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    when you love your baby, none other can satisfy.
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    indeed well worth doing the billit input. should hold for your future plans
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    The site keeps looking better and better.
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    I should be able to make the 20th. Looks like the work schedule will align.
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    Just a bit of information for the others Moog is no longer American made. Mostly foreign like China. I will say my previous track bar was a NAPA from in McCall and it lasted a good 100k miles roughly. I'm not complaining. I just being on a limited budget I had to settle for something a bit cheaper so I opted for Autozone. The big mistake I should of paid attention to the ball end and if it had a grease zerk or not. Which I didn't so this another reason I kept my old bar so I could rebuild with a Luke's Link. NAPA track bar are like OEM quality for size so it should work. Moog on the other hand is too big at the ball end. Moog on the left and OEM on the right.
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    I understand that part but I also understand why some states enforce inspections. The site I visit and look over the crap that shop mechanics deal with is totally unbelievable that vehicle owners do these things to a vehicle. Here I'll share my link just pan through the photos... https://imgur.com/r/justrolledintotheshop
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    That's amazing. I've never seen anything like that before. One of my favorite quotes is "born stupid lasts a long fukin time" by the guy I work with.
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    Hmmm... I might be able to snag some wonderful spruce tree seedlings. I'll have to look and see if they are still small enough to snag.
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    Happy Turkey Day everybody!!
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    Ummm... How long have I known you? Like back from 2005?!?! You haven't changed much...
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    Yeah... We'll drink beer looking at the wood pile and the splitter and continue to drink beer looking at the pile.
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    hell, load that outfit up and come visit and drink beer could use that splitter here for a few hrs.
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    No Turkey here... Might cook off my Window Licker Grouse. Here is what I've been doing... Splitting firewood, burning off my garbage pile. Funny how soaking wet bark will burn just fine with nearly 5 gallons of oil poured on the pile. That also got rid of an oil change and half for me. Nice to have the wood splitter hooked to the ATV and I dont have to pack the firewood. Then the plow blade in front will be handy later on to push the trash pile back in the fire more.
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    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great day.
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    I know the older 6.5L Chevy's didn't have the OBDII port but the GM's OBDI port. There is a method of using a paperclip and jumping two pins and the CHECK ENGINE light will flash error codes. It might also provide more information to what is going on. http://www.troublecodes.net/gm/
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    Sad truth is this kind of power comes from the fact I do pay $60 a month for hosting. I'm not on shared hosting but actual VPS (Virtual Private Server). This gives me actual cPanel controls and WHM controls. WHM states for Web Hosting Management. As for cPanel its not like the goofy lame version like GoDaddy.com sell this is the real deal. The "REAL" cPanel... This is what true hosting looks like and power you get. Now the WHM controls which allows me management of more than one site. Yeah, I've got to update my server. The WHM gives me the power to host several sites on my one server. Problem is no one wants to rent space from me because of the fact I would have to impose bandwidth limits, space limits and other limits with higher price. Being I would end up buying another $60 a month VPS and rent out slices of that VPS to others. So when you compare GD and iPage both give a bunch of unlimited space, email and other stuff. The down side is the tech support is typically foreigners and not very knowledgeable. Being you step up to $60 a month you actually get A Real English speaking American with $60 a month. So like my VPS stats... 2 Processors - Intel Xeon CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz 4 GB of Memory (RAM) 90 GB of Hard Drive 3 TB of bandwidth So say I split it up 6 ways. 7.5 GB of storage per site. (This also gives 7.5 GB space for backups for the hosted site as well) 500 GB of Bandwidth Now if I sold that $10 a month I just break even. So I would have to at least up to $15 a month to make a bit of something or create some sort of hosting plan where my time is separate for management. Still in all this is nearly double the price of GoDaddy or iPage with more limitations. You have to remember you have to make all your stuff fit with in the 7.5 GB (email, MySQL database, files, etc.) then you have to be able to stay under the bandwidth limitation.
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    I've gotta post this your all going to laugh... I've been on a mission of hardening the Mopar1973Man.Com site making it nearly bulletproof. I've finally done it. Yeah. I made a call today to fix a minor error that the server keeps emailing me about. So I called the hosting company and ask them about it. "Give me a few minutes" and the guy places me on hold. Then returns back in an about 5 minutes and told me not even the "Master Admin" could access my site. So I emailed the massive password and the login details I'm using in Linux. Come to find out they are stuck with Windows (Putty) for doing there work. Still the Admin still couldn't access the server at all even with the login details and password. I ended up tearing down my modification to SSH server so the techs could access the site. The tech made the comment to me... "My hats off to you. Your site is the most secure site I've seen that prevented the master admin from even entering." So back to returning the site security back the way it was... Bulletproof!
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    Like I just did a PM with Muddy about some of the backhanded things Microsoft was doing. I'll admit for the 5-6 years now that I've been strictly Ubuntu Linux I've got to say I'm extremely pleased. No longer having to pay ransom money for antivirus software. No longer in constant fear of some new malware wiping out my PC's. Funny part I've not paid for a single piece of software in the 5-6 years either. Everything has been free and supported by the manufacturer. I've just upgraded all my devices to use IMAP email now so no matter what device I use all my email is up to date and the same. These are some of the reasons I bailed out of Microsoft products... Another black eye for Microsoft. And you wonder why I bailed out of MS products... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/07/talos_says_msft_edge_content_security_bypass_is_a_feature_wont_be_patched/ Now Microsoft is breaking printer drivers...Funny part is Linux just upgrade printer driver schemes to make it easier. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/windows_update_killed_my_printer/ Then Microsoft can't get people to take the beta exam so they will start charging money for the exam... Again funny Linux is complete open source and anyone can beta their software. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/microsoft_to_charge_for_beta_exams/ The rabbit hole gets even deeper for Microsoft... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/16/kaspersky_nsa_staffers_pc_was_riddled_with_malware_from_pirated_code/ Microsoft and it weak security and being able to force malware on the user... Thank Gawd for Linux "SUDO" command this will never happen ever! https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/15/november_patch_tuesday/
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    Ill be hazing my way up to mccall to pickup a welding trailer. If see a white dodge with rickidy trailer its probly me. Truck is still xoing awesome. Mpg numbers up since getting rid of the duals
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    My name is Mike I am looking for the gentleman who has a 86 F350 12 valve 4 door long bed brown he posted some videos on you tube some time ago. I have the same truck and I am getting ready to do the same swap was wanting to ask him some questions about it thanks for the help.
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    welcome to idaho turbo diesels mike. the gent mike is looking to visit with is the gent who i remember being a teacher from mnt home. my memory is as short as my, uh, nose, but i believe i have his cell or what was his cell # some time back. ill charge up my old flip phone. i hate to admit a memory issue with names. if i can find old dyno photos i can let the dyno results board jog my memory. if not, i know someone local who is will remember and whom i believe knows the mnt home gentleman with the boss brown 86.......