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  2. @4Play I need to hook up with you to give you a bit of training on making the traffic flow the right way. You be got my numbers as well.
  3. thank you mark for taking on the moderator position and handling the f-book as well. it would be great to spray a bit of #2 on the coals and get er to take off again.
  4. Thanks Mike! Hopefully I can rustle up some activity. If any of the viewers out there have a facebook account and are following the ITD page, please share it publicly on your own timeline or send and "invite friends to like" to people you think may be interested. Lets stir the coals a bit and breath some fire back into the group.
  5. I would like to publicly thank @4Play (Mark) for taking the Facebook Page over for Idaho Turbo Diesels. We just got him all set up as a Moderator. Thank you @4Play for doing this for Idaho Turbo Diesels.
  6. Now I remember... I remember seeing that update then knew I could use it... I would have to fire up Windows in a Virtual Machine to use the software. I can't so I never could see or play with it. I'm fully Ubuntu Linux and Android Linux... Look at the upper right of my screen shot... Sad to say Quadzilla Adrenaline work fine on Virtual Machine for flash updates... Does Not Work Under Virtual Machines!
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  8. June 09, 2016 - Software release Smarty UDC Pro RT: Added 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009 and revised 5.9L CR and 6.7L from 2010 - 2012 parameters. MM3 and Smarty Touch: Added UDC Pro RT for 5.9L VP and 6.7L from 2007.5 to 2009, corrected Transmission Temp PIDs for 6.7L 2010+, startup improvement and minor bug fixes.
  9. Not sure of the functionality as I have no test rig in that variety but the parameter set looks decent enough.
  10. That's wild! I thought that Smarty wasn't going to do Pro series for the VP44 the last I heard... (Scratching my head).
  11. Scary part is I bet I've got one of those old cast steel plows... Sitting right here in my yard...
  12. Screenshot of the 1998.5 software. I always have my software with me at the dinner meets if you ever want to throw an eyeball on it.
  13. UDC Pro is going back as early as 1998.
  14. Won't be able to go, I have server reboots on the first and third Wednesdays. -Kris
  15. ??? I thought there wasn't any UDC Pro for VP44 trucks? I'm pretty sure there isn't. I think what you got is the early release of the 02 CR Engine not the VP44.
  16. meeting is 24 hrs from now @Dieselshu ? @idmooseman ?
  17. UDC Pro does have the option for boost/fuel limiting for an '02.
  18. Need to clean up the smoke. MPG is going to be poor if there is excessive smoke. That is one thing Smarty is lacking is the boost to fuel control that is granular and adjustable. Also, Smarty APPS value goes to max fuel commanded (4095 byte value) at the VP44 with APPS sensor greater than 50%. So throttle range is shorten and very course control from 0 to 50%. Check out the data logs... You'll see what I mean about TPS signal and CANBus fuel message.
  19. @LITTLE CHARLIE @4Play @big fat billy
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