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  2. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Hey! That sounds good! It is an auto but that would get me closer than I am now! Did you get my voicemail?
  3. I bought a pathfinder : (

    So this last weekend I got bored. The wheels on the pathfinder look pretty crappy so I decided to try out that dupli color wheel paint. The colors are pretty limited. I settled on the graphite color and matte clear coat. I only painted one side because I wasn't sure I was gonna like the color. I'm happy I did. I wasnt wanting a real shiny color but I absolutely hate black wheels. They turned out pretty good but they are too dark for my taste. Dupli color has a silver that I will try hopefully next weekend.
  4. I bought a pathfinder : (

    Well my family is growing. I should have a new baby boy any day now. I decided to sell my 01 F150 that I had for 12 years. It was tough to let it go but it was only a super cab and I couldnt fit 2 car seats in it. It had 150,000 miles on it and I got $6k. I think it was a fair price. The truck was nice for an 01. I told a friend of mine about my dilemma and he offered to sell me his pathfinder. Its not a bad little car. It runs, drives, rides, looks, and stops like new. It has 160,000 miles and brand new bfg tires. I played $3,000. The only problem is its kinda small and I'm 6'2", also I don't really care for small cars. I'm hoping I can just drive it and not spend any money on it. I did tint the windows. Here are a couple pics. The fleet The pearl, sold
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  6. Morimoto HIDs

    Thanks for the video!! Those guys do a good job! I'll be looking for others they have done....
  7. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Is it an Auto or a manual? I think I have a firewall harness for a manual. I also have a right side fender with fenderwell and the air filter attached. I also have a hood.
  8. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    I know up here 1st gen parts are like hens teeth. Most wrecking yards are up here dont even have Dodge trucks because they are purchased before they hit the yard.
  9. Morimoto HIDs

    Thanks @Me78569... Thats the video...
  10. I met with a freind on the way back home that is into diesels, and i know from other forums. He said he will try and look at the site.
  11. Morimoto HIDs

    Eye opening for the opt7 stuff
  12. Morimoto HIDs

    I've not forgotten about the pics... Just my camera is down at Muddy's and ill do a photo of the lights down there. As for upgrading my driving lights I'm thinking about doing PIAA RF series driving lights and fog lights. Now remember driving lights are narrow long distance lights which would be awesome in my high beam position. Then fog lights are wide but short beam path which would be awesome in the low beam position.
  13. New guy

    Yes, welcome! Glad to have you here!!
  14. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Nah, think positively!! You just never know what laying around out there!!
  15. In Need of First Gen Parts!!

    Wow that's going to be a tough one being 1st Gen 12V stuff is getting pretty rare to get ahold of now.
  16. Morimoto HIDs

    I'll try and remember... Let's say in daylight hours I can see the very top edge of the headlights bounce onto the bottom edge road signs and reflect back.
  17. I am in need of all the 'consumable' parts in the engine compartment of a '93 Dodge Cummins! Pretty neat old truck, but previous owner left the block heater plugged in for months..... I suspect that is what caused it to burn. But he also had been spending money at the dealer for them to fix a headlight issue...... So. It's hard to say what casued this. So far, all I've found is a core support. Drivers fender is fine.
  18. 12-valve rumblewagon

    How did you make out on this? I would also suggest the rubber lines near the lift pump could be bad. If they get a crack and let air in, then you loose your fuel prime like what you are describing!!
  19. Morimoto HIDs

    Mike, could you post a comparison pic similar to the above to show how your projectors compare?
  20. Morimoto HIDs

    This is so true! We have all been meeting drivers on dark roads that have done their upgrades poorly! I have seen LED bulbs in H4 halogen housings and they seemed to work very well. But a guy has to buy quality parts to expect a good outcome. I've seen good results from Opt7 brand LEDs (both replacement bulbs and light bars). For my first gen, I have a pair of Hella European standard 6054 replacement housings that take an H4 (9004) bulb. I need to make up a wiring harness with relays so I can install them. They came with Hella 55W halogen bulbs. I figured I would install them and get some good pics. Then I plan on installing those Opt7 LEDs (I may be able to borrow a pair..... That would be perfect! So I can be sure they will work correctly!!). I am very picky about my lighting! If any of the above doesn't work perfectly, I won't use it!! (Right now in my service truck, I have a pair of Sylvania Silver (or maybe even Ultra Silver) Star H6054 bulbs and they are terrible! The pattern from low beam hits a wall looking like a football! You don't want to approach it at night nor be followed by it!!). I'll get pics.....
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  22. Morimoto HIDs

    Don't go here LED bulbs are not as good as think they are. Poor pattern. I'll see if I can find the video on my site and post it here. Only if the headlight housing is design around the LED bulb. If you attempt to put a LED in Halogen headlight case you find the pattern is really poor. Kind of like putting a halogen in a LED headlight it won't work right. Kind of like my sport headlights. They have tons of light pouring out of them but the optics of the reflector is junk so the pattern on the ground is junk. Nasty hotsppot and horrid spread. Stock OEM headlights tend to have little hotspot and massive spread of light but defused too much. Here is LED's installed in Halogen headlight case... Just consider driving towards this guy all the time. Here is my old Sport headlight and driving light setup on lo beam.
  23. Nope. I will not make it the meeting tonight. Pain medications did not work, and I have not slept since Monday night. I will try to get some sleep now. Sorry, but hopefully my back surgery will happen sooner, rather than later, and will reduce some of my pain. I would love to be active in the Club, and in my family's social life, too. Let's see how September goes. Maybe I can make it to that meeting.
  24. Susi and Salena are wondering if you plan to change the meeting location again. They cannot make it tomorrow night, and I will try. Pain level has been much higher than usual. Surgery appointments are moving forward, slowly, as in..."At the speed of Government", but at least the process is moving forward again. Hope to be there tomorrow night.
  25. Morimoto HIDs

    This is looking pretty good! I've toyed with this idea for quite a while..... If you get some projectors to do your own; make sure you get quality ones! I've noticed some cheaper cars have very poor performance from their projectors. I also think the OEM lens sealant can be removed with a solvent or maybe even ATF...? Seeing how easily the lens is deteriorating in the sunshine, I don't want to cook them to get that polyurethane seal apart! Has anyone tried an LED 'bulb' in their projectors? I wonder how that would turn out? LEDs have come a long way! The new Ford pickups have a pretty good low beam pattern and range with their OEM LEDs! I think they will continue to improve.
  26. Promoted even on my site... Kind of late but who knows...
  27. Idaho State ATV Association meeting/camping this weekend in Pine/Featherville. -Kris
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