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  2. the weekend BOMB fire event was a great success. 11 in attendance. good food. and indeed a good time with friends. was the mother of all idaho turbo diesels BOMB fires. working to plan another event at the meeting. meeting tomorrow nite, wednesday feb 21'st. pic of our weekend bomb fire. indeed was some BTU's produced.
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  4. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    Yeah, but you've got a two post in your shop. Been there seen that... Now your cheating.
  5. the rest of the photos for the idaho turbo diesels "Mother of all BOMB Fires" shall be postd at :
  6. Cleaned up the knuckle and unit bearing with (death wheel) wire wheel. Now they fit together nicely. I threw the damn mud sheild as far as i could throw it same as i did the other side now they match. Ive found mud/dust sheilds do nothing but hold mud sticks and dirt agaisnt the rotor. Now its to damn cold to do anymore. Greased the uppers any holy hell they took alot of grease. Next up after this is steering or control arms. Control arms and track bar will be all adjustable. Still debating hiems or rubber or combinatiin of both Im getting used to driving the jeep and have a welder on back of the dodge wich is handy to not be tied to a 220 10ft extension cord. Also debating a hypotherm 30 air plazma to maintain portability but having 45xp in the shop has spoiled me. Also have 150ft of welding leads enroute. Its always been a dream of mine to bite into the portable welding word. Thinking about renewing a few certs though i never did find much need for certs. Holy cow im getting side tracked. My beaitiful Crystal watching me build a metal gate
  7. was a great time. 11 guys and gals made the trip for a good time. perhaps the biggest fire i have attended that was not accidently or naturally caused. photos posted on link
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  9. Fuel pressure gauge

    Im staying on the 44 with fuel run into the cab at my gauge
  10. Whered mopar man when you want to turn ball joints into a 30 minute job. Steered this hub off, cussed yelled and bled I wouldnt recomend ball joints as quick easy money saving job I rented a press and ended up fabbing sleeves myself nothing in balljoint kit would work. Im going to clean this hub up and antisieze the shit out of it The drivers side let go a few years ago. Its still good and i dont have money to replace it right now The hard parts done. Ended quitting here.
  11. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    A guy who has done it a few times can have the cab off of one one of those things in about an hour. It's really not as big of a deal as it initially sounds. I'll be pulling the cab on mine in the fairly near future to do a myriad of upgrades, new up pipes and an external wastegate among them. But the power of a 6.4 is addicting, and the transmission is one of the best on the market. Of all of the trucks I've owned over the years (and they all have/had their strengths and weaknesses), my 6.4/5R110 is the nicest package for towing that I've ever had.
  12. the time for the mother of all idaho turbo diesels bomb fire is now upon us see ya here:
  13. wed feb 21'st, this coming wednesday. same place same time. 6.30 alejandras for this coming weekend check out the bomb fire threads as well.
  14. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    @IDMooseMan craigs OBS is a hard one to beat. the newer versions do not excite me like the old ones. and the later ones worry me too much to invest in.
  15. U Joints

    At least I could just use that ball joint press to just press the bearing caps off and change it fast. Much better than pulling the entire driveline and wrestling it in the shop on the floor. Always looking for easier way to do things and this was one of them.
  16. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    Really poor design that you are required to have a 2 post lift to work on your Ford truck. Majority of the stuff you got to do on these truck requires the cab to be lifted off the frame to access different parts of the engine. Even on the older 7.3L Fords you have things like the rail plugs for high pressure oil you need to replace the o-rings but have to lift the cab off to replace the rear two plug o-rings. I still love the old 7.3L Fords compared to the 6.0L and the 6.4L... (Yuk)
  17. 6.4L Ford owner complained about low power

    id hate to have to pull the cab off my ford to remedy that issue condolences to those poor gents.
  18. U Joints

    glad ya arent layin on the snow in the side of the road fixing that bugger.
  19. U Joints

    Last night on the way home I start detecting a vibration occurring when the driveline went slack. Kind of knew at that point the rear driveshaft was going to be the trouble maker. I found a way to change the rear most u-joint in under 1 hour without pulling the driveshaft. I grabbed the Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press and began to press the old joint out. Finish the job and rolled it out of the shop in under 1 hour.
  20. I wonder why? https://i.imgur.com/lGSVb7M.mp4 As you can see the turbo is ruined. I'm not sure if the video is working but the shaft is broken on the turbine. Then all the flex points of the exhaust are leaking drive pressure. So less performance. Ford 6.4L really took a beating and lost this round for sure.
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  22. Hitler reacts to his Ford 6.0L issues...

    Lol, I love that video.
  23. Geez... Spendy bushings

    ouch, dont look like they made of gold....
  24. 2018 Sierra 110 miles had a rattle then quit...

    wonder what the cause was there. newest gen 5.3's/6.2's have had a great reputation so far. 5 years in production and they had the new gen 6.2 out earlier in the cars.
  25. Finally found one!

    The elusive 710 cap. Boy they are tough to find for blonde women.
  26. Geez... Spendy bushings

    Ford is sure proud of there parts WOW!
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