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  1. I was there to see this with my own eyes as well. As a matter of fact I'm the one that shot the last pictures for Muddy. I was quite shocked to see the angle of the springs as it sat there in the lot. The dump trailer from Big Tex does have a serious issue and very weak design. If Muddy was hauling full loads of gravel or wet firewood a couple of hard corners in the city would ruin if not break those spring hangers right off the frame.


    I'm not going to say all BigTex products suck because I'm also a BigTex owner as well.




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  2. As long as anything is hooked up to the coolant system the pressure will be the same on both hoses so no matter what you do to "just crack" a valve open its going to be the same pressure as the rest of the cooling system. Still comes down to finding the reason why the coolant pressure is so high and blowing the heater cores. If it is a cracked heat it will get worse at some point most likely summer time when you working the truck harder and hotter weather.

  3. I'm going to update on my PIAA LED driving lights. Now that I've driven a solid winter with them I'll say with the amount of salt thrown on the highway and the brightness of the PIAA LED's lights I've found myself more than once turning off the PIAA's because the reflection of the salt white highway it gets hard on the eyes. Still to this day the PIAA LED's are noticeable in dusk light where my Morimoto's HID still are not visible on the highway yet. 

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  4. At least I could just use that ball joint press to just press the bearing caps off and change it fast. Much better than pulling the entire driveline and wrestling it in the shop on the floor. Always looking for easier way to do things and this was one of them.

  5. Really poor design that you are required to have a 2 post lift to work on your Ford truck. Majority of the stuff you got to do on these truck requires the cab to be lifted off the frame to access different parts of the engine. Even on the older 7.3L Fords you have things like the rail plugs for high pressure oil you need to replace the o-rings but have to lift the cab off to replace the rear two plug o-rings. I still love the old 7.3L Fords compared to the 6.0L and the 6.4L... (Yuk)

  6. Last night on the way home I start detecting a vibration occurring when the driveline went slack. Kind of knew at that point the rear driveshaft was going to be the trouble maker. I found a way to change the rear most u-joint in under 1 hour without pulling the driveshaft. I grabbed the Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press and began to press the old joint out. Finish the job and rolled it out of the shop in under 1 hour.




    It appears that even the Ford 6.7L engines are still having issues with people looking to tune wildly and delete all the smog equipment. Then the tunes appear to have some seriously high timing that is capable of bending connecting rods and destroying an engine rather quickly. I kind of wonder if the owner in this truck even had a set of gauges was watching EGTs or boost numbers. 


    Even what I've learned on tuning for the Cummins you can create negative torque and not even really feel it but you can measure it in engine load numbers. Still surprises me how many people blindly just delete grab a tuner and crank them up on max power and tow with their foot on the floor. 

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  8. This is why only the fuel gauge sensor or the gauge itself needs to be installed away from the VP44 best at the factory filter. The filter can acts like a suppressor and reduces the hammer effect of the VP44 is creating. This is why I remote mounted my sensor on the fender so by the time the fuel pulse goes through the sintered snubber and travels another 6 feet fo 1/8" tubing the pulse is basically near dead. This is why the rash of a pressure sensor failure for Quadzilla and Edge Juice are so commonplace because they do not provide a snubber and tell you to hook it up right at the inlet of the VP44 which is the WORSE place to measure fuel pressure. 

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  9. Weird. My cruise light is the same color as the odometer 2002 Dodge Ram.


    Yes, you are required for the ATF+4 because of the friction modifier without ATF+4 friction it can damage the transmission. Now modified transmissions some builders allow for ATF+3 fluids because of different clutch materials used and band materials.

  10. Well between all of use we should be able to get that truck its best. 47RE transmissions aren't that hard to deal with just time consuming. If it was built up correctly with a proper stall RPM that truck should haul a good load of dirt of gravel in that bed. Looks like early series of the 2nd Gen being the cruise light is amber colored where the later trucks turned to green.