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  1. 6.4L piston

    Comparing to the Cummins piston the 6.4L Ford Diesel piston is rather unusual in design. This one burned the edges rather well.
  2. Track Bar

    Well sad to say... I've had to replace my track bar for the 2nd time now in 324k miles. The only thing I'll admit I screwed up on is I bought an AutoZone track bar with a lifetime warranty. The sad part is the bar does not come with a grease zerk. I'm on a limited budget and had to get it because my truck is used for keeping MoparMom healthy with her dialysis treatments in Ontario, OR. I've kept my old bar in hopes, later on, I can buy a Luke's Link for it and just change out after the AutoZone track bar fails.
  3. Track Bar

    So what is your source for Luke's Links? Post up a link please...
  4. Track Bar

    Just a bit of information for the others Moog is no longer American made. Mostly foreign like China. I will say my previous track bar was a NAPA from in McCall and it lasted a good 100k miles roughly. I'm not complaining. I just being on a limited budget I had to settle for something a bit cheaper so I opted for Autozone. The big mistake I should of paid attention to the ball end and if it had a grease zerk or not. Which I didn't so this another reason I kept my old bar so I could rebuild with a Luke's Link. NAPA track bar are like OEM quality for size so it should work. Moog on the other hand is too big at the ball end. Moog on the left and OEM on the right.
  5. Stupid people?!

    I understand that part but I also understand why some states enforce inspections. The site I visit and look over the crap that shop mechanics deal with is totally unbelievable that vehicle owners do these things to a vehicle. Here I'll share my link just pan through the photos... https://imgur.com/r/justrolledintotheshop
  6. Stupid people?!

    Now I know why there is safety inspections in some state. How can people be this stupid and continue to drive around with something grinding? This is crazy that the bearing is long gone and the hub has eaten into the knuckle that far.
  7. Redneck campground

    Finally after about 4 days of work to clean up my wood cutting area in the corner of the yard I've now got a redneck campground. Just a place to go hide from the world without even hitching up and going anywhere. Just got to go unlock the door and fire up some heat. I'll set up my solar panels and use those for recharging the batteries. I should have enough power to keep the inverter going for TV and a few light now and then. If I'm really needing WiFi I still can get a good signal from my shop if I fire up the old router down there. So for heat, I can grab a big buddy heater and 20# propane bottle to heat the RV without using my fan force furnace. I've got me a wintertime hideaway if I so choose. The dark black smear you see is my ash pile I push out with my blade on the ATV. I've had a burn pile going for 5 days buring quite a bit of debris and trash. So I used the ash and dirt to fill in the low spots in the driveway. Nothing around here goes to waste everything is used again. @MUDDY Now you got to start building your hideaway campground too. Chop, chop my friend...
  8. Track Bar

    I kept my old track bar so later on I can rebuild it with a Luke's Link. Just gotta get the extra funds for it.
  9. Redneck campground

    Hmmm... I might be able to snag some wonderful spruce tree seedlings. I'll have to look and see if they are still small enough to snag.
  10. Special Ed?!?!

    Ummm... How do you deal with this problem?
  11. happy thanksgiving 2017

    Ummm... How long have I known you? Like back from 2005?!?! You haven't changed much...
  12. Special Ed?!?!

    From the article...
  13. happy thanksgiving 2017

    Yeah... We'll drink beer looking at the wood pile and the splitter and continue to drink beer looking at the pile.
  14. happy thanksgiving 2017

    No Turkey here... Might cook off my Window Licker Grouse. Here is what I've been doing... Splitting firewood, burning off my garbage pile. Funny how soaking wet bark will burn just fine with nearly 5 gallons of oil poured on the pile. That also got rid of an oil change and half for me. Nice to have the wood splitter hooked to the ATV and I dont have to pack the firewood. Then the plow blade in front will be handy later on to push the trash pile back in the fire more.
  15. Chevy's weak wheels

    Too much time and money spent on the cool factor and less on operational safety and correct function. I learned that lesson last year driving back and forth on the highway with the road salt caked up on the side windows so you couldn't see to change lanes. I hate wide tires that sling junk all over the side windows.
  16. Chevy's weak wheels

    Ouch... As much as I like the lighter aluminium wheels... They seem to be rather weaker in design...
  17. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    I know the older 6.5L Chevy's didn't have the OBDII port but the GM's OBDI port. There is a method of using a paperclip and jumping two pins and the CHECK ENGINE light will flash error codes. It might also provide more information to what is going on. http://www.troublecodes.net/gm/
  18. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    Are we talking the 6.5L Chevy Diesel? Might help to fill out your signature with your information on your vehicle. I know the turbo wastegate is vacuum driven make sure the vacuum line which are plastic are not leaking. It possible the drive pressure is blowing open the wastegate.
  19. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Sad truth is this kind of power comes from the fact I do pay $60 a month for hosting. I'm not on shared hosting but actual VPS (Virtual Private Server). This gives me actual cPanel controls and WHM controls. WHM states for Web Hosting Management. As for cPanel its not like the goofy lame version like GoDaddy.com sell this is the real deal. The "REAL" cPanel... This is what true hosting looks like and power you get. Now the WHM controls which allows me management of more than one site. Yeah, I've got to update my server. The WHM gives me the power to host several sites on my one server. Problem is no one wants to rent space from me because of the fact I would have to impose bandwidth limits, space limits and other limits with higher price. Being I would end up buying another $60 a month VPS and rent out slices of that VPS to others. So when you compare GD and iPage both give a bunch of unlimited space, email and other stuff. The down side is the tech support is typically foreigners and not very knowledgeable. Being you step up to $60 a month you actually get A Real English speaking American with $60 a month. So like my VPS stats... 2 Processors - Intel Xeon CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz 4 GB of Memory (RAM) 90 GB of Hard Drive 3 TB of bandwidth So say I split it up 6 ways. 7.5 GB of storage per site. (This also gives 7.5 GB space for backups for the hosted site as well) 500 GB of Bandwidth Now if I sold that $10 a month I just break even. So I would have to at least up to $15 a month to make a bit of something or create some sort of hosting plan where my time is separate for management. Still in all this is nearly double the price of GoDaddy or iPage with more limitations. You have to remember you have to make all your stuff fit with in the 7.5 GB (email, MySQL database, files, etc.) then you have to be able to stay under the bandwidth limitation.
  20. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    So far I've seen Muddy nuke a laptop basically overheating. Darn Microsoft PC with ZERO heat management and end up with a laptop that is overheating and never know it. Here is my 20 year old computer case with its 5th set of guts. Now visibly I can see 4 fans in that picture. Two on the bottom edge are exhaust fans. The one on the CPU processor. Then you see one fan on the front face which is an intake. There is a massive fan in the power supply. Well there is 2 in the front face... One fan solely for cooling my hard drives and keeping the hard drive temperatures below 100*F all the time. Hard drives don't tolerate temperatures above 140*F very good during operation. My Motherboard can track the fan speeds and even control how fast the fans turn. Laptops are great for mobile working and quick jobs but don't have the cooling capacity to keep up with heavy work loads. The other problem is most Windows PC don't make use of the power and heat management very well because they look at performance more than longevity so typically a laptop will run till it burns up. Hence the picture below... It's more common than you think... Now take notice to the two hard drives. The left one is my main drive and the right one is my backup drive. So every morning about 5am Ubuntu Linux is backing up all my PC and my web server on the second drive. As for knowing the health of the hard drives there is a wonderful program on Ubuntu called "Disks" that will check the health of the drives and let you know BEFORE it fails. As you'll see my Hard drive is health and no issues physically with the drive. This tool is something Windows PC can't do out of the box. Also notice the temperature of the hard drive is nice and cool at 79*F. This drive has been running for 1 year and 9 days.
  21. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    I've gotta post this your all going to laugh... I've been on a mission of hardening the Mopar1973Man.Com site making it nearly bulletproof. I've finally done it. Yeah. I made a call today to fix a minor error that the server keeps emailing me about. So I called the hosting company and ask them about it. "Give me a few minutes" and the guy places me on hold. Then returns back in an about 5 minutes and told me not even the "Master Admin" could access my site. So I emailed the massive password and the login details I'm using in Linux. Come to find out they are stuck with Windows (Putty) for doing there work. Still the Admin still couldn't access the server at all even with the login details and password. I ended up tearing down my modification to SSH server so the techs could access the site. The tech made the comment to me... "My hats off to you. Your site is the most secure site I've seen that prevented the master admin from even entering." So back to returning the site security back the way it was... Bulletproof!
  22. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Give you an idea of how long I've been a Linux nut... I started back at Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). Now, look at the timeline... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases
  23. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    White Water Wilderness Ranch looking towards Seven Devils Mountain Range... Winter is coming... (09/24/17)
  24. New Members??? Do tell, do tell...
  25. Chevy's weak wheels

    Oh this isn't the only one I've seen where wheels have failed. I've seen several pictures of ricers wheels coming apart in the center, hubs breaking out etc. I'm just rubbing my head trying to figure out what wheel manufacturers are thinking? Like my factory wheels. 3 of them failed to cracks on the inside bead and ended up buying those cheap modular aluminum mags that flug road salt all over the side window. Thanks to you and the 16x7 steel 2nd gen wheels I'm much happier now. Windows are much cleaner too.