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  2. ok, which of you lucky gents is gonna jump at this chance? wish i could......
  3. We are limiting quantities for 2017 to 500 engines so if you urgently need an engine, be ready to act quickly on Friday, September 29 at 9 a.m. Eastern at The only way to buy a Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel will be through our website so be sure to secure yours as early as possible!
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  5. My View Of Computers...

    im learning it. and im a tard. it will take a while i reckon. thankfully i can visit my favorite eskimo midget albino porn sites with no worries
  6. im certainly done buying new ones taint worth it. nfw!
  7. Fuel filter relocation

  8. Fuel filter relocation

    my 97 has the primeloc. was awesome as a spin on off a 96 is used in an easy to reach location. there is a bttr idea. one of my n.a.p.a. filter heads under the hood. way easy to change. wish i had a pic of harolds 97.
  9. perhaps i shouldve added water and they wouldve lasted longe
  10. for a 2wd dually that sits 3 weeks at a time in the winter without any trickle charge i thought it pretty dam good. if i had a wood stove in that garage or lpg htr to warm it up the 11 yo optimas would still be in the truck. guess i shouldve put emback in for spring summer and fall to make the 15 years and keep em warm and trickl charged as well to gain battery life. it was awesome as i NEVER had to clean cables in those 11 yrs. not 1 single time i replaced them red tops with optima yellow tops and i run bigger version, the group 31 in the rv. 6 of them big bastards in there
  11. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    not ready for another bad winter. im gettin too old for this sht. lots to do in the meanwhile. @Muddys_Viagra bout time for them new 35 inch mud tires you were gonna get me. dont forget i buy in sets of 6 for my 2 matching spares. thankfully we only need one set for this winter. @LCACN has them cooper ST MAX traction tires in my desired size in stock. lemmeno when to go get em..
  12. Fuel pressure gauge

    Water hammer pulses?
  13. Fuel pressure gauge

    Actually anywhere between the filter and the injection pump is fine. Myself I did a remote mount sensor bracket to get the sensor away from the water hammer pulses produced by the injection pump. I prefer to install the tapped banjo at the fuel filter, not the injection pump.
  14. Mopar1973Man.Com High Idle Kits

    Winter of 2017 is on its way and you're going to need to warm up your Dodge Cummins truck fast!?!? Time to consider buying your Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit. They are designed for 1998.5, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels. The Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit will provide manual control of the Cummins ECM high idle functions at the twist of a switch. Then for the added bonus the switch also comes with the MPG fooler which tricks the ECM is seeing summer-like weather and set the timing accordingly. The Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit will work with all programmers and performance modules. We (Mopar1973Man.Com) are the only producer and seller of the Mopar1973Man High Idle Kits. This is not an APPS sensor fooler like many other kits. All the Cummins Safety systems are still in place with the Mopar1973Man High Idle Kits. The Mopar1973Man.Com High Idle Kit is handcrafted right here in the USA. I've got plenty in stock...
  15. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Just only 5 miles north of my place riding up on the north end of Water Water Wilderness Ranch heading towards my Fire Chief's house to give him a hand on wiring up a 6.0L Ford Powerstroke with all the fire device like a siren, radio, overhead lights, etc. So I came up over the ridge and saw the view it was pretty and I wanted it for my desktop so grabbed the cell phone and shot a few pictures. Being Android Phone and Linux work flawless together it's super simple to have a new desktop pic in seconds. Just like my Cummins I had to have my A-pillar of gauges for the PC too...
  16. Here is what happens if you equalize charge a AGM battery

    Still got you beat... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week always in use lead acid batteries that lasting upwards of 15 years. No longer storage periods like a vehicle where the vehicle sits for long periods doing nothing. These batteries are powering the house 24/7 always in use because if there city power we use the generated power first. If there is power failure or dirty power the city drops in under 10-20ms and inverter takes over instantly. So it nothing like a vehicle where is spends hours and days not in service.
  17. Sub compact tractor

    Im seriosly leaning towards the massey ferguson. Im also possibly going to pick up a dump trailer also to haul it around. And im hoping for it to be a gooseneck style trailer.
  18. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Love the pic mike
  19. Fuel pressure gauge

    Where is the best place to plumb in a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel pump?
  20. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    White Water Wilderness Ranch looking towards Seven Devils Mountain Range... Winter is coming... (09/24/17)
  21. Is there a way to move the filter assembly to a better location to change the filter?
  22. Last week
  23. Led third brake light

    Again cargo light is constant hot +12V and the ground is switched on and off for control. As for the brake lights they have constant ground but the brake signal comes from the brake light switch.
  24. Sad to see that much junk on a Cummins engine. They would save a bunch of money if they didn't was all that time with the EGR cooler and EGR vavle.
  25. Led third brake light

    My new cargo light is led. I worked on it for couple hours after work. I even hooked up a new head light switch to see if it was the switch. Nope. Even completely unhooked the cargo lights were still on. I rechecked the fuses, they were good. What I found odd on the cargo schematic was the wire colors for the cargo light plug matched the head light switch colors. But the head light switch colors didn't match the cargo light colors. I also couldn't find the two fuses the schematic showed that were constant powered. If I new that I was going to run into this issue with the new led light. I would have just bought new led bulbs for the stock housing. Oh well for now.
  26. Led third brake light

    I hear you. Sure seems odd when you encounter this. From the way you described the problem; your new cargo light is LED also? I hooked into the cargo light power (Disconnected the OEM light, and ran wires out of the cab and into my shell) on Meg ('06 Ram) and I remember that every time I checked there was 12V power to the cargo light. I just assumed it was part of a bulb check circuit because it's never enough to light an incandescent bulb and it doesn't seem to drain the battery. In Meg, instead of using a diode, I put two bulbs in the cargo light housing and another switch. I can now turn on the cargo light inside the shell either from the dash or from inside the shell.
  27. Led third brake light

    No loose connections. I ended up cutting the powered wire so the cargo lights are off. Ill end up wiring up a seperate switch for the cargo lights.
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