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  2. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    today is the day. cya in a few hrs
  3. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    well tomorrow is wednesday log in to view........
  4. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    time for the march idaho turbo diesels event is here dang near log in to view........
  5. 2500 bucks 01 cab n chassi 2wd 114k

    I would at that point just pull the entire transmission and just rebuild it. At least then you would know everything is good inside. All bearings and seals will be fresh. Then clutches and bands replaced. Be in super good shape for summer time working with that dump bed.
  6. 2007 6.7 blowing heater cores

    As long as anything is hooked up to the coolant system the pressure will be the same on both hoses so no matter what you do to "just crack" a valve open its going to be the same pressure as the rest of the cooling system. Still comes down to finding the reason why the coolant pressure is so high and blowing the heater cores. If it is a cracked heat it will get worse at some point most likely summer time when you working the truck harder and hotter weather.
  7. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    coming up quick, this coming wed at the new location log in to view details and directions
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  9. On the 4th heater core. Local shop in mtn home is doing the work. Everything checks out. Im guessing cracked head or head gasket but only under certain conditions does it build pressure. Truck has a egr delete and 346k on it. Were at a loss cores are lasting 3-6 months. I think im going to bypass the core put a valve in it crack it ooen in winter maybe crack it in summer to keep something else from blowing. Im just thinking out load as coolant drips on my feet
  10. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    by that i mean i jotted the numbers on the storeroom wall. i gotta remeber to jot em down.....
  11. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    the writing is on the wall
  12. Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    I'm going to update on my PIAA LED driving lights. Now that I've driven a solid winter with them I'll say with the amount of salt thrown on the highway and the brightness of the PIAA LED's lights I've found myself more than once turning off the PIAA's because the reflection of the salt white highway it gets hard on the eyes. Still to this day the PIAA LED's are noticeable in dusk light where my Morimoto's HID still are not visible on the highway yet.
  13. Morimoto HID headlights for Dodge 2nd Gen Trucks

    I love my 6000 hid head lights.
  14. 1995 2500 fuel filter number

    Im looking for a fuel filter and number that i can install in place of the fuel water seperator filter.
  15. Road 12.5 up hammett hil feathering off at wind sock at the bottom topped out at 60mph
  16. Woah i wasnt long. This is for fencing on my property. Will be a on going project. Truck was running 900 deg at 75mph. Will most likely be throttleing out of hammet hill. A turbo upgrade is planned for the future some time.
  17. Scotts still messing with the truck. He decided to do a upgraded govenor. Found the broken accumulator spring when doing.
  18. I was going to leave it off. Then a few days agon coming from boise to mtn home i was bring thrown all over in wind. Ive got a 500lb welder in bed to. Its mit bad but i also have a 1500lb welder. The new rubber seems to be following grooves similar to how m55s do. With bar on truck is driving much better on the freeway. I have to go to jerome for a load of pioe next friday and wad starting to dread the trip with goose kneck. Glad i found time to get it back on.
  19. i removed the front sway bar on my 98.5 to increase articulation and did not really notice any diminishment of highway handling but i sure did notice when i removed the rear then threw the cabover back on. rear sway bar made a difference with a high profile load.
  20. Sway bar back on. Okay okay after some freeway miles i would not recommend running without. Raised mounts in anticipation of steering also coming up
  21. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

    idaho turbo diesels new meeting location is now set in stone. log in to read the details of the upcoming events:
  22. upcoming idaho turbo diesels meets

    idaho turbo diesels dinner meet location is set in stone
  23. march 21'st idaho turbo diesels event

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  24. every 3rd wednesday of each month. meeting at a new location. in march.
  25. At the tire store. Got tired of rough riding 35x12.5s Going with 285x75x17s 34x11 tire. Ill get a pick ounce mounted. I like the stance much better than the 12.5wide tire. For some reason body line doesnt quite line up Carefull moparman unexspected storms flat getting after it. Less than half inch was forcasted. Boise is up to 4-5" now. Mtn homes sitting between 1-2" we just got called to start pushing. Everyone tried to wait it out but mother natures having other ideas
  26. membership at tonites meet voted to have another one, so we gonna do it http://idahoturbodiesels.com/topic/11339-idaho-turbo-diesels-dinner-meets-upcoming-changes-now/
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