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    I'm watching it happen from the inside, behind enemy lines. I love driving through SF with my "We will not comply, We will not disarm" III% sticker. We will soon have a supreme court that will hopefully shut this garbage down for a long time to come.
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    I will try to make it, and Susi might join me, as well. I think some of the postings might be confusing to others. For example, your post above about this dinner meeting says, The meeting is tonight, August 15th. Accuracy is important. If I didn't know that, "the third Wednesday of the month", was the important part of the information, I may have skimmed the message and focused on the date stated, "august 19th", instead. If that happened, it would mean I missed the meeting.
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    If you are a leather holster lover try Craft Holsters - https://www.craftholsters.com/
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    Got it done. Drove around the block came right back and cut the aero turbine in. I made it a 4"in 5" out muffler. Has a much better quieter sound than the straight pipe Didnt quite exit how I wanted.. kinda cool seeing all old exhaust of Peter bolt put to use. I'll get that hanger off the receiver frame. I just threw it there to get it hanging on its own
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    Pertebilt exhaust cleaned up ok the 45s are cut out of the y pipe 90s I'll probly end up cutting 45s out of the other 90s most everything can be done with 45s Gona hold this high and tight as possible I've been towing around meridian I've been having a hard time getting baseline egt numbers in city traffic The stick of 5" will be here tomorrow, not sure I'll find time to tear into it till the weekend I'll have to clearance the receiver hitch alittle to make this happen this is how my 4" is but its dumped down With a slash cut 90. With it dumped on ground the black smoke washes out quicker. This will be washing out on cars as I leave a stop light loaded, takes her alittle bit to clear out and spool Well see what happens