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    I'm going to update on my PIAA LED driving lights. Now that I've driven a solid winter with them I'll say with the amount of salt thrown on the highway and the brightness of the PIAA LED's lights I've found myself more than once turning off the PIAA's because the reflection of the salt white highway it gets hard on the eyes. Still to this day the PIAA LED's are noticeable in dusk light where my Morimoto's HID still are not visible on the highway yet.
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    Road 12.5 up hammett hil feathering off at wind sock at the bottom topped out at 60mph
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    Woah i wasnt long. This is for fencing on my property. Will be a on going project. Truck was running 900 deg at 75mph. Will most likely be throttleing out of hammet hill. A turbo upgrade is planned for the future some time.
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    Sway bar back on. Okay okay after some freeway miles i would not recommend running without. Raised mounts in anticipation of steering also coming up
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    At the tire store. Got tired of rough riding 35x12.5s Going with 285x75x17s 34x11 tire. Ill get a pick ounce mounted. I like the stance much better than the 12.5wide tire. For some reason body line doesnt quite line up Carefull moparman unexspected storms flat getting after it. Less than half inch was forcasted. Boise is up to 4-5" now. Mtn homes sitting between 1-2" we just got called to start pushing. Everyone tried to wait it out but mother natures having other ideas
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    I found this I have read on cummins forumns. But this explains it better so i know what voodoo screw on the right throttle pressure does. Not just a if turned up pressure 3 turns you need to turn throttle pressure screw 1/4 turn. The cable at fuel pump is also adjustableTo set shift point's. I have not messed with that I will say my valve body builds alot more then 3psi with one turn. This bds valve body adjustment manual.
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    On the 4th heater core. Local shop in mtn home is doing the work. Everything checks out. Im guessing cracked head or head gasket but only under certain conditions does it build pressure. Truck has a egr delete and 346k on it. Were at a loss cores are lasting 3-6 months. I think im going to bypass the core put a valve in it crack it ooen in winter maybe crack it in summer to keep something else from blowing. Im just thinking out load as coolant drips on my feet