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    Thanks Mike! Hopefully I can rustle up some activity. If any of the viewers out there have a facebook account and are following the ITD page, please share it publicly on your own timeline or send and "invite friends to like" to people you think may be interested. Lets stir the coals a bit and breath some fire back into the group.
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    Massey ferguson was formed in1953 when massey-harris co. Merged with three point hitch creators the ferguson company. Creating massey ferguson.
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    Well, as for yanmar. I learned that yanmar creator yamaoka hatsudoki kosakusho created the first small diesel in 1933.
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    I would like to publicly thank @4Play (Mark) for taking the Facebook Page over for Idaho Turbo Diesels. We just got him all set up as a Moderator. Thank you @4Play for doing this for Idaho Turbo Diesels.
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    Not sure of the functionality as I have no test rig in that variety but the parameter set looks decent enough.
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    Screenshot of the 1998.5 software. I always have my software with me at the dinner meets if you ever want to throw an eyeball on it.
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    UDC Pro is going back as early as 1998.
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    UDC Pro does have the option for boost/fuel limiting for an '02.
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    John deere Is the worlds leading manufacturer of ag. Machinery, forestry, and major construction equipment manufacturer. Deere and co. Was founded in 1837 by john deere, black smith and inventor of the first commetcially succesfull cast steel plow. Today the illinois based company employs more than 50,000 people around the world.
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    Mahindra One of the worlds largest tractor companies, with over 150,000 units sold every year. The companies homeland is india. Mahindras came to the usa in 1994.
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    New holland Was founded in 1895 in the pennsylvania borough of the same bame. Today new holland is part of italys fiat industrial, producing ag. Equipment for over 160 counntries worldwise.
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    Still here watching the outcome as well...
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    Wow! Now i feel like im school. I found out kubota build their own tractors, from engine to rear end. Ect,ect,ect. Im still looking, ill be looking at new holland and yanmars next.
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    please share your knowledge on the pro's and cons! these have changed from the ones I am used to. a few decades of change makes a difference
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