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    Then make them haul it back and bring a new one to you.
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    Take that thing back to them, and claim it as a lemon. And make them get you a new one.. The rear spring hanger is not right also.
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    Handling is so much better. Way less wonder alot more precise steering no apparent roll in corners. 2 of factory arms the inside of bushings were detached just floating. Theyre a cheesy press together deal. The bushings still intake were wore to one side. These are stiker arms off ebay for 289. I inspected welds and they are solid though they could be alot better. There are arms on ebay for 239. If i had it to do over again id go that route. These fixed bushing arms are super inexspensive to make quality is so so stryker is making a huge profit. Anyways good beefier arms alittle over priced but ohhwell i didnt have the time to make them. These are are advertised as 1/2 longer(i verified they are) for 2-3" lift. Also if i had it to do over id get arms for a 3+ lift they are advertised as 1" longer I may or may not do an alignment ive got my toe with just hint of toe in. Ounce i have tight steering i may tine that to zero toe. Looking into the 2008.5 and newer steering would save time over fabbing it myself. Is a much better set up then what our trucks have. Nut fabbing may be the route. Ill already done the work to bring steering over the knuckle Steering track bar then done
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    Darn! I have to get my wife to work by 7pm in Ontario. How are ya do'in Muddy?
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    Good chow and lots of room. Come join the crowd!