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  1. Morimoto HIDs

    I've gone off the deep end this time. I've got to thank MoparMom for pushing me into buying them. I bought a set of Morimoto D2S HID headlights. There is a place called that assembles the HID light into the headlight case that you select. Then you can select bulb temperatures and ballast wattage amounts as well. I'm highly impressed with Morimoto HID's awesome design and light pattern is HUGE. I can see 30-40 feet off in the ditch of both sides of the highway even on low beam. High beam the light travels a long ways better than a mile still seeing reflectors and signs. Low beams Now you'll notice the light has a step on the driver side. That step lines up perfect on the yellow line of the highway. The driver side is cut off just a bit shorter to prevent blinding on coming traffic. The passenger side is just a touch higher. High beam As you'll see the high beam is huge. It travels a long ways down the highway. Then the headlight... The group on my site started doing the Morimoto H1 Mini's because they are so easy to install. I'll admit the Morimoto D2S lens is bigger and produces a wider path of light. I also admit it reduces the stress of driving at night. The quality of light and the wide path of light is nice to have. So I've got to send my Thanks to a few people MoparMom for pushing to get them, Snow Dodge for letting me see his Headlights and setting me up with Retro Shop, and Me78569 for pioneering the Morimoto H1 mini's and producing the article on my site. Sure makes it nice when you rolling home from Ontario at midnight to be able to see in the canyon. Seeing deer down the highway and off in the barrow ditch.
  2. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    I know up here 1st gen parts are like hens teeth. Most wrecking yards are up here dont even have Dodge trucks because they are purchased before they hit the yard.
  3. Morimoto HIDs

    Thanks @Me78569... Thats the video...
  4. Morimoto HIDs

    I've not forgotten about the pics... Just my camera is down at Muddy's and ill do a photo of the lights down there. As for upgrading my driving lights I'm thinking about doing PIAA RF series driving lights and fog lights. Now remember driving lights are narrow long distance lights which would be awesome in my high beam position. Then fog lights are wide but short beam path which would be awesome in the low beam position.
  5. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Wow that's going to be a tough one being 1st Gen 12V stuff is getting pretty rare to get ahold of now.
  6. Morimoto HIDs

    I'll try and remember... Let's say in daylight hours I can see the very top edge of the headlights bounce onto the bottom edge road signs and reflect back.
  7. Morimoto HIDs

    Don't go here LED bulbs are not as good as think they are. Poor pattern. I'll see if I can find the video on my site and post it here. Only if the headlight housing is design around the LED bulb. If you attempt to put a LED in Halogen headlight case you find the pattern is really poor. Kind of like putting a halogen in a LED headlight it won't work right. Kind of like my sport headlights. They have tons of light pouring out of them but the optics of the reflector is junk so the pattern on the ground is junk. Nasty hotsppot and horrid spread. Stock OEM headlights tend to have little hotspot and massive spread of light but defused too much. Here is LED's installed in Halogen headlight case... Just consider driving towards this guy all the time. Here is my old Sport headlight and driving light setup on lo beam.
  8. Promoted even on my site... Kind of late but who knows...
  9. Hey guys... Anyone want to post this up on my site? I've just gone over to check and no post placed.
  10. Morimoto HIDs

    Might be true... Now you have to bake the lens off your headlights or buy new headlights and bake the lens off them. Then install the HID lights and verify the HID units are mounted correctly and working correctly. Then seal the lens back on again. Then install and aim the lights. So for the price I paid the light are assembled in brand new headlight cases, the lens baked off and resealed. Then they set them up in a jig and aim them for you. When you get the headlights it basically a bolt on item and no adjustments required. Where if you do it yourself there is a lot of things that could go wrong. So, for the price I get a warranty and way less headache. Being I'm traveling over 750 miles a week and coming home at midnight it really was really nice to pay the money and have a bolt on item that I didn't have to mess with to make work. That's priceless...
  11. A new injector seller?

    Staying general speaking... If a code is tripped for the sensor you need to verify the +5V is present. The test the wiring from ECM to the sensor for 0 ohms, Then test the same wiring of infinite from the wire to ground to ensure there are no shorts to ground. Then it might be worth testing to see if the signal is intermittent or constant out of range.
  12. Morimoto HIDs

    After a week of driving with the Morimoto HID's I'll say it well worth the money after tried the stock OEM headlight which are horrid. Then trying the Sport headlights with a relay mod to light both blubs for hi and lo beams. It's OK but nearly good enough for back country travels. Still the Morimoto HIDs put more light on the pavement that any other solution I've seen. The widest path of light on hi or lo beams. On flat ground, you can see at least 30 to 40 feet on either side as you're traveling. Switching to hi beam has zero impact on the pattern on the ground. This because of the cut off shutter dropping out of the beam pattern internally. So this is all done with a single bulb and shutter that cuts the lo beam pattern. As you can see the step in the shutter.
  13. @MUDDY or @4Play need to post that up on my site... I see the last post from ITD was by lcacn, June 30, 2013
  14. A new injector seller?

    Most OBDII tools can do that exactly. The only difference like Dodge Dealer's user a DRBIII tool which does a bit more but most techs don't know how to properly use even that tool. Even I work from a different aspect of diagnostic work. I work on a two smoking gun rule. Basically, I've got to perform two different tests that will fail out a device or part. Some what true. Some of us are just plain hidden in the middle of Idaho.
  15. Tow Pig Project

    Im waiting to see the final picture all assembled. Very impressive setup.
  16. Morimoto HIDs

    So far im not impressed with LEDs lighting. Still cant shine the same range as a halogen light no where close to HIDs headlights. I just dont think optics of the light bars are all that great. Im looking for long range lighting. Like my 100w aircraft lights shine a full mile without an issue. Havent seen a LED light make good pattern a full mile.
  17. Morimoto HIDs

    Sorry something like that I don't need. Yeah they might be HID's but I don't need all the weird BS with Star Wars...
  18. Morimoto HIDs

    Something like this should work... I would select the D2S HID's... 5k bulbs and the 35w ballast. He warned that you can do the 50w ballast but the bulb failure and ballast is more common.
  19. Air Cooled Hemi...

    @MUDDY Remember I told you about Hemi's problem with the rear con-rod problem... Well here Hemi's new air cooled block design windowed...
  20. Hey gang... @MUDDY has added a Donation software to the yet. Please help fund the ITD site and keep it going.
  21. New guy

    @jamiesaun Welcome to the site. Your technical knowledge will be valuable here. I happen to be a big Cummins buff. Been playing with Cummins engines now for 15 years. Then before that, I use to play with Mopar gasoline engines which I've been doing for 31 years now. Still enjoy playing with old school muscle V8's and the Cummins diesels. I'd love to learn more about the Duramax and Powerstrokes...
  22. Being a good friend of Muddy all these years I had to pitch in $10 to the new donation system so he's looking at nothing waiting for other members to pitch in. So there is an another $10 donation as well from Mopar1973Man.Com.
  23. Posting pictures

    Like I explained to Muddy... Every one of these picture hosting companies will eventually be forced to turning over to a paid hosting. There is no way they can continue to freely host images forever. Just like ITD it WAS a free site since 2006. Now we started adding advertisements and soon be adding donations because there are bills you have to pay to keep the site alive. Now consider when Photobucket started camera technology back then were small 0.3 megapixels to maybe 2 Megapixel (600 kilobytes). Today's cameras are pushing 8 megapixels (6-7 megabytes) and up making the pictures huge in size of the file. Now consider every picture uploaded is 7-9 megabytes won't take long for someone like myself with 8 Megapixel camera to fill up some space. Just looking quickly for 11,000 some odd photos I consume well over 21 Gigabytes worth of storage. Give you a feel for cost vs. hosting at least for I've got hosting plan of 90 GB of storage and 3 TB of bandwidth for $60 a month or $720 a year. Now at least Mopar1973Man.Com does have to use advertisements but I've got roughly 36 times more traffic per month than ITD which just the traffic alone in advertising produces over $1,360 a year (2006 Google Adsense income). So in my example, my advertising is capable of keeping the site alive. Photobucket to several thousand times larger and bandwidth requirements to display all the different pictures on every site that someone posted a link. I can see where the advertisements no longer able to pay the bills and the bandwidth and storage of all the photos is getting huge. So they had to switch over to a paid system to continue paying that bill. So don't expect to ride on any free hosting for very long before the wave of people forces the next hosting site to a paid solution. So no matter how you slice this pie the more content you are storing the more traffic using said content then cost goes up. Just for the feel of the expense of hosting just check out hosting companies prices like here is iPage on the Virtual Private Servers. Slide that slider up to optimal and see what the price does. Now attempt to figure out an income plan to keep the site growing in the black. Now jump from VPS to Dedicated Servers... Now thing really gets expensive fast... If you want you own long term solution I would say to buy a shared hosting over on iPage or and then install Coppermine photo software and you'll have you own photo hosting site that you own yourself. GoDaddy.Com at $8 a month or $96 a year. Then Coppermine which is free software. So now you would own your own photo hosting company and do it for a fraction of the cost of Photobucket and never have to worry about increases.
  24. Posting pictures

    How about posting on the site? We can host pictures and files. Just drag and drop for desktop. Mobile devices you can upload photos and files as well. Here im on my cell tonight and ill post a sunset in Payette, ID.