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    https://dashboardcamerareviews.com/ some ideas on here.
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    Linux... All the way baby! "Outright dangerous unless very well trained", I laugh about that I've got so many PC people converted to Linux as they learn they learn the dangers right along slowly. It's true it can grow into the most reliable companion just consider the majority of all website like ITD here are running on Linux OS. Very true that it's unstoppable Linux doesn't have the shortcoming like windows where you get the blue screen of death or locked up computer that requires rebooting. "Few people have the ability to take care of it so don't expect any help." That is complete BS. There are millions of people all over the place that use Linux OS and web site all over the internet for support of all versions of Linux. Most common is Ubuntu and there are resources like Ubuntu Forum. If you didn't know Linux and Android are the same family...
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    I would have to agree that 90+ lbs of just tire with the immense added dimensional forces can eat a factory front end extremely fast once one component starts to get loose. Adding a lift and more leverage/bushing deflection seems to be a perfect recipe for a short lived front end and the road to death wobble. One shot of death wobble can wreak havoc on all components in seconds with that much weight sitting over the steering. I loved having the extra clearance and the look was much better but its all stock height for me now. I'm still running 34x12's but everything is staying tight and there seems to be no premature wear. The damn heims and bars are monsters and I cant see them ever being an issue unless its wear from pure mileage and use. They are still a wear item but I don't see that happening any time soon. Maybe if the Teflon were to wear off but there is no sign of that at all yet. I have to say, I inspect everything regularly and its pristine. I've swapped to a better control arm and track bar setup which made a huge improvement as well. I never liked the stock deflection and the squishy feeling it gave. It also eliminated almost all of the pull from ruts. The ride is much more positive and the response over stock is great. I figured it would be very harsh but comparing to my old man's exact truck (all OEM@40k miles) save for the 3500/2500 difference I think its a much better driving experience. Mine feels like its on rails compared to his. I also swapped to different ball joints but not sure that would have been an issue after the arms and steering. My only regular concern is the unit bearings. I've had to replace one set but with the design and being a wheel bearing, its just the price of doing business. The steering gearbox... maybe. I can see it not holding up to the larger tire setup but not as likely. Once I drop on the bumper/grille/winch I may reduce the tire size a bit but I'll see how she does.
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    Again just like the Title of the thread "Why Muddy needs a "TRUE" Desktop Computer (not a laptop with 2x2 twigs under it and a fan). Laptops are fine for light duty work in the field but they are not good for every day work and being left on. Cooling system is limited and heat is the number one killer of computer parts. Now you know why I have 6 fans in my PC here at home this is designed for being left on and running 24/7 and handling heavy work loads without failing.
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    Well i got my truck back yesterday. It looks awsome. I think they did a great job. You would never know there was any rust. They even cleaned it inside and out. I took some pics. Unfortunately i don't have any before pics. It had noticeable rust bubbling under the paint above the windshield on the drivers side, it also leaked sometimes. New seam sealer along the drip rails. Also had noticeable rust around the third brake light. They made it all shiny and shit. I'm still looking for a zf5 donor truck.
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    good idea to have in these weirdtimes we live in. one needs to document to prove innocence some times. in addition summer time scantily clad scenery wont have a clue you are adding to your photo collection......... ( . ) ( . )
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    They work quite well. Had one for a while now. Just don’t get too close. You’ll have quite the explosive situation.
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    White Water Wilderness Ranch looking towards Seven Devils Mountain Range... Winter is coming... (09/24/17)
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    Another funny... MoparMom asked if I would replace the outside light on the corner of the house to provide more light in the driveway. So I stopped in Home Depot and picked up two 120 watt LED flood bulbs (actually 12 watts power used) but got the daylight version of bulbs. Then last night installed them and re-aimed the lights. Now this morning I get up and MoparMom has already been up for a bit and said' "it snowed last night". I'm like "really?!" So I look out the front door with the lights on and don't see any snow at all. So MoparMom looks again and mistaken the flood lights and the light pattern for snow.
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    I'll post up some stuff I'm running across. Like How much Microsoft is attempting to be more like Linux. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/08/09/win_subsystem_for_linux_coming_to_win_server/ Here is a tidbit for you Muddy... About Netflix and HTML5... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/22/netflix_on_linux/ Microsoft joins Linux... ??? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/11/16/after_microsoft_joins_linux_google_cloud_joins_net_foundation/ Ubuntu Linux now on Windows Store (for Insiders) https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/07/11/linux_is_on_the_windows_store_download_now/
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    Wiped out 3 different variations of the stock steering and had death wobble many times. The truck had 15k on it when I bought it and all 3 setups only lasted a few thousand before wiping out rod ends. Swapped to the heims and never have worn any out yet. Never experienced death wobble with this setup but it seemed on the verge until I replaced almost every single steering component on the truck. Steering is crisp and clean now even after running 37s for quite some time. She's back to stock with 34s and been doing great for more than 100k. I'm guessing if you get a truck with a decent front end to start it may never be an issue. I just couldn't drop the coin on the entire front end when I bought it so I went with heims. Probably would have replaced it all at some point anyway. From all the research I've done it seems as though some trucks never have an issue and others have every issue. My luck always follows the latter.
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    The date and location has been set for the ITD website photo and October dinner meet/BBQ. Bring a dish, your favorite beverages, and possibly a chair or two. The photo will take place first and then we will be following @MUDDY to a luxurious BBQ site. The location of the photo shoot will be NW of Parma just past 43°49'18.48"N, 117° 0'44.82"W https://www.google.com/maps Fort Boise WMA - Idaho Fish and Game - Conservation Department 20847 Old Fort Boise Rd Parma, ID 83660 at the end of the road near the river. We will try to get our fearless leader @MUDDY to arrive a little early and post a couple plates or signs at the end of the road with directions to the exact location. We are looking to get the photo shoot done in a minimal amount of time so please try to arrive at 10:00 am.
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    Secretary? I think I'm insulted! Lol. Last time I threatened to clean his office he tasked o our. Keeps claiming he will clean it......hmmmmmm.
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    hmm .. 1st - I hadn't thought to look at admin cp since I've only had access to it as a true admin since Sunday. Couldn't even view another admin's profile until then. 2nd - looks like at least 3 different email addresses listed for a Mopar1973 of some sort not to mention prevail username/email or I could have assumed you meant your FB email/messenger, etc.... hence the red letters in the quote above. Man tries to be courteous and send things to the right account and look what he gets. Sheesh. I'll get em sent off tonight when I get home. You wanted those sent to all accounts yes?
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    I agree 100%. Old Blue goes into the body shop tomorrow. The more I think about it $1500 seems pretty fair for what they have to do. As long as its done right I shouldn't have any more problems with the roof for a long time.
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    Got the pics uploaded. Quality isn't quite what I'd hoped for but there may be some haze on the internal lens of the camera. Here are the raws. I didn't do any editing on them yet but @Mopar1973Man can see if its something to work with. I can make a few adjustments if needed.
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    Thank you kindly dear! I had a great time and really enjoyed it all!
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    @IDMooseMan Forgot all about getting the camera over to you early. I'll get it charged up, saddle up the young-ins, and head out early to get you some time with it. I've got the tripod, some filters and two lens options. I think the 6 Gig card should do us plenty fine.
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    I will be there as early as possible. Took Susi to the airport yesterday. She is in Germany now, to see her mom for the final time.
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    The way my luck works I still wouldn't win.
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    doing a drawing for those who rsvp'ed for the meet.
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    The date and location has been set for the ITD website photo and October dinner meet/BBQ. Bring a dish, your favorite beverages, and possibly a chair or two. The photo will take place first and then we will be following @MUDDY to a luxurious BBQ site. The location of the photo shoot will be NW of Parma just past 43°49'18.48"N, 117° 0'44.82"W https://www.google.com/maps Fort Boise WMA - Idaho Fish and Game - Conservation Department 20847 Old Fort Boise Rd Parma, ID 83660 at the end of the road near the river. We will try to get our fearless leader @MUDDY to arrive a little early and post a couple plates or signs at the end of the road with directions to the exact location. We are looking to get the photo shoot done in a minimal amount of time so please try to arrive at 10:00 am.
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    We can always Photoshop in a big billboard with your picture that says "Mopar1973Man Was Here"
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    So just for fun, I ran downstairs to check my own batteries. The electrolyte is low in all cells. It no longer touching the full ring. So I grabbed the "Steam" distilled water and proceeded to load all the cells up with distilled water. Now since distilled water and the acid mixture has different specific gravity rating you have to mix the distilled water into the acid mixture. This is done with a equalize charge. My inverter has a function for that and allows me to equalize the entire bank. As you can see the charger is heading up to the target of 31.0 Volts or in a 12-volt world it would be 15.5 Volts. This will make the battery gassy and as the bubbles rise to the top they will stir the distilled water into the rest of the cell also at the same time removing plate sulphation. It took me all of about 10 minutes to load up the batteries, about 3 quarts of distilled water added, start the equalize process, put all the cell cap on and then put the lid on the batter box. Within about 30 seconds I could already smell the gas starting. My battery box is vented outside the building. Just got to remember that I'm doing all this on a 4kw Inverter @ 120 VAC and 820 Amp/hour of batteries in 24-volt configuration. I'm just powering my ENTIRE house on a 24/7 basis...
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    I finished up the body bushings about 1230 and started working on the rsk install. I painted everything first thing this morning. It still isn't dry. Its too wet and rainy today. The pmf rsk is a beautiful piece of fabrication. I installed the new drop pitman arm. I had a puller for the old one and I'm happy I did. It was really on there. I had to use heat to get it to finally pop loose. I also installed the drop track bar bracket and bolted the track bar back up. All the old stuff is removed and I'm ready to start fitting the front spring mount. Heres how she is sitting at the moment. All the old junk. Now its beer thirty and football time.
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    Why am i not surprised that muddy posted that pic. Lol
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    Cummins 2.8L Crate Engines I can't believe you guys haven't told me about these! I can see these going into lots of projects.......
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    Found out today that the NAPA fall filter sale (At least for Twin Falls) will be: Oct 16 through Oct 21, 2017 Stock up!!
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    Can't add water to AGM they are sealed... One of the down falls to AGM batteries why I don't suggest them. Since there is more packing around the plates there is much less acid used in the batteries so it don't take very long for that little bit of moisture to vent over time and hard charging. I said I'd get you the information on the big batteries I use... http://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/L16REB_TrojanRE_Data_Sheets.pdf Just to give you a feel for the amount of use these batteries handle I can pour in just about a full gallon of distilled water to top off all eight batteries. Then after topping off, I do the "equalize charge" for about 2 hours to mix my acid and distilled water and I'm good to go for another month or so. You are looking at 2 banks of 24 volt batteries so equalize charge for these is reaching 30.5 to 31.0 volts for 2 hours. Being able to run these batteries 15 years is awesome compared to any AGM which is typically half as long being you attempt equalize charge to deal with sulphation issues and you'll end up with a battery like above with the case top blown. So this why AGM fail sooner because the plates will sulfate and there is no way to clean that up with a equalize charge or add distilled water. So like Muddy found out when his Optima battery failed him... Here is more on sulphation of batteries. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/sulfation_and_how_to_prevent_it If you look at the Yellow Optima above with the blown case you notice the sulphation already started and the owner attempted to resolve the issue and blew the case.
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    Make sure you use Delo ELC coolant! It is an H.O.A.T. coolant (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology), just like the Dodge OEM used. DexCool is an O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology) and is inferior. Don't go by color!! Means literally nothing!! If you want to do some research, just 'google' this: "Dexcool class action lawsuit" Mikes right! The green stuff has a life of 12 months from date of manufacture. (Notice I didn't say from date of installation or purchase......)
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    MSRP is listed here https://cumminsengines.com/repower.aspx at $8999.00 Only 500 available for 2017. Sept 29th at 9am Eastern they go on sale and only through the www.CumminsRepower.com website.
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    Now I know your full of
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    Not sure about the RV but I know I can make it for the BBQ for a little bit while Mom is doing treatment. Schedule is kind of in the free float mode right now. Too many things changing constantly.
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    I hate winter, hate the summer too. I'm more of a fall and spring kind of guy.
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    http://app.noreply.cummins.com/e/es?s=1480&e=207609&elqTrackId=9ceef69350e848fdb23ba01c4d53bb2d&elq=988517b3966b49528511197826de78e7&elqaid=7387&elqat=1 We are limiting quantities for 2017 to 500 engines so if you urgently need an engine, be ready to act quickly on Friday, September 29 at 9 a.m. Eastern at www.CumminsRepower.com. The only way to buy a Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel will be through our website so be sure to secure yours as early as possible!
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    Actually anywhere between the filter and the injection pump is fine. Myself I did a remote mount sensor bracket to get the sensor away from the water hammer pulses produced by the injection pump. I prefer to install the tapped banjo at the fuel filter, not the injection pump.
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    Winter of 2017 is on its way and you're going to need to warm up your Dodge Cummins truck fast!?!? Time to consider buying your Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit. They are designed for 1998.5, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels. The Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit will provide manual control of the Cummins ECM high idle functions at the twist of a switch. Then for the added bonus the switch also comes with the MPG fooler which tricks the ECM is seeing summer-like weather and set the timing accordingly. The Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit will work with all programmers and performance modules. We (Mopar1973Man.Com) are the only producer and seller of the Mopar1973Man High Idle Kits. This is not an APPS sensor fooler like many other kits. All the Cummins Safety systems are still in place with the Mopar1973Man High Idle Kits. The Mopar1973Man.Com High Idle Kit is handcrafted right here in the USA. https://mopar1973man.com/store/product/47-mopar1973man-cummins-high-idle-switch-kit/ I've got plenty in stock...
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    Im seriosly leaning towards the massey ferguson. Im also possibly going to pick up a dump trailer also to haul it around. And im hoping for it to be a gooseneck style trailer.
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    Again cargo light is constant hot +12V and the ground is switched on and off for control. As for the brake lights they have constant ground but the brake signal comes from the brake light switch.
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    I don't believe they have officially released it for the public yet.
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    Cool Muddy, thank you. Im gonna call them and see what they have to say. I'm gonna try and trade in the pathy and get my 3k out of it.
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    emissions compliant thru 99. hmmmmm. if i had that and a nv4500 and an atlas and a couple of dana 60's and a97-99 TJ...............
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    Ha! I posted this on the Facebook site but must have totally spaced linking it back here. I could have swore I did it but apparently no.
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    The DOR set (cant find markings to indicate brand) that had no teflon coating did end up with some grime down in the socket. With the teflon coated FKs I never found anything in sockets after 80k of Idaho/Nevada grime, dust, and salt. The ball was always shiny and clean. The teflon seems to act as a wiper and the ball is perfectly smooth so nothing really sticks. The DOR set also didn't have as tight of tolerance when I replaced them. I tossed them in my ultrasonic to check tolerance once the socket was clean and they had a very tiny amount of lateral movement. I like the DOR configuration better than Thuren since its the T style and they have more options but I would not use their joints. Thuren's setup joins both bars at the passenger knuckle which always creates a tiny amount of bump steer. DOR is a pain to get angles set just right but once they are.... I guess I should have clarified, the heims on the crossbar are still DOR since they haven't shown any sign of issues yet but I have the replacements to drop in when I get the trac bar adjusted back to where it should be. Thats why they are so dirty. I'd use the ones off my old Thuren setup but would like to sell it as a complete kit. Drag link heims are the FK. All four are 7/8 thread and 3/4 hole.
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    Mini-Van's Sux...
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    I gotta say i had a triton in my 01 f150 and it never let me down. It was by far the most reliable truck I've ever owned. I did find a decent suburban in Gooding for 6k. I might call the place and get some info on it. I just drove by and it looked nice. I appreciate your help guys. I never thought I would need to find a family wagon. I'm not willing to buy a mini van yet. If i found a cool old 4wd van I might consider it though.
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    24V system. (There is 8 6V batteries.) 4kw Inverter which produces 30 Amp at 120 volts AC. Box on the lower left is a step up transformer going from 120 to 240 Volts AC. 400 watts of solar in the front yard on a pole. (There is 8 50w panels) Then in the backyard I've got a hydro-generator (About 200-250w of continues power).
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    My solar setup here which is all lead acid batteries that power my house I equalize charge once a month. I clear typically 15 years or so. This is only about $4,800 worth of batteries all lead acid. 6 volt batteries arranged in a 24 volt banks which there are two banks. Giving me 820 Amp/hr of power. This is only a 4kw inverter. I will water the batteries once a month with distilled water which starts the stratification then you equalize charge the batteries to re-stir the acid back up as well as clean the sulphation off the plates.
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    bookmarked so i can go back and browse thru the info. i use optima in truck batts and rv storage batteries and storage for other equipment and the agm has worked flawless. 11 years in my 97 dually. 10 years in my rv and still going

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