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  1. Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    Still never experienced death wobble and got close to 320k miles and still running Stock OEM tierod ends. I'll say tire size has a lot to do with the death wobble issues.
  2. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Again just like the Title of the thread "Why Muddy needs a "TRUE" Desktop Computer (not a laptop with 2x2 twigs under it and a fan). Laptops are fine for light duty work in the field but they are not good for every day work and being left on. Cooling system is limited and heat is the number one killer of computer parts. Now you know why I have 6 fans in my PC here at home this is designed for being left on and running 24/7 and handling heavy work loads without failing.
  3. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    I'm pretty sure today most all Dell computer still have the thermal protection turned off and most don't even monitor the temperatures. I'm kind in the weird basket the AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics. I'd like to watch my CPU temps but current the "sensors" program isn't working correctly for my machines. Report weird temperatures even though the BIOS reports correct numbers. Again software bug. At least I can still monitor hard drive temps. 77*F is nice and cool... Anything over 120*F is bad new. 140*F is damaging... Again... Can't be done on Windows... You could get software to sniff out the SMART data from the drives but there is no way to monitor all the time. Conky panel on Ubuntu can do this task and display on your A-pillar display.
  4. Air Cooled Hemi...

    Another custom hemi...
  5. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Here is why I hate Dell computers... This Dell SERVER caught on fire... DELL still hasn't learned their lesson yet...
  6. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Another funny... MoparMom asked if I would replace the outside light on the corner of the house to provide more light in the driveway. So I stopped in Home Depot and picked up two 120 watt LED flood bulbs (actually 12 watts power used) but got the daylight version of bulbs. Then last night installed them and re-aimed the lights. Now this morning I get up and MoparMom has already been up for a bit and said' "it snowed last night". I'm like "really?!" So I look out the front door with the lights on and don't see any snow at all. So MoparMom looks again and mistaken the flood lights and the light pattern for snow.
  7. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    I'll post up some stuff I'm running across. Like How much Microsoft is attempting to be more like Linux. Here is a tidbit for you Muddy... About Netflix and HTML5... Microsoft joins Linux... ??? Ubuntu Linux now on Windows Store (for Insiders)
  8. Change the turbo oil please...

    Might want to drain the intercooler too...
  9. Oh crap... I got the wife involved now...
  10. See @MUDDY needs a good secretary to clean up the office. You might want to dive in...
  11. idaho turbo diesels fall time camp trip

    Ummm... No. I sure do wish I had my old Dodge Jamboree Class C motorhome that thing was sweet for cold weather. All the plumbing and tanks were inside and were easy to operate that RV down to 0*F which I've done several times. This RV my 2000 Jayco it's got plumbing outside the RV and freezes really easy. Then propane consumption is high for this beast being forced air.
  12. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Well maybe for Parma, ID it would be "A lost Tourist"...
  13. idaho turbo diesels fall time camp trip

    I'm out of the camping game now. I'm going to be hauling my RV back and winterizing it today (Tuesday Oct. 10, 2017) we've already had temps down to 29*F and forecasted for snow in the next few days. My Jayco won't even do 31*F night at all. It will freeze the water lines to the bath being they are outside the house area and not heated as well as poorly insulated with no way to access them.