May 10, 2007 IBF Dyno Day

Idaho Bombers Forum

May 10, 2007 IBF Dyno Day

Well, yet another successful dyno event for the Idaho Bombers Forum gang.  We had a total of 35 runs in one day thanks to the efficiency of the Tommy Motorsports guys.  These guys are number one about getting everyone on.  Of the 34 runs we had 32 trucks and one diesel car.  The break down by brand is as follows:

  • 1 GMC
  • 2 Chevrolets
  • 3 Fords
  • 26 Dodges
  • 1 Volkswagen

High HP for the event was 765 and High torque was 1348 Set by Johnny Ramirez of Treasure Valley Diesel.  Low HP for the event was 76 and low torque was 141 set by the lone VW TDI Beetle.

We had a little excitement toward the end of the day when Pat from Big Twin caused the Meridian Fire Department to show up due to the LARGE amount of smoke.  The Fire Chief was cool and kind of laughed about the whole deal (Note for next dyno event, coordinate with MFD to let them know there maybe large amounts of black smoke coming from King Street.)  Special thanks to Pat for causing a first for the IBF Dyno day.

I did my best to get the years of the vehicles and the information on the bombs.  This is not as complete as I’d like it to be, but 32 trucks in and out as quick as they were made it very difficult to get each truck’s info.  The correction factor ranged from 7.9% in the morning to 10.8% in the afternoon.

The vehicles are in the order they ran.

Owner Make Year Engine Trans Bombs HP TQ
Steve Adkins (Sea04DMax) GMC 04.5 LLY Duramax Auto Edge w/Attitude, 4″ Exhaust, EGR Blocked 422 791
Gary Brown Dodge


24V Cummins Manual 401 808
Muddy Dodge 3500 DRW 97 12V Cummins Manual #10 plate, HX40/35, 4″ exhaust 363 810
Dave (Riverrat) Dodge 2500 97 12V Cummins Auto 4KGSK, Custom #0 plate, 300injectors, BHAF, 60lbs Valve springs 299 760
Michael (Mopar1973Man) Dodge 2500 02 24V Cummins Manual Edge Comp, Straight piped, BHAF, and 2 cycle oil mix was 105:1 381 831
Justin (9812VCTD) Dodge 2500 98 12V Cummins Manual S.B. FE clutch, #100 Fuel Plate Full Forward, AFC and Starwheel Full Forward, 3K GSK, 15.5* timing, Boost Elbow, Homeade Air Intake, 24V CCV Mod, BullyDog 4″ exhaust, BullyDog injectors 360 893
Lon (Oilburner) Dodge 2500 98 12V Cummins Auto HX35/40-HT60, F1 Nozzles, 3K Gov Springs, 100 Plate, Western Performance Trans w/ IE Shafts 473 983
Dave Rosara Dodge 2500 00 24V Cummins Auto 45H RV injectors, 4″ exhaust, Smarty 264 631
Jack (Doug) Deiner Dodge 2500 99 24V Cummins Manual 223 446
Rob Elkins Dodge 2500 02 24V Cummins Manual F1 Mach 1.6 injectors, Edge 398 937
Sam Milliron Dodge 2500 24V Cummins Auto ? injectors, ? turbo 496 1013
Ted Sanford Dodge 2500 24V Cummins Auto K&N Intake, BullyDog downloader, ?aftermarket muffler? 431 816
Bob B Dodge 250 12V Cummins Manual Water/methanol  injection, Banks Power pack 440 865
Wes (Desperado) Dodge 2500 95 12V Cummins Manual Desperado ported ATS manifold, II 62/14turbo, B-D 4″ Exhaust Brake, Rip Rook 4″ Exhaust, Van Haisley DD, Don M’s Mach 3 EDM’s, 191 DV’s 492 1051
J.D. Peacock Dodge 2500 95 12V Cummins Auto TC lockup switch, #100 Plate, BHAF, 4″ Exhaust 282 718
Curt Dodge 3500 DRW 24V Cummins Manual Triple Dog, Intake 439 824

(92 D/Unit)

Dodge 250 92 12V Cummins Manual 60/14, pods, 366 gs old smokey fuel pin, bhaf , 4″ turbo back 388 863
Jabe (Kasket) Ford Excursion 02 7.3 Powerstroke Auto 6″lift with 37″ cooper discoveries, edge juice w/attitude, 3.5″ straight piped and a homemade intake 290 556
Dave (Riverrat) Dodge 2500 97 12V Cummins Auto 2nd run: Adjusted fuel plate forward, boost elbow increase, adjusted starwheel. 342 875
Travis Dodge 2500 05 24V Cummins Auto Smarty, K & N 390 859
Gary (K7GLD) Dodge 2500 02 24V Cummins Manual LUK Cerametallic clutch, Comp, Smarty #165, walbro fuel pump, Rip’s 4 in. exhaust, Don M’s 1.6 injectors, DSS, Frantz oil bypass & fuel filters, Amsoil air filter 414 947
Shane Johnson Dodge 2500 24V Cummins Auto Edge w/Attitude, 5″ exhaust 445 842
Rob (IdahoRob) Chevrolet 2500HD 07 LBZ Duramax Auto Nate’s Twin turbo, EFI Live tuning by Rob. 628 1067
Josh (JoshH) Chevrolet 2500HD 06 LLY Duramax Auto EFI Live, ATS Copilot 465 866
Larry Ford F250 99 7.3 Powerstroke Auto 8″lift,38s on centerlines, DIY filter w/zoodad, DP-Tuner F5 Jody chip, 4″Diamond Eye Exhaust from the turbo straight piped,3 ,ITP Boost fooler, shimmed fuel pressure, Wicked Wheel, boost tube 315 596
Chuck McGuffy (Wonton) Dodge 3500 DRW 12V Cummins Auto TC Lockup switch, #8 fuel plate, 230HP injectors 289 665
Chris (Cleatus) Dodge 2500 24V Cummins Auto ATS Intake and Exhaust to 8″ stacks, FASS, Industrial 90HP injectors, Edg w attitude, Smarty 432 794
Debbie Gatchell (YMMOT’s Wife) Volkswagen

New Beetle

01 1.9 90HP TDI Manual STOCK factory rated 90HP and 155lbs-ft *76 *141
Brett Dodge 3500 DRW 12V Cummins Auto Industrial Injection pump, 3KGSK, piers Cam, Banks twin ram, Industrial Injection Silver 62 Turbo, stock air intake, DDP injectors, #10 plate 554 1059
Johnny Ramirez (Treasure Valley Diesel) Dodge 2500 06 24V Cummins Auto twin turbo, N2O 765 1348
Dan Amoruso Ford F250 7.3 Powerstroke Auto Stage 1 injectors, Bean 6 Position chip, intercooler 337 625
Pat (Big Twin) Dodge 2500 06 24V Cummins Auto water/Meth, twin turbo, injectors.  Was only able to load to 50PSI 722 1194
Dave (Dave) Dodge 2500 96 12V Cummins Auto 4KGSK, #0 plate, BHAF Note: Dave’s transmission began to slip in his first pull, as he tried a second pull the transmission was slipping badly. 320 647
Shane (LuvinaCummins) Dodge 3500 SRW 06 24V Cummins Auto AFE Stage 2 ProGuard 7, 5″ Turbo Back Exhaust, Quad Commander, Smarty Aurora 5K 571 1021

* uncorrected HP

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