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    Well, i use the crap out of the tractor. I will be picking up a rear scraper blade in a week. When i was in cali for my neices birthday my uncle sold me a 5' brush hog for the rear he barely used.
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    I'm watching it happen from the inside, behind enemy lines. I love driving through SF with my "We will not comply, We will not disarm" III% sticker. We will soon have a supreme court that will hopefully shut this garbage down for a long time to come.
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    acc's sure add up. goota have em tho. hoe with a thumb? wanna bring that up here as ive a place you can get some practice with that. yeah, i gotta get one..........
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    Yep, saw this one too. The colonization of formerly red States continues. These idiots flee their state that they f*cked up with they're ridiculous voting habits, yet continue to vote in a retarded manor. The liberal ideology has become a plauge on our society and way of life...and it's spreading fast. Somewhere along the way these parasites figured out if you inundate the youth, it's just a matter of time. We are losing this war gentleman. No state is immune, not even Idaho. But being as we're all in Idaho, I'm guessing you all already knew that...it's pretty obvious.