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  2. Track Bar

    I want to get rid of scissor steering and factory track bar http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ruffstuff&Product_Code=PANKIT&Category_Code=panhardtrackbar
  3. Today
  4. In less than two hours, I am heading to West Valley Medical Center (1717 Arlington, Caldwell, ID 83605) for my back surgery. I expect to be admitted for one night and should return home tomorrow, if all goes well.
  5. Im in dire need of rear rotors. They are done. I think ive turned them 3 times. Drilled and slotted http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/premium-cross-drilled-&-slotted-brake-kit.php Standerd http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/premium-replacement-brake-kit.php I kinda like just drilled http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/cross-drilled-brake-kits.php I am now towing more than i have been but not every day but am pulling about 11k. . I cant decide. They do have just drilled ones to. I have got my brakes hot comming off the mtn with horses
  6. Yesterday
  7. My other 12valve

    Well, a couple days ago i got a call from my brother saying he was rear ended while driving the white truck. Im thinking oh crap. He is ok, but the car that hit him is, well. Lets just say its not going anywhere any time soon, if ever! Basically he said he was waiting to make a turn and looked in the rear view mirror a saw a car speeding behind him. The next thing, the car plows into the back of him. After the police came, the car was pushed to the side and he drove home.
  8. Tranny go boom

    So true
  9. Last week
  10. Tranny go boom

    when you love your baby, none other can satisfy.
  11. 6.4L piston

    holy sheep sht. that is a queer one...........
  12. 6.4L piston

    Comparing to the Cummins piston the 6.4L Ford Diesel piston is rather unusual in design. This one burned the edges rather well.
  13. Tranny go boom

    I know the other truck is a 12valve, but its not my 12valve. Lol
  14. Earlier
  15. Tranny go boom

    torture for sure. sucks when you are without your main rig.....
  16. Tranny go boom

    Ive been dying to get my truck back. Its been three weeks of torture because ive been driving my brothers truck.
  17. Tranny go boom

    indeed well worth doing the billit input. should hold for your future plans
  18. 3rd Gen Air Bag Recall

    Done recently from Peterson's as well. Same story. They came to my workplace and had it done in the time it took me to walk back to my shop. I should have just stayed and waited.
  19. 3rd Gen Air Bag Recall

    I got mine done earlier this year. Peterson Stampede sent someone out to my house. He was in and out in 30 minutes, tops.
  20. the new look

    The site keeps looking better and better.
  21. Tranny go boom

    Well, im getting my truck back on monday after being fixed. After the guy took my tranny apart he found my imput shaft twisted. So i talked to him on the phone last sunday and he says since you have this manny mods you should upgrade to the billit imput shaft. I told him that was in my plans for next year.so i just had him put a billit in it while he had it apart. So thats out of my way.lol
  22. ITD Dinner Meet

  23. I should be able to make the 20th. Looks like the work schedule will align.
  24. Track Bar

    source automotive , clackamas oregon http://sourceautomotive.biz/injectors-2.aspx is where i always get these luke's links from
  25. decembers meet will be at a new location in caldwell. actually one we used before. wed dec 20th at 6:45 pm. mr v's in caldwell idaho. we will have the big meeting room to ourselves. lets plan on a good time as always. a few events are coming up which we will finalize at the meeting. soon, a bomb fire and potluck, and for those whoo can camp we will do that as well. much more to come
  26. Track Bar

    So what is your source for Luke's Links? Post up a link please...
  27. Track Bar

    bigger aint always better. indeed hang onto them stock bars. i had some which i shared with idaho turbo diesels members. i believe i am out of those. i try to keep treasures on hand. a guy cant have enough truckpparts on hand. one never knoiws when he will find a use for something good :)
  28. Track Bar

    Just a bit of information for the others Moog is no longer American made. Mostly foreign like China. I will say my previous track bar was a NAPA from in McCall and it lasted a good 100k miles roughly. I'm not complaining. I just being on a limited budget I had to settle for something a bit cheaper so I opted for Autozone. The big mistake I should of paid attention to the ball end and if it had a grease zerk or not. Which I didn't so this another reason I kept my old bar so I could rebuild with a Luke's Link. NAPA track bar are like OEM quality for size so it should work. Moog on the other hand is too big at the ball end. Moog on the left and OEM on the right.
  29. Stupid people?!

    I understand that part but I also understand why some states enforce inspections. The site I visit and look over the crap that shop mechanics deal with is totally unbelievable that vehicle owners do these things to a vehicle. Here I'll share my link just pan through the photos... https://imgur.com/r/justrolledintotheshop
  30. Stupid people?!

    That's amazing. I've never seen anything like that before. One of my favorite quotes is "born stupid lasts a long fukin time" by the guy I work with.
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