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    I work in the trucking industry,and it amazies me how much diesels change every year. They are no longer as simple as like when the 12valves came out. There are more sensors,more computers to check everything, more wiring. The emmisions systems has also changed so much. You have to constantlly keep up with traning to figure every thing out.
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    LOL... We exist yet. We are plentiful but most people don't know where to look. Get off of CumminsForum and DieselStop you might finds us. I'm still doing diesel work for folks for the last 11 years. This is why places like Idaho Turbo Diesels and Mopar1973Man exist is to help these folks find answers to their problems that are way better than the dealer that is going to charge huge hourly prices and use only dealer defective parts. Sorry, Dr. Performance... There are more solutions than you lead on too. Why we exist on the internet.
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    I met a guy today thats getting into diesels. I told him about the site.
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    I've got a bunch of part number books... https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/part-number-lookup-tool-2nd-gen-24v/
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    Tend to agree. When one of my staff members created a fake FB account "Mopar Staff" and was floating in and out of the other Dodge Cummins groups dropping product (High Idle Links) it increased traffic on the site as well as increased Google AdSense revenue. Then FB admin got smart to him and killed his account when it was deleted the links and all the traffic stopped nearly instantly. So this would have to be done by a real Facebook user if you want it to work. Also advertising on Facebook is cheap and really does work well.
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    I was the one that made the "Idaho Bombers Forum" back in 2006. It was built on vBulletin 3.6.2. The Idaho Turbo Diesel name didn't get purchased till 2007-11-06 according to domain records on GoDaddy. Then it was till about 2 years ago we upgraded from vBulletin 3.8 to the IPB 4 we have today. I've even been through all the ups and downs of Tommy and Steve from back in the day. Funny part is I bought my domain in 2007 and started just after building Idaho Bombers Forum. So the strange part this set the wheel into motion for me to doing web work since then. Kind of long stretch of history here. @MUDDY this is one of those threads that should be turned into a static page and listed as club history on a link...
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    Kinda figured with a website like that. Can't even figure out how I stumbled upon the page. Without searching for it directly, I have a helluva time even coming up with it as a result.
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    I will share more on the doc p fiasco later. I just wanted to share this: yep, one must study and learn before making the purchase of something as important as injectors. and that goes extra for CR injectors due to the many complications of their function.for a worthwhile read check out this thread: http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/3rd-gen-powertrain/2274930-who-use-injectors.html many dishonest vendors are out there. also there are many who purchase uneducated or they shop by price alone. a mistake as this 03 guy finds out. follow this thread along and see how this vendor buries himself. thankfully some out there have some education and experience and will share. buyer beware. ask for specifics and educate yourself before writing a check!
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    yes I can tell you about doc p and his products and way of doing business. I had purchased from him in the 90's for my vp truck. from what I learned back then he is a crook. do a search on TDR for dr performance. pretty bad rep as being dishonest. now CR injectors? I would love to see his work. if they are anything like what he offered for vp trucks back in the day and tried to offer for early CR trucks, and with his lying tactics, I would bet big bucks that these are a failure as well. I will offer more input on this soon. buyer beware!
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    Below was written some years back: Who are the IDAHO TURBO DIESELS? We’re a non-formal group of diesel pickup fanatics who enjoy our rigs, activities involving our rigs, and the friendships we have made. We’ve been doing truck activities for a while and started this group, the Idaho Bombers in 2002 as the Idaho chapter of the TDR Turbo Diesel Register. The chapter has been active ever since with monthly dinner meetings, dyno days, camping trips, and bomb, or wrench, parties. At BOMB parties, we get together and everyone helps each other work on and improve their rigs. BOMB is an acronym for Better Off Modified Baby and that’s the way most of us think. Stock sucks and it is better off modified. [better Off Modified Baby was later changed here at ITD to Better Off Modified BUDDY] Most of the trucks in the club have a long list of modifications. Our group consists of off roaders, daily drivers, highway RV toters, sled pullers, drag racers, dyno queens, show trucks, work trucks, and everything in between. As to the members, they consist of punk ass kids to gray haired old farts. We fit together well and enjoy each other’s company. There’s never a dull moment when we get together! Although the original founders of this group are Cummins fanatics, as are the largest percentage of the members, this club and the website consists of owners of all the brands of diesel powered pickups. All are welcome! The club has been in existence for a few years, but communication was somewhat difficult. The TDR website was the main club forum, but some of the club members were not members of that site. We also posted club info on a few of the other diesel sites, but it was eventually decided that the Idaho BOMBers chapter needed its own website. As a result, our website, www. idaho bombers forum .com was born in 2006. Later changing the name to www. idaho turbo diesels . com. www.idahoturbodiesels.com . It served as a place to discuss and plan our events and to talk about our rigs. Most of the members of the site are from Idaho and Eastern Oregon, however there are members from all over the US. [And Canada!]
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    I've gone off the deep end this time. I've got to thank MoparMom for pushing me into buying them. I bought a set of Morimoto D2S HID headlights. There is a place called http://shop.retroshop.us/ that assembles the HID light into the headlight case that you select. Then you can select bulb temperatures and ballast wattage amounts as well. I'm highly impressed with Morimoto HID's awesome design and light pattern is HUGE. I can see 30-40 feet off in the ditch of both sides of the highway even on low beam. High beam the light travels a long ways better than a mile still seeing reflectors and signs. Low beams Now you'll notice the light has a step on the driver side. That step lines up perfect on the yellow line of the highway. The driver side is cut off just a bit shorter to prevent blinding on coming traffic. The passenger side is just a touch higher. High beam As you'll see the high beam is huge. It travels a long ways down the highway. Then the headlight... The group on my site started doing the Morimoto H1 Mini's because they are so easy to install. I'll admit the Morimoto D2S lens is bigger and produces a wider path of light. I also admit it reduces the stress of driving at night. The quality of light and the wide path of light is nice to have. So I've got to send my Thanks to a few people MoparMom for pushing to get them, Snow Dodge for letting me see his Headlights and setting me up with Retro Shop, and Me78569 for pioneering the Morimoto H1 mini's and producing the article on my site. Sure makes it nice when you rolling home from Ontario at midnight to be able to see in the canyon. Seeing deer down the highway and off in the barrow ditch.
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    Promoted even on my site... Kind of late but who knows...
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    Idaho State ATV Association meeting/camping this weekend in Pine/Featherville. -Kris
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    Yup, we've been down that road doing all the research, which is why we had Travis do it. -Kris
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    Hey guys... Anyone want to post this up on my site? I've just gone over to check and no post placed.
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    Don't even get me started on network problems. The scanner does nothing if it can't communicate, only a lab scope is going to help. I've seen dozens of replaced modules that didn't fix the problem, all because a scanner wouldn't communicate with the module. When CAN was standardized in 08, it got somewhat easier. Here's to hoping Flex Ray makes it easier still, because network problems are always a nightmare.
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    That's not what a scanner does. It simply tells you what code was flagged. Codes get flagged when a certain parameter or threshold was not reached. You still need to find why it wasn't reached. I use the data more than anything, it's invaluable for things like rich and lean codes, 02 codes and the most helpful of all, fuel trims. If you know what the parameters should be that is. If you don't, then the data isn't going to mean much. For instance, no scanner will tell you a cam sensor is bad. It simply tells you the signal was not received by the pcm, and sometimes gives clues like circuit high or circuit low, but those are only clues after checking the schematic, since you need to know which side of the circuit the sensor is on before high or low will tell you anything. Could be either side if DC or could even be ac which is completely different. Sometimes the codes are inderectly related, meaning an effect, not a cause. And tons of jobs have no codes at all. I get those constantly. I've seen cam codes caused by a shorted crk sensor, with no codes for the crank sensor. I've seen bad pcms cause this, with the only symptom being a code for no cam signal. No to mention more wiring faults than I could ever hope to remember. With probably half already having a new sensor because somebody threw a sensor at it simply because the code was tripped. Also, ya never know which ones are easy and which aren't. I just looked at a Forrester for an AC problem that is the most complicated circuit in recent memory. I probably spent two full hours just staring at the schematic trying to figure out exactly how this system worked. No codes, minimal bi directional control and exactly zero help from the scanner. That doesn't mean scanners don't help, of course they help, sometimes they help tremendously. But do the work for you? Not even close.
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    @MUDDY or @4Play need to post that up on my site... https://mopar1973man.com/forum/46-northwest-states/ I see the last post from ITD was by lcacn, June 30, 2013
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    Apparently I signed up here back in '08ish, under the name Power Smoker, and forgot about it. Is there any way to merge the two accounts? Anyway my name is Wayne Yates. I've lived several places in Idaho, and several other states, but moved back into the state to Twin Falls about 3 years ago. A guy here from Twin named Cody referred me here, so I figure I might give this forum a try again. I am a Power Stroke loyalist, but I can sure appreciate the other brands for what they are. I also run a small Power Stroke specialty shop in Twin Falls, called Stroke Works. I look forward to meeting you guys/girls on here, and hope to see some of you at local-ish events.
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    Hey guys. I just thought I would update some pics since all the others got deleted. Not much news to update. I been hauling the trailer around and loving the way the truck runs pulling the trailer. I really think it runs happier under a load. It almost seems quieter. I don't really care to daily drive the truck anymore. It rides very rough and shifts too hard for my taste. I still haven't bought the rsk. I plan to get it installed this winter. I also still need to do the body mount bushings. I put the 5 speed swap on hold until I can get some money together. I had a couple awsome donor trucks slip through my fingers and it kinds ruined my ambition. So much to do and so little time. My second son is due to be born in about 4 weeks so free time is about to be reduced to 0.
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    Soon to be 15 years as a club. Idaho Turbo Diesels has been going strong since early 2002. Wrench party events. aka bomb parties. dyno days. camp trips and off road adventures. 4wd and utv and atv. shooting events. in addition we just had an anniversary for our website. December 6th of 2016 marks our 10 year anniversary of our website, www.idahoturbodiesels.com which went on the air dec 6 2006. register and log on to be able to view all of the forum! our first wrench party event was in june of 2002 in Nampa Idaho. soon to be 15 years since the club was organized. our organization is for all diesel owners or for all interested in diesels. we have dodge cummins , chevy duramax, and ford powerstroke along with import diesels and other interesting conversions. we even have non diesel owners participate in our events, shooting and off road and camping. an enjoyable 15 years with the Idaho turbo diesels club. thank you to all who make it happen!
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    Computers, guns, diesels...I think I'm going to like it here. Throw in machining and metrology and we have a clean sweep of all my current hobbies...though I do tend to go through hobbies like underwear.
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    Muddy, can i make a donation after i get back from my vacation? And i dont have pay pal. Ill send you a money order.
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    For whatever reason, I've had a ton of hemis opened up. Mostly 5.7's but I've be done a couple 6.2? I think it is? Or 6.0 maybe? I also completely rebuilt one for a car lot that spent too much to cut it's losses. One of the few engines I've completely rebuilt. It had a failed rod bearing and was driven like that for good knows how long, but the crank was smoked. It's an okay engine, nothing special. Parts for it are super expensive for whatever reason. And it's heavy, really heavy. I bent a steel bar like a banana flipping one over on an engine stand. They tend to have a lot of valve train problems I've noticed. Particularly the lifters, and ya gotta pull the head to change em out. The variable displacement system is sweet when it works, but rare. I've only seen one of those compared to dozens of standard lifters. By the way, diesels have an equal amount of electronics and sensors, if not more. But the comment on them lasting longer on average is simply undeniable. Lots of reasons for it that I won't get into hear but it's simply a fact. The engineering that has gone into these diesels over the last ten years is astonishing. Those engineers were given a seemingly impossible task of squeezing a thousand lb-ft with near zero emissions and twenty miles a gallon... and they came through in spades. We have some very smart people working here in America. I'm super proud of them.
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    I made a donation. I also talked to a few people about the forum and asked them if they would like to join. It would be awsome to see some more traffic here at ITD.
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    Hey gang... @MUDDY has added a Donation software to the yet. Please help fund the ITD site and keep it going.
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    Being a good friend of Muddy all these years I had to pitch in $10 to the new donation system so he's looking at nothing waiting for other members to pitch in. So there is an another $10 donation as well from Mopar1973Man.Com.
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    Muddy paid for the site maintenance fees on the software. During that time he asked for me to purchase the donation plugin for the site. I got that all installed and did a test donation of $10 dollars and Muddy is now $10 richer on behalf of Prevail Web Management...
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    Like I explained to Muddy... Every one of these picture hosting companies will eventually be forced to turning over to a paid hosting. There is no way they can continue to freely host images forever. Just like ITD it WAS a free site since 2006. Now we started adding advertisements and soon be adding donations because there are bills you have to pay to keep the site alive. Now consider when Photobucket started camera technology back then were small 0.3 megapixels to maybe 2 Megapixel (600 kilobytes). Today's cameras are pushing 8 megapixels (6-7 megabytes) and up making the pictures huge in size of the file. Now consider every picture uploaded is 7-9 megabytes won't take long for someone like myself with 8 Megapixel camera to fill up some space. Just looking quickly for 11,000 some odd photos I consume well over 21 Gigabytes worth of storage. http://support.photobucket.com/hc/en-us/articles/200724444-Plus-Subscription-Pricing-Info Give you a feel for cost vs. hosting at least for Mopar1973Man.com I've got hosting plan of 90 GB of storage and 3 TB of bandwidth for $60 a month or $720 a year. Now at least Mopar1973Man.Com does have to use advertisements but I've got roughly 36 times more traffic per month than ITD which just the traffic alone in advertising produces over $1,360 a year (2006 Google Adsense income). So in my example, my advertising is capable of keeping the site alive. Photobucket to several thousand times larger and bandwidth requirements to display all the different pictures on every site that someone posted a link. I can see where the advertisements no longer able to pay the bills and the bandwidth and storage of all the photos is getting huge. So they had to switch over to a paid system to continue paying that bill. So don't expect to ride on any free hosting for very long before the wave of people forces the next hosting site to a paid solution. So no matter how you slice this pie the more content you are storing the more traffic using said content then cost goes up. Just for the feel of the expense of hosting just check out hosting companies prices like here is iPage on the Virtual Private Servers. Slide that slider up to optimal and see what the price does. Now attempt to figure out an income plan to keep the site growing in the black. https://www.ipage.com/advanced-hosting/vps.bml Now jump from VPS to Dedicated Servers... Now thing really gets expensive fast... https://www.ipage.com/advanced-hosting/dedi-ppc.bml If you want you own long term solution I would say to buy a shared hosting over on iPage or GoDaddy.com and then install Coppermine photo software and you'll have you own photo hosting site that you own yourself. GoDaddy.Com at $8 a month or $96 a year. https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting Then Coppermine which is free software. http://coppermine-gallery.net/ So now you would own your own photo hosting company and do it for a fraction of the cost of Photobucket and never have to worry about increases.
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    I may have found an app that will let me share pics, its called imagur.
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    Some to be aware of is you coolant age and type. Like GM Dexcool has a history of issues for their coolants there is a lot of similar coolants that are close to Dexcool but not the same color. Don't fall into the trap of the 5 year or 100k or 150k mile coolants. Most coolants will not make it that in mileage. You have to watch the year span of the coolant more so that mileage. Another thing to be aware of every time you crank a diesel engine over you placing a current charge on the block with will eventually start to charge the coolant like a battery typically this will start pull the pH level of the coolant down and create corrosive coolant that eventually weakens the metal parts in the block like head gaskets, thin coolant tubing, etc. WARNING! Make sure not to mix orange and green coolants together! I highly suggest doing coolant flush at least 1 year early than what the coolant is rated for and not rely on the mileage amount as much being most folks don't drive very much per year typically. Make sure to drain it all flush it completely out with lots of clear water and replace the thermostat. (Dodge / Cummins) During refill, if you can leave the thermostat out fill to the bottom of the thermostat lip and then assemble this way to purge all air before sealing the coolant jacket. Like the thermostat housing above the metal is etched and corroded but the coolant was still a very clean green color. Bad part was the coolant was already way low in the pH scale. Some measure this by voltage by touching black to battery ground and red just touching the coolant. Other folks use pH test strips like https://www.amazon.com/Cool-Trak-311519-Coolant-Testing-Strips/dp/B000MIUJMO . As for the coolant voltage you want to see 0.4 DC volts or less for good coolant.
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    Still reading that thread and watching... A lot of hurt, bruised feelings in this thread. One of the few reason I don't bother with CF much anymore. The real information is intermixed with all the battling back and forth. The only factual person in the pile is Marin from BBI. So now you got a moderator that isn't moderating the thread nor cleaning it up or keeping it civil. Then you got the "Big Names" of the forums shooting their mouth off again with little factual information. Reminds me of the days of 2 cycle oil theory and the battles I went through... After all the long years of study and posting information, it became excepted. But I had my fair share of forum battles too. Again this why I'm not over at CF much any longer I just tired of the battles and lack of moderation by the staff.
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    Ha! My 10 month old can accomplish the same thing banging two rocks together in a patch of cheat grass.
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    First off for all browser problems make sure you are using Google Chrome (515/555 scored). That is the most HTML5 compliant browser that meets the requirements of the internet. Internet Explorer is behind the times. https://html5test.com/
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    another interesting thread on CR injectors http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/3rd-gen-powertrain/2297658-regarding-jkidd-dap-bosch-10.html
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    We do have a site on FB. I'm working to help update it a bit so any posts or traffic people can provide is appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/idahoturbodiesels
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    I know muddy is not a facebook person. But, i think if the site was on fb, it might help to get this site jumping again. We may meet someone that would be able to host dyno days again. Those were fun.
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    In case any of you are interested in seeing what your truck had for equipment when it was made: - Go to this website ---> http://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/dodge/index.html - Click on the link down the left side of the page that says "Equipment List" - Enter your VIN in the smaller search bar and click search :cheers:
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    I have their tripple disc on my truck, love it.
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    An updated version of this anniversary post would be great for the Facebook page. I hate to branch out into the various paths of social media being a grumpy ol' recluse most of the time but it is where the younger crowd spends their time. I would like to get some more traffic on the Facebook page but if it picks up much, it may be worth looking into the twitter, instagram, etc.. sites. I don't know the info and requirements that made up the dyno days but I do know that is a big hit with the younger crowds if it could be brought to life again. The 208CoalRollers group on Facebook has a very good following of the younger crowd and I see mention quite often of wanting dyno events. Funny part of that group is there aren't many GtGs. That is a bonus we have in my opinion.
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    coming up is our july meet. wed july 19th at 6.30 pm @ alejandras. wilder great place for the meet as we have our own ''quiet'' meeting room large enough for our groups. we range in attendance from a dozen to 25 people normally and the room is perfect and the food is normally good. cya wed the 19th
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    What about a dyno day? Me and mom miss trips to idaho for dyno days.
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    great time with a good turnout except we about ran out of seating. the big room had a weak a/c and that needs fixed so we used the main dining room and grouped a few tables together. seating worked out and food was good and we had a good time visiting with all you good people made a plan for a future itd camp trip at an undisclosed location. to be discussed in detail at upcoming idaho turbo diesels dinner meet.
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    I normally fill the system with the thermostat removed that way there is no need to burp the system. Another way is to remove a heater hose from the head but the thermostat is easier.
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    Dunrite Converters . Indeed I will get you a text.

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