pm me the link please
  5. Ordered these and turns out heated/power are different plugs than only power. 300$ or trade for just power tow mirrors. 908-3488
  6. Found a white tailgate. Would still be interested in buying a green one though! Also in need of a long bed bed liner!
  7. ColtonB

    New kid on the block

    Where can I get a new one? Cause it's pissin fuel out of it too. And google isn't helping my search
  8. I'll talk to you tomorrow about the springs!!
  9. Would like to purchase these for my new truck. 908-3488
  10. ColtonB

    New kid on the block

    Well I sold me 24v last friday. Bought another cummins yesterday. 1994 4x4 reg cab long bed 12 valve! -5 speed -new 450hp clutch -4" turbo back to 8" stack -fuel plate(not sure of size at the moment) -intake -triple pillar gauge pod. Glowshift. Boost, exhaust, fuel pressure(fp doesn't work, stuck at 30psi) -stock suspension/tires(soon to be changed) -tool box -10" sub with amp and deck Just had the transfer case rebuilt, new rear main seal, front end replaced 1k ago, new brakes. It's a lot cleaner than my last one. Drives better(almost no steering wobble) and doesn't have any codes showing. Needs a tailgate and bed liner though. ***Also, for some reason the airbag light comes on and off, anyone know why?
  11. ColtonB

    HD Steering conversion

    ^^^^ where are pics
  12. ColtonB

    Killed my turbo with a hose clamp

    Jeez that's a bummer. Glad it didn't turn out worse though!