Mini-Dyno Day March 3, 2007

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Mini-Dyno Day  March 3, 2007As usual we had a pretty good turn out to another of our dyno events.  For a Mini-Dyno Day we had 13 trucks show up to lay down some power to the rollers.  We had 11 Cummins powered trucks, 1 Powerstroke, and 1 Duramax show up at Meridian Motorsports and roll on their DynoJet.  There was everything from a stock truck to reasonably bombed trucks on hand.  The temperature was 42* outside, but the temperature inside the bay where the dyno was stayed a pretty constant 55*.  The humidity stayed right at about 25% from the first run to the last run.Thanks to Meridian Motorsports for dealing with all the soot we created.

Enough of all that you want the down and dirty numbers, so here they are in the order they ran.

All runs posted are best HP runs.  Numbers in red indicate best in that category.

Truck/owner Horsepower Torque Specifics on the truck
Muddy 1997 Dodge 360 810 Manual transmission, a #10 plate slid forward 1/16″, the 3K GSK, Indutrial Injection’s 345 Hybrid, 60/14 Turbo.  Pulls were done in double overdrive.
Tom 2004 Ford 391 695 6.0 Powerstroke, automatic transmission, Quadzilla Xzillaraider 160HP race module.  Exhaust and intake are stock
Russ 2004.5 Dodge 488 919 Automatic Transmission, 62.14 Turbo, AFE Intake, 5″ Exhaust, 90 HP injectors, TST Chip, FASS Pump.
JD 2002 Dodge 428 957 Manual Transmission, Propane, Edge stacked with Superchips, 62mm turbo, 120HP injectors 4″ down pipe into a 4″ exhaust.  It was determine after JD’s run that his regulator on his propane was bad and he was not getting any propane injected.
Doug 2006 Dodge 334 629 Automatic Transmission, 60HP injectors
Shawn 1993 Dodge 267 729 Manual Transmission, Auto Meter tach, 3 inc cooler pipes, WH1C/14cm, 3.5 Exhaust,39 psi of boost  advanced timing, modified fuel cone, 92 D/UNIT’s (Brian’s) fuel screw mod.
Kyle 2006 GMC 478 1008 6.6 LBZ Duramax, automatic transmission,  AFE Intake, 4″ exhaust with dual out lets, and Edge chip with the hot setting.
Dana 1993 Dodge 301 538 Stock automatic transmission with no torque converter lockup, 60 mm turbo with stage 3 compressor wheel upgrade,  New Era Diesel Performance 370 injectors, intercooler from a 7.3 Powerstroke.
Jason 1999 Dodge 331 672 Automatic Transmission, AFE intake, 4″ exhaust, Edge Chip.
Matt 2001 Dodge 409 885 Manual Transmission.Edge HOT Juice with Attitude,BD 130 HP Pulse Injectors, 4 inch Exhaust, FE Clutch,Vulcan Big Line Kit, IIS Super Phat Shaft 62/14, Swanker Intake Manifold,ATS Exhaust Manifold,ARP 12 MM Head Studs, HB High Idle Kit, 12v Marine .020 headgasket. Steve forgot to disable the defuel switch on runs he pulled for Matt.
Lake 1999 Dodge 279 630 Manual TransmissonBanks High Ram Intake, Edge
Brian 1992 Dodge 386 882 Manual Transmission,60/14, pods, 366 gs old smokey fuel pin, bhaf w/homemade mount, custom made 3″ intake manifold, heater grid delete. 4″ turbo back with daul 5″ miters.
Dave 1996 Dodge 168 325 Automatic Transmission, stock truck

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