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  1. Not a problem that's what we are here for i to try and help each other out...

  2. Dang every one seem to do that just drive by and never stop...

  3. Well crap... Next time your up this way stop in... Milepost 181... The only house with a solar panel in the front yard and a paved driveway...

  4. With a few tunes and tweaks you can create a different page just for yourself.

  5. Sorry there isn't enough camo to hide you... :lmao::lmao2:

    Try again...

  6. I like the Camo background... Now you need some colors...

  7. Well I'm going to do like a facebook type thing here and just post up things here...

    Like today is the aftermath of going down to Ontario, OR shopping. I did the dumb thing and post to Muddy and Curtis that I was down there and sure enough they hunted me down. It was a great mini-get-together.

    Like the photo MoparMom shot of me on the way home...


  8. Thanks... Glad to be back!