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  1. Howdy mopar man, this is 340longshot (Brandon Chaffee for short), I'm still trying to figure out the site, I'm old n slow, 'specially on the computer, but I want to thank you for your reply to my KDP damage thing. I found another crack on the southeast edge across from the glued one, so I just quit there and am going to put it back together and return the pickup. It breaks my heart, as to me, this was going to probably be my last pickup and I really liked it, as did my wife, but it kinda scares me now. With my shot back and 4 dogs n a wife I'd hate to break down even 10 miles from home, let alone 500. There was a day.....oh well. Thank you again (Dan, right?) and I hope to get this website figured out better! I'll work on it. Take care pard!