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  2. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. I hope so cause i'm stumped.
  3. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    wow! funny sht shows good site management on your part. you got your stuff together
  4. 94 6.5L Turbo, RPM surges???

    good morn! glad to see you on. hopefully someone will pipe in with some solutions.
  5. i got a 94 6.5 with some surging issues. i have replaced the PMD module, made some improvements but still surging once i reach 45mph+ when in cruise control rpm's jump 200-300 rpm . im stumped.
  6. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    I've gotta post this your all going to laugh... I've been on a mission of hardening the Mopar1973Man.Com site making it nearly bulletproof. I've finally done it. Yeah. I made a call today to fix a minor error that the server keeps emailing me about. So I called the hosting company and ask them about it. "Give me a few minutes" and the guy places me on hold. Then returns back in an about 5 minutes and told me not even the "Master Admin" could access my site. So I emailed the massive password and the login details I'm using in Linux. Come to find out they are stuck with Windows (Putty) for doing there work. Still the Admin still couldn't access the server at all even with the login details and password. I ended up tearing down my modification to SSH server so the techs could access the site. The tech made the comment to me... "My hats off to you. Your site is the most secure site I've seen that prevented the master admin from even entering." So back to returning the site security back the way it was... Bulletproof!
  7. Last week
  8. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    they do not twiddle their thumbs for sure.
  9. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Give you an idea of how long I've been a Linux nut... I started back at Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). Now, look at the timeline... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases
  10. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    well worth switching. G's old toshiba, mike place linux on and i am learning. change sucks, yes.... but at the same time my other laptop has windows 10. hate it. i use the linux for most of my 'surfing' here and there as i know thsat even looking at a thread on cummins forum left my windows 10 with a fkn zuess virus i know that if i wanted tgo look at midget porn, the linux would be safe while the windows unit will pick up many virus'.
  11. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    im gathering wood for an upcoming itd camp and bomb fire. be advised all this will be the mother of all camp fires photos to come
  12. Chevy's weak wheels

    i am a believer in sticking with stock, or near stock offsets. the first 2nd gen i had, i used my white spokers from my first gen. nfw! 4 wheelin with the windows down in the mud? well there is a reason they call me muddy. from then on my 2nd and 3rd gens utilized the stock wheels. indeed, i wonder why the engineers do not build aftermarket pickup wheels for adequate strength. too many shortcuts are being made.
  13. Tranny go boom

    dang keep us posted.
  14. indeed. josh and his lovely wife. josh has a real nice 6.5 hopefully josh will share some postings here.
  15. New Members??? Do tell, do tell...
  16. Chevy's weak wheels

    Oh this isn't the only one I've seen where wheels have failed. I've seen several pictures of ricers wheels coming apart in the center, hubs breaking out etc. I'm just rubbing my head trying to figure out what wheel manufacturers are thinking? Like my factory wheels. 3 of them failed to cracks on the inside bead and ended up buying those cheap modular aluminum mags that flug road salt all over the side window. Thanks to you and the 16x7 steel 2nd gen wheels I'm much happier now. Windows are much cleaner too.
  17. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Other than my pockets aren't deep enough. Knowing my RV is very cold in the winter and can go through propane fairly rapidly. If it was for running back and forth to Ontario, OR I would most likely do a dry run by myself.
  18. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Like I just did a PM with Muddy about some of the backhanded things Microsoft was doing. I'll admit for the 5-6 years now that I've been strictly Ubuntu Linux I've got to say I'm extremely pleased. No longer having to pay ransom money for antivirus software. No longer in constant fear of some new malware wiping out my PC's. Funny part I've not paid for a single piece of software in the 5-6 years either. Everything has been free and supported by the manufacturer. I've just upgraded all my devices to use IMAP email now so no matter what device I use all my email is up to date and the same. These are some of the reasons I bailed out of Microsoft products... Another black eye for Microsoft. And you wonder why I bailed out of MS products... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/07/talos_says_msft_edge_content_security_bypass_is_a_feature_wont_be_patched/ Now Microsoft is breaking printer drivers...Funny part is Linux just upgrade printer driver schemes to make it easier. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/windows_update_killed_my_printer/ Then Microsoft can't get people to take the beta exam so they will start charging money for the exam... Again funny Linux is complete open source and anyone can beta their software. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/microsoft_to_charge_for_beta_exams/ The rabbit hole gets even deeper for Microsoft... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/16/kaspersky_nsa_staffers_pc_was_riddled_with_malware_from_pirated_code/ Microsoft and it weak security and being able to force malware on the user... Thank Gawd for Linux "SUDO" command this will never happen ever! https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/15/november_patch_tuesday/
  19. Tranny go boom

    Well something broke... Strangely enough, so far I've been really lucky with my 5 speed. Never had a 5th gear issue. Then the day I broke the mainshaft I still continue driving to deliver a truck for its owner that I was towing on a trailer. The only gears I had was 1st, 2nd, 5th and Reverse... Still traveled the 20 miles on a broken main shaft. Just didn't have 3rd or 4th gears.
  20. Tranny go boom

    Well, yesterday afternoon was interesting to say the least. I was driving to get some dinner,and after making a turn and driving again. The next thing i know i hear a boom and i suddenly have no gears. Forward, reverse, ect. I had to wait for the tow truck to take me home. Dont know yet what happened until the tranny is pulled.
  21. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Thats why i like android phones,not much in a way of viruses.
  22. This will fix my tranny

    Should give me a call when you get to McCall I'm just spitting distance from McCall.
  23. This will fix my tranny

    Ill be hazing my way up to mccall to pickup a welding trailer. If see a white dodge with rickidy trailer its probly me. Truck is still xoing awesome. Mpg numbers up since getting rid of the duals
  24. good turnout. good time. was wondefful to visit with you all again and was awesome to have our new members look forward to your postings. unsure on future meeting location at this time. a few outings are in the works.
  25. also lets try to park together. whose gonna be firsst on site?
  27. cya in a few hrs. dont forget new location @marsingbob
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