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  2. Tow Pig Project

    Well i got my truck back yesterday. It looks awsome. I think they did a great job. You would never know there was any rust. They even cleaned it inside and out. I took some pics. Unfortunately i don't have any before pics. It had noticeable rust bubbling under the paint above the windshield on the drivers side, it also leaked sometimes. New seam sealer along the drip rails. Also had noticeable rust around the third brake light. They made it all shiny and shit. I'm still looking for a zf5 donor truck.
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  4. Dash cams

    good idea to have in these weirdtimes we live in. one needs to document to prove innocence some times. in addition summer time scantily clad scenery wont have a clue you are adding to your photo collection......... ( . ) ( . )
  5. Dash cams some ideas on here.
  6. Bug a salt rifle

    They work quite well. Had one for a while now. Just don’t get too close. You’ll have quite the explosive situation.
  7. Bug a salt rifle

    hell yeah @Muddys_Viagra tis the season........ and it be a lot of fun and we can hone our skills
  8. Last week
  9. Air Cooled Hemi...

    sucks. hoping a reliable alternative engine for fiat pickups for those wanting to avoid the emissions issues found with newer diesel pickups too bad the hemi failed to be a wise alternative........
  10. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    wow. scary deal. seems dell has had issues for years
  11. Air Cooled Hemi...

    Another custom hemi...
  12. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Here is why I hate Dell computers... This Dell SERVER caught on fire... DELL still hasn't learned their lesson yet...
  13. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    good deal. gotta get some. at least price is coming down
  14. Winter time is coming to Idaho

    Another funny... MoparMom asked if I would replace the outside light on the corner of the house to provide more light in the driveway. So I stopped in Home Depot and picked up two 120 watt LED flood bulbs (actually 12 watts power used) but got the daylight version of bulbs. Then last night installed them and re-aimed the lights. Now this morning I get up and MoparMom has already been up for a bit and said' "it snowed last night". I'm like "really?!" So I look out the front door with the lights on and don't see any snow at all. So MoparMom looks again and mistaken the flood lights and the light pattern for snow.
  15. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    I'll post up some stuff I'm running across. Like How much Microsoft is attempting to be more like Linux. Here is a tidbit for you Muddy... About Netflix and HTML5... Microsoft joins Linux... ??? Ubuntu Linux now on Windows Store (for Insiders)
  16. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    bet more follow in time
  17. Dash cams

    Im looking for a dash cam for my service truck . Lately it seems the nut job drivers have been coming out. I want one for my service truck just in case. What brand do you recomend?
  18. Why Muddy needs a true desktop PC.

    Some of the software the company ii work for runs linux.
  19. Wiped out 3 different variations of the stock steering and had death wobble many times. The truck had 15k on it when I bought it and all 3 setups only lasted a few thousand before wiping out rod ends. Swapped to the heims and never have worn any out yet. Never experienced death wobble with this setup but it seemed on the verge until I replaced almost every single steering component on the truck. Steering is crisp and clean now even after running 37s for quite some time. She's back to stock with 34s and been doing great for more than 100k. I'm guessing if you get a truck with a decent front end to start it may never be an issue. I just couldn't drop the coin on the entire front end when I bought it so I went with heims. Probably would have replaced it all at some point anyway. From all the research I've done it seems as though some trucks never have an issue and others have every issue. My luck always follows the latter.
  20. Heim steering??? Diy upgrade.

    I guess I don't really see much benefit from this. Unless suspension articulation is extreme, they seem like eye candy?
  21. You can see the pitting and abrasion on the inside of the socket. Not so shiny anymore. I haven't seen any of this with the FKs that Thuren uses.
  22. Here are a couple pics of the joints that came with the DOR kit.
  23. Isspro mechanical fuel pressure gauge 0-30 psi with isolator and 20 ft of line. Also has instructions if needed. All the included items retail for $170 I'll take $100 trade Brian 208-695-5338
  24. I have a new Isspro trans temp gauge, complete in sealed package. 100-280 degrees. This was purchased for a 05 Dodge ctd auto but will probably work for other applications. 80.00 or trade.firm Brian 208-695-5338
  25. Change the turbo oil please...

    wow, have not seen that happen that bad before
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